Biotech 50% Retrace

Biotech pulls back 50% and the bulls look tired.

Update 12:23 p.m. EST, noted below in red

The 15-minute chart of inverse fund LABD shows how successive moves lower (higher for IBB) have covered less distance.

It’s very early in the session and price action at this moment is fighting it out at LABD 18.00, area.

We’ve maintained our short position (not advice, not a recommendation) but have the sense, if there’s not a reversal at this point, IBB could be working up for new all time highs.

This is the danger point.

Current LABD low for the early session is 17.91 … a good place for a stop.

LABD pushed down to 17.80, early in the session before reversing.

It has just passed 18.28, a new hourly high. AMGN to be covered later, at important inflection point (down).

Short position via LABD maintained (not advice, not a recommendation), hard stop at 17.80

With markets at record prices, Fed announcement tomorrow, no more stimulus (likely), forbearance to end, possibility of the ‘speck’ blowing wide open, one gets the sense this may be an important reversal.

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