“We have the evidence”

12:13 p.m. EST:

The link, located here is an interview with Reiner Fuellmich, a lawyer (a good one) that’s been at the center of the ‘speck’ investigation since inception.

This one interview, all nineteen-minutes, thirty one seconds, is probably the best summary of the current situation.

The link above comes with a warning:

If you’re one of those still asleep, after watching the interview, you’ll never be the same. You’ll be forever changed.

To put it biblically, “Your eyes will be opened”.

That is, if this lie can be perpetrated world-wide (as it has), then what does that say about all other media generated propaganda: the (stolen) election, the fake oval office, the fake executive orders, the fake insurrection.

The examples above are just from the past six-months!

For emphasis, we’ll throw in one more link that seems un-related but it’s not; it shows just how long events have been purposely shaped to fit a narrative.

Of course, this ‘thought shaping’ goes back even farther … if not a hundred years or more.

Market Impact:

So, what’s all this have to do with the markets and specifically biotech, IBB?

The interview’s implications for biotech are clear.

David Stockman has a post located here whose title sums it up nicely:

‘… a scam like no other’.

It’s just a matter of time before the public is either awakened or severely, permanently, damaged by following (and believing) the lie.

This time around, cemeteries are likely to be overrun … for real.

If that happens, repercussions to the biotech sector would (likely) be severe to catastrophic (down -90%, maybe?).

Even though a few within IBB are directly involved, all are likely to take a hit

Market Positioning:

In our Project Stimulus table, we’re short biotech via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation). The stop has been moved above break-even.

It’s important to not let fundamentals (above) bleed into market positioning. It’s impossible to say when or if fundamentals will take control.

What we have now is IBB looking as if those fundamentals are providing a backdrop for technical action (described below). However, technical action can change instantly.

Biotech, IBB Technical Analysis:

Typically, this morning’s action would signal a ‘short exit’ or ‘go long’; when price action immediately gaps above the prior session high.

However, we already know on a long term (quarterly, monthly, weekly) basis, IBB has reversed. That does not mean price can’t go into some type of truncated rally … it can.

What the long term momentum says, if a rally occurs, it’s likely to be short and reverse quickly.

As of this post, it looks like whatever rally there was, it was over within the hour.

Technically, we have an interesting situation. IBB may have formed an Andrews’ Pitchfork.

The first chart shows the set up and has the width of the Pitchfork at a Fibonacci 21-days (plus one).

The second chart is a compressed version for better perspective.

Stay Tuned

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