Biotech: Now, It Gets Interesting

1:39 p.m., EST

Retrace to 23.6%, rejected.

Shallow retrace indicates severe weakness.

Sustained downside potential.

The inverted chart of SPBIO above, shows price action has touched the 23.6%, level and is reversing.

The next chart has yet another Wyckoff spring set-up … equivalent to a Wyckoff ‘up-thrust’ on the regular, non-inverted chart.

Inverse fund LABD, is current trading at 22.77 – 22.83; far away from the session low at 21.77.

On a 4-Hour basis, the current bar has posted a new high.

The high for the morning session came at the open; 23.05

That high was exceeded when the next 4-hour bar posted at 23.10.

Why is that important?

It weights the probability to the upside for LABD.

That in turn weights probability we’ve seen the last of the downward corrective moves for LABD.

If so, we’re positioned for a major decline in biotech SPBIO.

If not, we’ve got an absolute hard-stop @ LABD 21.77 (not advice, not a recommendation)

At this point, it’s time to “Set the stop and walk away” as David Weis put it in his video.

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