Creature From The Black Wuhan

1:04 p.m., EST

How long will this side-show last?

Once you’re awake, diversions like this one, have no effect.

Well, none almost, other than to be reminded the powers that be have absolute contempt for those that aren’t in their global club.

You have to wonder, what’s next? Maybe it’s time for the (fake, or real) alien invasion.

Maybe we’ll have a few more ‘planned’ cyber attacks … who knows?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s more than a bit interesting the biotech sector with its quarterly reversal, weak 23.6% retrace, and now continuing downside (so far), is not a major topic of discussion.

This morning, Moderna’s (MRNA) attempting a breakout. It won’t look so good if it can’t close higher for the day.

The last update showed MRNA, insiders bailing out.

SPBIO looks to be establishing or confirming a downside trend-line. More on that if/when there’s confirmation.

Stay Tuned

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