‘The Race’

10:26 a.m., EST

The Race To The Fall

No, it’s not a race to full ‘injection’ as the article at this link implies.

It’s a race to have as many immune systems compromised (destroyed, probably more accurate) before the regular flu season.

If the alternate data (more on that below) is even half-right, that’s when the real effects kick in.

Of course, anyone still watching mainstream outlets will be led to believe it’s some kind of ‘triple mutant variant’, that requires a ‘booster’.

It’s as ridiculous as ‘Double secret probation

There’s an entire segment (possibly, a majority) of the world population that would suffer a mental collapse if they discovered the truth.

Instead of searching for truth, they grab the jack-boot (of injection) ever more tightly in a vain psychotic hope their executioner will spare them.

That sentiment is supported by reports of second injections … even after the fist one is nearly fatal.

Which brings us to the biotech sector.


In the first thirty minutes of trading, we can see SPBIO, has made a new daily low with inverse LABD (below), making a new daily high.

That price action helps confirm (no guarantee) that we’ve pivoted at the 23.6%, level as discussed earlier in this update.

If SPBIO continues to erode from here, it’s indicating potential for a sustained, possibly dramatic move lower.

If the reports found on alternate sites (here and here) are true, biotech is destroying its own customer base; most of that base may be gone by the end of the year:

The ‘race to the fall’, indeed.

Stay Tuned

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