Controlled Insanity

1:32 p.m., EST

It’s not ‘controlled opposition’

It’s controlled insanity

The masses (maybe all of us for that matter) have to be kept on edge just enough to be easily advanced to the next level of narrative.

Case in point, is this link.

It’s just one more piece of pre-programmed trash that’s attempting to control the public’s perception and direction.

“Globalists Losing Narrative”

Give me a break. Globalists aren’t losing anything. At least, not yet.

Markets & SPBIO

The overall markets are still hovering at all time highs; even as reports like this one, continue to show that everybody’s all-in on an unprecedented scale.

Evidently, they have no plan for down … where the real money’s made.

Moderna’s (MRNA) in its second day attempt to breakout higher; all the while, the index itself (SPBIO) continues to edge lower.

The 2-Hour chart of LABD below, shows a potential trend.

As with previous analysis comments, we’re looking for a trend the market itself, says is important:

It’s clear, the trend (above) has been repeated several times in LABD’s own price action.

LABD itself, tells us to pay attention.

The right side trend line might not look like much … but it’s rising at about +45,500%, on an annualized basis.


A break of this trend does not necessarily mean we’ll exit out Project Stimulus position; not advice, not a recommendation.

We’ve got the hard stop discussed previously at LABD 21.77; again, not advice, not a recommendation.


While the retail traders/investors (the only direction they know is up) go collectively insane, we’re keeping under the radar and quietly maintaining the short positioning in biotech.

Stay Tuned

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