Dollar … Before The Open

What To Watch

Spring (Reversal) Position

Not every bullish set-up works.

However with the dollar, continuing sentiment is so negative along with bonds, the dollar has potential to do the unexpected; that is, go higher.

Yesterday, UUP pushed below support (and 23.6% retrace) levels.

In so doing, price action’s now in ‘spring’ (reversal) position.

Pre-market action shows UUP, trading higher; right at support that may now be resistance … maybe.

That’s where to watch.

‘No one expects the Spanish Inquisition’ … right?

The currently held belief is dollar collapse and gold to $3,000/oz.

Dollar (UUP) Analysis:

The daily chart of UUP may be painting a different scenario:

The dollar’s already in an up-trend. It just established support at the 23.6%, Fibonacci level. There was a bounce higher and then yesterday, penetration below support.

Now, in the pre-market, UUP is currently trading at 25.14 – 25.16, which is at or even above the support level.

A dollar reversal higher at this point, being a very shallow 23.6% retrace thus far, would potentially spell big trouble for gold and the miners.

Of course, no one ‘expects’ this to happen.

Stay Tuned

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