Bears Throw In The Towel

A Tale Of Two Bears

Back in the day during the dot-com boom, fund managers were throwing in the towel (‘value’ fund managers, if memory serves) because the markets as they said, “did not make sense anymore”.

Valuations were insane and managers with decades of experience decided the time had come to exit for good.

Of course, it was a contrarian indicator. Those lofty valuations and prices were at or near their peak.

It was not long after when the market cracked. There was a rebound of sorts but the stage was set for a long bear market.

History Repeating?

This is a brief update to document two bear managers that are quitting in separate ways.

One is shutting down his fund entirely. More information linked here.

The other has exited short positions which included getting out of Tesla (TSLA) just before it rolled over.

These types of high-profile events usually happen at or near a significant top.

If the overall markets continue to grind higher, there may be similar retirements and/or fund closures.

Gold (GLD) Update

Before a market can reverse to the downside, it has to stop going up.

Sounds obvious but with the bullish hysteria on gold, coupled with non-stop inflation talk, it may take a while for the bulls to exhaust themselves.

We’re still at the danger point for GLD as well as the miners GDX, GDXJ.

Items of note for the session:

GDX had a double top (same high as Friday) and the inverse fund DUST posted + 0.01, above its own Friday low.

It could mean we’re at the extreme(s) with no more directional thrust or just a pause before continuing with the existing trend.

Stay Tuned

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