A Day To Remember

Was Today The Inflection Point?

There were so many comments on the ZeroHedge article (linked here) about the musings of a 78-year-old money manager (effectively saying he’s an idiot … a dolt), we’re going to use those comments for reference on a go-forward basis.

Everybody has an opinion but nobody’s actually looking at what the market is saying about itself.

That’s where the answers will be found … no matter one’s personal bias.

Looking at real estate IYR, we see that price attempted to get above the axis line shown but did not make it.

Before we go further, a correction: The last post said the stop on DRV-22-02 was located at DRV 32.71.

The stop is actually located at DRV 37.21. Numbers got swapped.

Real Estate IYR, Daily

It’s interesting to note, ProLogis (PLD), the largest cap in the sector did not close higher for the session.

If IYR, with other indices do not have a decisive follow-through (stopping out DRV-22-02, in the process) at tomorrow’s session, the Ponzi scheme’s in serious trouble.

As already stated, events may happen faster than anyone expects.


We’ll leave off with this just out from ice-age-farmer; linked here.

The collapse of the entire food supply has been building (sorry, in the planning stages) for years.

It’s intentional.

Does anyone think that ‘raising rates into weakness’ is not also intentional?

Stay Tuned

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