Biotech’s Liquidation Sale

Won’t Know For Sure, Until It Hits Bottom

Watching and waiting for the downside reversal; looks like it’s here.

With about thirty-minutes left in the session, biotech SPBIO, is printing a reversal bar.

It’s not just the reversal that’s important but we could also be on the right edge of a massive trading channel.

Biotech SPBIO, Daily

It’s hard to see what’s really going on until we compress the channel and look at the possibility.

It doesn’t seem real.

However, we all have to realize we’re in uncharted (literally) territory.

If this sector begins a significant decline, that’s when to expect “bad news” coming out in the mainstream … likely to accelerate the downdraft.


The short position in FXI (via YANG) was closed out (TDA-YANG-22-01) at 10.64, with a 15.4%, gain.

A new position was opened in LABD @ 25.80, as LABD was reversing off the session lows (not advice not a recommendation).

Trade identified as TDA-LABD-22-02.

The original LABD-22-05, was maintained, still active.

Stay Tuned

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