Elliott Wave: American Tower

Paul Harrell likes to start his videos with:

‘The next twenty minutes are going be long and boring. You might want to skip to the end to see the conclusion.

His rabid and loyal fans then proceed to hang on every word of his self professed ‘boring anecdote’ until the very end.

Not saying this site’s in the same league as Harrell’s.

Just saying, the following is going to be a tedious discussion of American Tower (AMT) and how it just might be ready to start an Elliott Wave III, down.

Market Extremes:

Its been no secret. The markets are at price levels and valuations never before seen.

In this site’s opinion, going long anything, is insane.

There could be a break, upset, world event, container ship run aground (oh, wait…), cyber attack, volcanic eruption (oh, wait …), major earthquake, nationwide weather freeze (oh, wait…) food supply disruption (oh, wait…) bond bear raid (oh, wait…) currency devaluation, or any myriad of disconnects that would instantly change the dynamic.

Change the dynamic in such a way as to make low-risk long exit, or short positioning impossible.

This site has documented several times where major brokers have already gone off-line as a result of markets fluctuating to the upside.

What happens when it turns down? Good luck getting out.

Looking for the (short) entry:

Its been an on again, off again, and back on again affair with shorting real estate, IYR. Anecdotal evidence such as Jerimiah Babe’s updates from his area, show the market’s been vaporized and is not coming back.

We’ve shown from a Point & Figure chart perspective, IYR has built significant price action congestion.

In Wyckoff terms, congestion equals potential.

The IYR index has built enough congestion that if/when the reversal comes, price action has potential to decline below the 2009, lows.

American Tower (AMT) Symmetry:

Now, for the analysis of AMT.

We’re going to start with the daily chart which has an interesting pattern of equal distance moves (or waves):

This equal move structure gives a hint that something’s up. The market’s moving in an orderly fashion. But what order?

To add more intrigue, we’ll go to the weekly chart. We see each retrace of the two initial waves, was Fibonacci 62%.

The last retrace (up to Friday’s close) is essentially 100%.

Looking up Elliott Wave “equal waves” turns up this presentation. It helps some but does not cover the current situation. The take away from the video is that equal waves do occur.

Looking at the daily close chart of AMT gives us this:

The Wave 1, down is placed at the low extreme. Price action then corrects to pivot (magenta oval) at the Fibonacci 38.2% retrace level.

It’s a near perfect retrace.

The reason to think AMT just finished a complex correction that terminated at “z” which is also “2”, is the structure of the fifteen-minute chart below.

The first chart is unmarked except where price action changes character:

Then we put in the Fib projection tool at that location; the inflection point, to get the following:

Incredibly, the top of Friday’s price action is also a Fibonacci target (423.6%) projection.

Getting back to the daily chart and labeling it using the above information gives us this:

Removing all but the labels is more clear:

There could be other ways to label the structure. It may become (very) apparent at the next open whether this interpretation is correct.

However, coupled with yesterday’s analysis of IYR, and its technical condition (at the extreme), we get the sense we’re close to some type of price action hesitation or outright reversal.


We’re short this sector via DRV (not advice not a recommendation).

Price action appears to be at extremes and is meeting Fibonacci and support-resistance levels simultaneously.

Not related but an interesting coincidence (maybe): Van Metre’s update on Friday night:

“Is This a Sign Real Estate Prices Have Peaked?”

The futures markets just opened … S&P down 7-points. Let’s see what happens next.

Stay Tuned

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High Yield, The Canary

The canary in the coal mine could be High Yield, HYG

Since early last year, this site has been discussing growing parallels of the current market environment to that of August 1987.

Just recently, ZeroHedge began to pick up on the idea as well.

What’s becoming very obvious when looking at 1987, we’re in something much larger; possibly an order of magnitude (or two) larger.

Here’s the latest from Jeramiah Babe. Important time-stamps below:

2:15, Crypto (try it when the power goes out)

3:00, Inflation

3:30, Agricultural prices

3:40, Lumber prices

4:10, Middle Class destruction

5:00, Last longer than Great Depression

7:30, Dramatic shift (never to be the same)

10:00, “We’re in 2021 now. Anything is possible

A quick review of longer term momentum indicators on the major indices (or ETFs), below:

Technology based indices all have significant downside momentum.

The financial press may have pawned this off as ‘rotation’. Of course, that remains to be seen.

Our view, high yield tells us something much larger than a sector rotation’s occurring.

It’s possible, the most debt (interest rate) sensitive indices are reversing first which could be a sustained, long term reversal.

The HYG weekly chart pattern is similar to the prior reversal (magenta ovals). This time however, MACD has spent over nine-months in a divergence and has crossed to the downside.

There could be a new high … low probability but it could happen (after all, it’s at support). If it does, weekly MACD may post an even larger divergence.

In response to the HYG reversal, we’re watching (and are short) the biotech sector, IBB (not advice, not a recommendation)

Of the three noted above with negative momentum, IBB is the weakest. Last Friday’s action has tentatively confirmed the resistance areas and trading channel reviewed in this update.

Friday’s IBB lower action was nearly imperceptible but it was there. Major reversals can happen this way … a little at first.

Wyckoff said it in 1910, ‘It’s as if the weight of a feather can determine the next direction’.

We’ll see if there’s follow-through to the downside on Monday.

Stay Tuned

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Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

Inflation or Deflation?

Is the latest stimulus bill inflationary or deflationary?

For those adhering to the tenets of Wyckoff analysis (as this site does), you already know it’s sort of a trick question.

The answer is: It doesn’t matter.

Maybe a better way to put it, it’s the wrong question.

The right question is: What’s the market saying about itself?

The market itself will decide (or reveal) the next probable direction.

Before we get to the charts; remember, one objective for the (U.S.) markets and political kabuki theater is, destroy the middle class.

Exactly how that’s going to happen in the final act is unknown.

Perhaps it’ll be illegal to go to the bullion dealer (or the grocer) without proof of protection (injection). Problem solved.

That destruction remains the backdrop; the macro for the analysis.

Moving on to the charts:

Real estate remains in a terminating wedge. Last week’s action had IYR contact the lower wedge boundary and then retrace into the close.

Weekly volume was the highest since the week of March 13th, 2020, almost exactly one year ago.

So, we see the ‘face ripping’ Friday rally, ‘plunge protection team‘ action, had no material effect on the chart’s technical message.

Looking at it a different way, there’s also an axis line in play.

Market oscillations about axis lines are completely normal.

We’ll see if Monday’s action is ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’. We’ve already had buy the rumor (stimulus) with Friday’s rally.

Stay Tuned

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Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

Real Estate: Downside Targets

IYR has reversed with a decisive ‘outside-down’ week.

This sector has likely seen its highs for the year and probably its all-time (recovery) highs.

The latest news from Steven Van Metre does not paint a good picture for the economy or the markets (bonds excepted).

Jerimiah Babe (J.B.) has also posted an update on Los Angeles. It’s a human and economic tragedy. Unfortunately, this is where the Cadillac has gone off the cliff.

We’ve continually held to the stance, there’s no recovery.

The “recovery”, is a mainstream narrative intended to keep the herd focused in the wrong direction and on the wrong things.

Judging by the hysteria with small cap short squeezes, physical silver and bitcoin (kind of hard to access when the power goes out), the promulgator to the proletariat, the mainstream media, has done an excellent job.

In fact, that is their job.

Interest rates might only need to stay elevated for a short while (a few weeks) to completely choke off any semblance of economic activity.

After that, collapse is likely to feed on itself. Even if rates eventually go back lower, it’ll be too late. The juggernaut has been set in motion.

This week had IYR posting outside-down. That in turn, added a print to the P&F chart which helped to complete a downside forecast.

Reaching the target levels puts IYR below all recent support. That support would then become resistance for any upside counter-trend action.

Ultimately, we’re looking for IYR to go below 2009, lows.

If that happens, it could take months or years. P&F charts are independent of time. They only show potential.

As provided in earlier updates, my firm is positioned heavily short IYR via DRV (not advice, not a recommendation).

From here and depending on market action, the plan is to increase that short until volatility prevents further, low risk entries.

As always, anything can happen and next week could be a miracle reversal. If so, we’ll assess price action at that time.

Stay Tuned

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Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.