Real Estate & The Wrecking Ball

When The Short Squeeze Is Over …


How do you know it’s a short-squeeze?


When it’s over, prices collapse.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday and today.

Yesterday was the squeeze; today, prices collapsed.

We’re about mid-way through today’s session and there could be a late-day test of the down draft. Even so, the action tells us, up moves at this time, can’t be sustained.

For the first hour of today’s session, price action went straight down. Not even a hint of an upward test.

Real Estate IYR, Weekly Chart

This is how the weekly looks currently.

The 105.50 – 106.00, is an area of support.

Price action may hesitate and use that support for an attempt to move higher.

However, there may be something else at work that’s not obvious without a mark-up.

That is, IYR could be in a downward trading channel; having confirmed the right-side yesterday and today.

As Dan from i-Allegedly, has repeated time and again:

‘We’ve had warning after warning … after warning’.

He even uses that phrase in his recent video, linked here.

In his view, along with access to other real estate professionals, the set-up is worse than 2007 – 2009.

The trading channel area is zoomed-in below.

Four channel hits on the left side and two on the right.

The lowest contact spike on the left channel line to the highest spike contact on the right, is a Fibonacci 13-Weeks.


For the most part during yesterday’s session, the short position in SRS was maintained (SRS-22-01).

However, late in the session as price action spiked higher, that position was closed and a new one opened with the 3X-Inverse fund DRV; identified as DRV-22-02 (not advice, not a recommendation).

The downward bias on a triple leveraged fund(s) is significantly higher than a two-times fund (even counting for the additional leverage).

Now that significant countertrend moves may be complete for a while, I’m taking advantage of the additional 3X leverage (not advice, not a recommendation).

There was a slight loss on the SRS-22-01, position; somewhere around -0.21 %, … not significant.


Both Dan (i-Allegedly) and Jerimiah Babe keep getting asked “When’s the collapse?”

Their responses are near identical; “You’re in it, now”.

What do they (asking the question) expect?

Do they want to have the societal, financial and we now know for sure, genocidal collapse, live streamed through their Netflix?

Stay Tuned

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Drinking The ‘Gold’ Kool-Aid

Because You Can ‘Eat’ Gold, Right?

A military invasion of Ukraine, nuclear power plant (supposedly) bombed, set on fire, power outages and potential food rationing, yet gold’s still below all-time highs?

Not only that as we’ll see below, the actual price has traced out what’s so far, a counter-trend (a-b-c) move; that is, the main trend is down … not up.

I like gold as much as the next guy but we’re seeing again and again, that’s not the crux of the immediate (world-wide) plan on a go forward basis.

Dollar & Gold: Game Of ‘Chicken’

Like a game of chicken, both the dollar and gold rallying strongly together; waiting to see who’s going to reverse first.

What do you think?

With as much control as certain entities have over both the dollar and gold … who’s likely to turn lower first?

If it’s gold, then at this juncture (below), it’s in a good position for reversal.

Weekly Gold (GLD) Close

The yellow vertical lines above, are of equal length.

GLD could push slightly higher and still maintain the ‘corrective’ a-b-c, structure.

As labeled, price action fits the ‘rule of alternation‘. The structure of the ‘a’ wave is brief and sharp. The structure of the ‘c’ wave is overlapping and longer duration.

The Danger Point:

Gold (GLD) is there now.

Continued upward pressure would change the ‘reversal’ assessment, to potential breakout … much higher prices ahead.

However, as J.B., points out in this latest video (time stamp 9:25) saying, he’s never seen so much traffic on the roads … as if gasoline’s at 99-cents.

One answer could be, this is the herd:

Completely unprepared and running around to find another herd as equally unprepared.

Panic buying of precious metals because everybody else is doing it, could be the reason behind gold’s current juncture.

Stay Tuned

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‘Unbelievable’ Numbers

Good News Is Bad News. Bad News Is Good News

For all of us serfs in the banana republic proletariat, it’s near if not impossible, to keep up with the lies.

The latest ‘employment‘ report is just one example.

This video from Jerimiah Babe, posted a few days ago has a different story. Check out the intro and then farther on at time stamp: 9:00.

For a second opinion, we can go to Dan, at i-Allegedly.

On his latest post, fast-forward to time stamp 7:00, where he walks through an outdoor restaurant area that’s completely vacant.

The ’employment’ report is vapor. Judging from the comments (at ZeroHedge) most everyone seems to be aware of the fakery.

Naturally, with all of this uncertainty and rampant inflation, the logical place to go would be the gold market.

Junior Miners, GDXJ

As this post is being created (mid-session), the Junior Miners are at the danger point. Price action’s at a location where it’s decision time.

So far, it’s an ‘inside day’. We don’t have a new daily high or low from the previous session.

The Fib retrace of 23.6%, discussed previously is holding for now. That weights action to the downside.

Posting a new daily high would begin to erode the set-up; potentially indicating GDXJ, is going to attempt a retrace to the Fib 38%, level.

If that higher retrace becomes a more favorable probability, the JDST-22-01, trade will likely be closed out (not advice not a recommendation).

The chart below shows the inside action thus far.

The table below has the current positioning JDST-22-01, via inverse fund JDST (not advice, not a recommendation).

As always, the sell finger is on the trigger. Description of color coding and table layout is in this post.


Trade decisions posted on this site are defined by the price action itself (not advice, not a recommendation). Wyckoff analysis does not concern itself with what’s obviously fake.

Wyckoff focuses strictly on what the market is saying about itself.

At this juncture, price action’s saying that both bulls and bears, are at the danger point.

Stay Tuned

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The Future’s So Bright …

… I’ve Gotta Raise Rates !

That’s right. The economy’s so good, we’ve got to raise rates.

Well, almost.

First, there’s more aggressive tapering … then we raise rates … honest.

No, this isn’t an MTV video from the ’80s … it’s the Fed life.

The latest update from Steven Van Metre, has comments from the Fed that seem like they’re from another world, another time.

Evidently, the economy’s so strong … so good, that we might taper more aggressively and then … raise rates.

At this point, ‘what difference does it make?’

They’ve probably already cashed-out (like last time) and now stand on the sidelines.

Meanwhile back at the proletariat, we’re deciphering the market’s next moves … Fed press releasees notwithstanding.

Is Gold (GLD) The Black Swan ?

Frist off, there are several YouTuber’s that are providing an excellent service; letting us know the real state of the economy.

They are invaluable; thus, receiving their fair share of hate from those that don’t want to hear, see, or smell, ‘bad news’.

All of them willingly admit, they’re not experts when it comes to the markets … fair enough.

However, in Jerimiah Babe’s latest update, he may have unwittingly revealed a (or the) black swan.

Gold and the gold market.

JB’s offered the anecdote of attempting to purchase more gold at the dealer. For the first time ever, he was limited on the amount available.

From a market standpoint, the public, is all-in.

Even as we speak, gold (GLD) and the miners, GDX, GDXJ, are in a vicious downside reversal.

At this juncture, it looks like an upward test of resistance (discussed yesterday) is nowhere in the cards.

Price action for the most part, is straight down.

Which brings us to the charts.

GLD, Weekly Chart:

Marked up with resistance and the up-thrust reversal.

Zoomed area of the reversal

Personal Opinion:

Because the gold hype by the financial press was so incessant for so long (which by the way, has strangely ‘disappeared’), this reversal may be something that lasts much longer than anyone would expect (not advice, not a recommendation).

Downside Targets:

The weekly GLD chart below has a Fibonacci projection tool overlay.

A 161.8%, projection would take GLD down to 119 – 120.

Are the gold bulls prepared for an extended downside rout in the metals?


Early morning food production.

It might not look like it’s connected to the markets but it is.

Market analysis presented on this site, helps steer actions needed to separate from (or reduce reliance on) the system.

Properly executed, trading is one avenue to provide income that’s necessary to eliminate the need for a corporate employer (not advice, not a recommendation).

Market analysis also helps identify what’s likely to come next.

But, I digress.

Getting back to the coop; four eggs a day … equates to over two dozen a week. Reliance on the grocery store (at least for eggs) has effectively been eliminated.

About a year’s worth of feed has been stockpiled.

Let’s put it a little differently; a year’s worth of feed has been ‘stacked’.

Personally, I like gold and silver as much as the next guy.

However, those in charge of this collapse have already stated, food will be used as the leverage weapon.

But hey, we shouldn’t have to worry about any of that, because, ‘The future’s so bright …’

Stay Tuned

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Silver: Leading The Way, Lower

Already Below Resistance

While gold (GLD) is just above its resistance breakout, silver’s not waiting around.

It’s already below its breakout; apparently leading to the downside.

Using ‘boots on the ground’ type reporting from sources like Jerimiah Babe and Dan (I Allegedly), the financial collapse is accelerating.

The metals look like they’re not exempt from financial conditions (deflation); they’re at the cusp of reversal.

Silver (SLV) Daily Chart:

The next chart zooms in on the reversal area.

It’s clear; SLV is now below resistance … a bearish indication.

At some point and if you live long enough (and have a working brain) you realize it’s all about manipulation.

Everything is manipulated.

Separating from that trap is akin to mental bravery; setting you apart from the mindless herd and at times, in opposition to that herd.

Silver (SLV) is down a whopping -53% from its high set over a decade ago in April of 2011. How can we be in inflation or hyperinflation?

That’s to come … maybe.

Right now, silver’s giving us a signal; lower prices ahead.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

Special “Zombie” Edition

No. 1

“Brainless Zombies”

Those of us that still have a functioning, critical thinking brain, are at a loss to describe the idiocy of the masses.

The Maverick of Wall Street calls them “brainless zombies” (time stamp 3:50).

Dan, at I Allegedly, looks to the sky and searches for words to explain the phenomenon.

During his walk-and-talks, he has struggled but finally came up with “Imbecile”.

Jerimiah Babe calls them “These People”

No matter what we call them, for a number yet to be determined, they’re ‘dead men walking‘.

No. 2

Cat watches Tom & Jerry

No. 3

“Zombie Watch”

Looks like the generation that may have little to no experience on how mass genocide via dictatorship starts, is about to find out.

First, they watch you … all the time.

Then …

No. 4

Dan Gets ‘Edgy’

In an attitude that seems similar to this site, Dan gets into who he wants as a relator (time stamp 13:00).

That is, not some hairdresser that just got their license six months ago but someone who’s ‘been in the trenches’ as he says. Someone who was ‘around during the 2008, crash’.

Someone who’s a hardened and tough negotiator.

As the economy, the food supply, energy supplies and now volcanic eruptions/earthquakes continue to destroy the infrastructure, it’s likely the population that stands to survive, will get very focused on experience.

Paper (degrees) hanging on the wall, as so-called ‘qualifications’ are no substitute for brutal, raw-edged competence.

No. 5

DC-3 (C-47) Low Pass

Go to time stamp 7:13, and turn up the the volume.

No. 6

“Visor & Mask” Zombies

The following comment, taken from one of Dan’s (I Allegedly) posts, linked here.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2021-09-29_11-20-54-dan-comment.png

It may be hard to read. Several areas have been expanded and shown below:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2021-09-29_11-20-54-dan-comment-expand-1.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2021-09-29_11-20-54-dan-comment-expand-3.png

That last comment, repeated:

“But honestly, I think we deserve it. The stupidity today is unprecedented and it’s not sustainable.”

Hmmm, where have we heard that sentiment before?

This site, maybe?

No. 7

“Penal Colony” … Australia

As a corollary to No 3, remember back a few years ago, when the Aussies made a big deal about turning in and/or destroying their means of ‘protection’?

Well zombies, now we see the result.

No. 8

Dutch Greenhouse Goes Dark

Solve for the following equation:

Does, (Stupid) X (Stupid) = Zombie?

Well, let’s see.

First, we’ll cut our coal fired energy sources.


Then, we’ll power our food supply production (an absolute necessity) with whatever unreliable energy source is left.


Oh, wait.

Let’s bring those coal fired plants back on line.

You know, the ones we haven’t bulldozed yet to get our food production back on track.


Indeed: We have (Stupid) X (Stupid) = Zombie

No. 9

Creedence Clearwater: Run Through The Jungle

The music and the film footage are excellent. They set the scene.

Perhaps, more important are comments such as this one:

I was born in 65. In the 70s this CCR tune made my fathers eye turn to what I later learned was called the “thousand yard stare”. That’s when I knew it was time for me to just quietly slip out of the room. I could literally see/sense his fear and pain. he didn’t, get mean, just distant and quiet, until the day he died. A lot of you know exactly what I mean. This song did a lot to help me understand him and his friends. Now that we are both a lot older, I only wish I could take some of that weight from him and carry it for him, and maybe give him some space to recover some of his lost soul. I can’t be the only son who has, and still does cry for my father and what he had taken from him.

Even better, is the first comment that replies to the above:

“How many women and children did he kill?”

I say it’s better because ladies and gentlemen, it may be a perfect example of the zombie mentality that could be nearly, if not fully eradicated during our up-coming trials.

Recall, from No. 6, above:

The stupidity today is unprecedented and it’s not sustainable.

Of course, our village idiot’s comment did not go unchallenged.

Many replies followed throughout the link and included a good amount of, “Thank you for your service”.

We’ll end our ‘Notes’ with the following; also from the same link.

If you honestly want to thank a veteran. Become a citizen worthy of being fought for

Which then begs the question: Are you, or am I, that citizen?

Stay Tuned

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Elephant In The Room

Mid Session

… It’s Already Here

Nearly simultaneously, all three YouTube channels that are monitored closely, have shifted their focus.

This phenomenon, instant change among disparate parties, has been well documented in the science community (before that community became corrupt) with animals on separate continents.

In short, it was found that herds of animals would instantly change their behavior to be congruent with each other even though there was no direct visible or physical connection.

It’s sort of a ‘collective consciousness’ phenomenon.

The YouTube presenters being discussed are:

I Allegedly

Jerimiah Babe

Texas Silver

Dan (I Allegedly) has literally thousands upon thousands of contacts. He’s an invaluable source of information.

He also has the stamina to sit through a Fed speech, Senate or Congressional hearings and the like … then report on what’s being discussed.

Jerimiah Babe gives us ‘boots on the ground’ reporting about the economic collapse so that we can see it for ourselves.

Texas Silver has the warrior mentality (and is not some coward ‘poser’ with useless crap all over his AR), showing us a working homestead and all that’s involved.

Their instantaneous shift in direction is being highlighted; not the importance of their channels which remains at the high end.

From a physical standpoint (like the animals separated by continents) they are not physically connected to each other.

Pulling Away From Precious Metals

Yet, all three have pulled away (in varying degrees) from the ‘stacking’ mentality.

Admittedly, Dan was never really a stacker … but he has changed direction; now talking about procuring supplies, food, water, medicines.

Be aware, there may be yet another collective shift (this time, world-wide) on the horizon.

Festering in the background, is an event that won’t be able to be ignored or dismissed as ‘conspiracy’ much longer .

It’s important to get out in front (if you aren’t already) and position oneself accordingly.

Which brings us to the elephant.

Biotech, SPBIO:

That elephant is, we’re at the front end of a potential mass genocide event (that’s already underway).

Conditions are already set in motion for a loss of the world-wide population of at least 5% – 10%, in the next 2, to 5 years (and that’s probably very conservative).

The chief cook and bottle washer in all of this, is biotech.

LABD (3X Inverse SPBIO):

Several charts are below. The vertical scale has been compressed to show the potential of the nascent move:

Today is the last trading day of the third quarter.

SPBIO, is on track to post lower three quarters in a row. No other major index is in the same position.

It seems to be taking forever but the case against biotech continues to build.


No doubt we’re short this sector via LABD (not advice not a recommendation), in a big way.

LABD has apparently finished its downward testing.

Now, as discussed (here and here), price action is alternating to the upside.

With that in mind, the new daily high of yesterday has not yet been reversed. This is alternating action when compared to the daily high reversal of September 20th.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Starsky & Hutch

This is the link to the original pilot episode.

Check out what ‘Elijah’, the trash-diving bum, has to say about world events at time stamp: 26:58.

Instead of taking his ‘hand-out’ to go buy booze, he runs down the alley and offers to buy coffee for his friend.

No. 2

Bible Study

(skip if you think it’s a ‘myth’ … good luck to you)

Luke 22: 31 – 32

31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:

32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

I guess it’s quite a stomach punch to be told you’re about to be handed over and spiritually torn limb-from-limb.

But take heart … the master of the universe he has held up his own hand against Satan (for you, Peter) and has said No!

Anyone with half of a spiritual wing-nut can feel the battle between good and evil raging … even now.

No. 3

Panic Into Junk Bonds

You can’t make this stuff up.

Us old-timers, have been here at least several times before. This time around, we intuitively know, there is (will be) no bottom.

No. 4

Jerimiah Babe Is Out! … Of California

I guess it took the wake-up call of a rigged recall election to tip it over the edge.

Stay Tuned

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‘When’s the next Bear Market?’

9:47 a.m., EST

ZeroHedge Report Acts Like It’s Not Here

Jerimiah Babe says “Have You Looked Outside?”

If the mainstream media is good for anything, it’s the ability to keep the herd, the retail, (Robinhood kids, et al.) fully distracted until it’s absolutely too late for action.

Even though this report from ZeroHedge gives all kinds of ‘signals’ saying we’re not there yet; It even goes as far as showing there’s no yield curve inversion. Of course that means ‘no risk’ of bear market.

Then going on to say, ‘None of these measures indicate a bear market is near’. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.

What’s the table above (yesterday’s close) say about what’s really going on?

At this point it’s obvious the media are not going to discuss the on-going bear market in biotech, SPBIO.

Doing so, would require some kind of investigation as to why? That would open Pandora’s box and have everyone digging for truth … something to be avoided (censured) at all costs.

Amateurs always want (need) to know why.

Livermore was never concerned with the why. He looked for ‘what’. What is the price action doing now or what is it likely to do.

As Wyckoff said, ‘the why always comes out later … after the fact’

‘Why’ is a useless trading strategy.

However, in the case of biotech, we can take a good guess what the ‘why’ is all about.

Fall and Winter are very close now. As this interview with Stew Peters reveals, Fall and Winter are when we get the real picture of ‘side effects’.

Biotech is ahead of the pack on the downside and for good reason.


Positions have not changed except for additions of LABD as SPBIO declines and LABD heads higher (not advice, not a recommendation).

As a reminder, this site’s not interested in day trading or even swing trading unless that’s all the market offers.

No, we’re interested in positioning strategically.

This type of trading is modeled after the host’s twenty-four years of experience with aircraft flight test and certification.

A typical project would take five to seven years to complete; have a near infinite number of complex stages along the way with each one a profession unto itself.

At this juncture, biotech may be poised for the largest implosion ever seen in market history.

Stay Tuned

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After the ‘plug is pulled …’

Updated, 12/18/21, with notes in blue text.

Jerimiah Babe:

‘The real money’s going to be made, after the plug is pulled’

Well, that’s close.

Actually, the real money’s made on the way down … when the plug is pulled … not after.

‘After’, is when you take the huge gains from the short side and then allocate that to areas which stand to recover … or at least have a good chance of recovery.

It’s a two-step process:

Nobody demonstrated that better than Livermore himself during the panic of 1907.

It’s probably no surprise that panic was potentially a fabricated event (sound familiar?).

It laid the groundwork for the Federal Reserve act of 1913.

Operating in parallel, we have the following:

Titanic engineering design approval: July of 1908.

Construction begins: March 1909.

Sea trials: Early April, 1912

Titanic ‘sinks’: April 15, 1912.

April 15th, is tax day … coincidence … no.

Whether or not there really is a ship (or which one is) at the bottom of the Atlantic, is immaterial.

What’s important, was that it all may have been a controlled demolition of the financial system so that it cold be ‘reset’ to allow fractional reserve banking.

The fly in the ointment? Unexpectedly, Livermore owned the market at the bottom. He could have single handedly destroyed the financial system by executing more short selling.

That’s when J.P. Morgan (possibly chief cook and bottle washer for the ‘reset’) called him in to appeal to Livermore’s ‘patriotism’; to not destroy the market. You can’t make this stuff up.

So, it’s time to reset the system every hundred years or so.

Just like it’s time to have a medical ‘incident’ and reduce the population every hundred years or so:

2019: ‘The Speck’

1918: ‘Espana’ Flu

1817: ‘Cholera’

1718: ‘Plague’

How does this relate to the markets? For this update, the preamble above, brings us to gold (GLD):

Gold (GLD) Analysis:

It’s no secret, price action in GLD and the miners (GDX, GDXJ), has been analyzed for months as bearish.

The weekly chart shows GLD, right at the edge of a terminating wedge; about to break lower:

The measured move … to around GLD ~ 120, is exactly at the Fibonacci 161.8%, projection (not shown).

If there’s a wedge breakdown, we have two separate measurement techniques targeting the same area.

Gold (GLD) did break lower but has not progressed to the measured move. Latest update is here and here.

The next chess move, is probably not going to be dollar destruction.

No. The next move is likely to be as stated before, supply chain shut-down with the objective of ‘starve them out’.

Correct but not the way the media plays it.

They attempt to tie it to ‘climate change‘. Yes, the climate is changing but the earth is getting colder, not warmer. Crop failures are the result.

Couple that with intentional weather modification (weaponization), controlled demolition of the supply chain and voila! Food becomes scarce or more expensive or both.

In a prior update, when that statement was made, it may have sounded extreme. Now, we have this interview and time stamp (8:11), where we get the exact same thing.

Take Action:

This article, just out on ZeroHege is a good one-stop shop to start or continue being out in front of ‘events’.

Here’s a brief video of one man’s action, in action:

Four hens, a rooster, in an urban setting (houses on three sides).

The rooster was not part of the plan. If you look closely, you can see his ‘No Crow‘ collar … it works most of the time.

He was unexpected but is now seen as an asset.

He keeps the hens under control (otherwise, they fight) and gets them all back in the coop at night.

Is it a hassle: Yes.

Is it messy: Yes.

Will the neighbors not care about the crowing, be clamoring (and paying with cash, gold, silver) for eggs and chicks three months from now, if/when food shipments are cut off? Probably, yes

Mass recognition of potential famine to come in the spring when the farmers do not have enough ‘inputs’ (seed, fertilizer) for a viable crop.

Don’t forget about no spare parts for farm equipment.


The rooster, “Scaboo” was such a happy camper that he was crowing all day.

He was moved outside of town to a more rural location.

We still have access to him if needed for fertilized eggs.

Here is, all grown up and strutting his stuff

Stay Tuned

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