Failure, Success: GLD & IYR

When A Spring Set-Up, Fails

The upside reversal (spring) set-up for gold, has failed.

When a high probability bullish scenario fails to materialize, it signals a market with potential to completely fall apart.

Nobody expects a major reversal in gold … nobody.

Yet … there it is

We’ve had the huge volume on March 8th, that looks more and more as changing of hands; from strong to weak.

Now, the apparent reversal has failed.

Anything can happen but at this juncture, the highs of March are getting farther and farther away.

Gold (GLD), Weekly Chart

Gold could always right itself and reverse from here.

We’ll keep an eye on it but let’s move on to a trade set-up that’s working; Real Estate, IYR and leveraged inverse, DRV.

Leveraged Inverse (-3X) Real Estate, DRV

The expectation for this morning’s session, was for IYR to retrace and test Friday’s breakdown.

It’s not happening … or at least, not at this point.

Wyckoff (along with Livermore) were obsessed with ‘what is’ and not what ‘should’ be.

The ‘what is’ at this point, IYR appears to be in a swift down move with minimal upside.

Trading actions have therefore been adjusted accordingly.

The chart of inverse DRV shows two entries marked as “1” and “2” (not advice, not a recommendation).

At this juncture, the short position in IYR via DRV (DRV-22-02), has been fully established.

The stop is now moved up to the session low @ DRV 37.21


At time stamp 8:10 at this link, The Maverick shows how far behind the curve interest rates are to what’s happened with Fed actions in the past.

If they repeat past behaviors, that of moving rates higher, it’s likely to be a massive shock.

The last place to be when interest rates rise sharply, is real estate; the most illiquid asset of all.

Stay Tuned

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