Real Estate ‘Crash Channel’

Not Saying That Lightly

For real estate, the crash may be happening as we speak.

Even if it’s not, the sector (IYR) has developed an aggressive trading channel as we’ll see below.

First, we’ll look at ‘big picture’ potential on the weekly chart.

Real Estate IYR Weekly

The distance traveled from the 200 Week Moving Average during the crash of ’08 – ’09, is shown.

That same distance is projected on the current situation.

Everybody’s ‘looking for the bottom’ … well, there it is. 🙂

Of course, that’s only a potential bottom.

Where it gets really scary is the channel that’s been confirmed on the daily chart, shown below.

The zoom version shows the weak blip higher … potential short covering that looks complete.

One caveat is that as (or if) IYR price action approaches the lows, technically speaking, it’s a support level.

That’s the time to watch the right-side channel line to see if it’s penetrated, thus negating the aggressive downtrend.


Everyone has their own style and this is NOT financial advice.

However, a short was initiated early this session in Leveraged Inverse Fund DRV, labeled DRV-22-04.

Opened @ 66.4633, with a stop at session low, 63.98

Stay Tuned

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