ProLogis … Real Estate Proxy

The Work Has Already Been Done

This is how it pays off.

Work was done months ago, on ProLogis (logistics/warehouse, real estate) which at the time, was the largest cap in the IYR.

It’s now No.2, just behind AMT, but the effort is still valid.

From that post last May, the behavior of ProLogis during a bear market was summed up with the following:

“It’s straightforward.

Using 2008 – 2009, timeframe as the proxy, PLD was vaporized; straight down for two-months.”

Well, that was back in ’08 – ’09.

Let’s see how our ‘vaporization’ is going now.

ProLogis PLD, Monthly

Price action is at support.

Downward pressure is immense.

We should all be able to agree, this time is worse than last time (’08 – ’09).

There’s no money left for a ‘save’, and our chief cook and bottle washer, the Fed, seems to be on a different agenda.

So, let’s remind ourselves of the potential for this down-move should it come to fruition.

The weekly chart of PLD, and distance traveled below the 200-wk Moving Average, gives us a sense of the enormity.

ProLogis PLD, Weekly

To position for a potential event, there may be plenty of time, or no time.

Either way, when things really get started to the downside, confusion, panic, locked-up brokerages, internet outages, will likely be the norm.

Positions & Current Stance (courtesy only, not advice).

The following is the positioning of my firm’s main (largest) account.


Entry @ 66.463, Stop @ 63.98


Entry @ 28.08, Stop @ 28.53***

***, Indicates change

Note: Positions may be increased, decreased, entered, or exited at any time.

Stay Tuned

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