The ProLogis ‘Connection’

Largest Cap, In The IYR

The French Connection

As with Newmont Mining in the Senor Miners Index GDX, ProLogis is the largest market cap in the Real Estate Index, IYR.

When markets ‘thin-out’, when they reach the end of a long sustained bull move, capital exits the lower caps, the lesser performers, and is thrown into the last man standing; the largest cap(s) in the sector.

In can be argued, that’s where we are now with IYR.

Friday’s Wipe-Out

As expected, because of the near thousand point drop in the Dow, YouTube’s abuzz with everyone attempting to figure out what’s going to happen this coming Monday.

The Maverick does an excellent job (linked here) of posing the question, ‘Where are we’?

He doesn’t even bother with are we in a market collapse; that’s pretty much a no-brainer. It’s the ‘where’ in the collapse, that’s the question.

Real Estate … What’s Next?

From this site’s perspective, we’ll let the market itself tell us what’s likely to happen next.

Since the focus over the past week has been real estate (IYR), let’s look at the largest cap ProLogis PLD, to get clues on the next potential action.

ProLogis PLD, Weekly Chart

First, we’ll look at the big picture.

PLD was vaporized in the last market collapse.

We should also note, it took about 12-years to get back to pre-crash levels; good ‘ol ‘buy and hold’ 🙂

Of course, a multi-year covered call strategy could have been implemented if maintaining long. With that approach, PLD could have potentially become a cash-cow.

Crash Clues

Note on the chart above, PLD didn’t just up and crash; it gave clues well beforehand.

We’ll go into those clues in a later update.

For now, let’s look at next week’s probable action.

ProLogis PLD, Daily Chart

First, the un-marked chart to show where action finished up on Friday.

Next, we see an upthrust, test and sharp reversal.

Price action finished at support and just below the lows set on Monday, the 18th and Monday the 25th.

Wide, high-volume bars tend to get tested.

So, we’re below the lows with a wide high-volume bar. That puts PLD, in spring position.


Because PLD and IYR (and the rest of the indices) finished at or near their lows, there may be some downside follow-through this coming Monday.

Price action’s the final arbiter but there’s potential for some kind of upside test in the coming week(s).

As a courtesy, the DRV chart below shows the entry location for DRV-22-02 (not advice, not a recommendation) and the current stop.

Note how liquidity has picked up over the last two weeks.

Friday’s volume of 309,800 shares, was the largest ever for the inverse fund.

Stay Tuned

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