Weekly, Wrap-Up

The Usual Suspects


No. 1

Airplanes Dropping Like Flies.

A very brief search of the most recent crashes or incidents are here, here, here, here, here, and here.

It’s all just a coincidence or maybe it’s because of this.

The repercussions of on-going events are just getting started.

This is a long-haul chess game.

No. 2

Americans Take Up The Gauntlet … Go To Vegas

What a pathetic bunch of cowards.

If you’re blowing whatever’s left of your money (or credit), it’s likely you have no real marketable (high pay) skills, no talent, lazy, obese; so, we’re off to Vegas.

Add to that, we’re just at the start of the depression.

Patera, from Appalachia’s Homestead (time stamp 4:24) addresses the problem a little differently but her final assessment is the same.

It’s true, there are some barriers to learning a new skill.

Dan from i-Allegedly points out the high cost to get a CDL, to be a trucker.

However, those who are awake, those with their nose in the KJV Bible, those leaving the corrupt church (in droves), knew that current events were coming; they took action way before it became obvious.

Remember this post?

It’s been nearly two years, to the day.

No. 3

Deflation Indicators

Not all prices are rising.

As the real estate sector gets vaporized, we have the natural fall-out, building materials dropping in price.

Uneducated Economist reports here, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Price reductions as we’re going into the summer building season, is a massive indicator of evaporating demand.

No. 4

Food First … Then Gold & Silver

Everything is going according to (their) plan.

Yet another indicator of the current strange weather (warfare) that’s going to strain the system.

Here’s the link to the very first post that specifically referenced Genesis 41; posted on December 31, 2020.

As with the ‘Mask on, Mask off (linked above), how has the post aged?

Is it still relevant?

What about this quote … seemed extreme at the time.

They paid for the corn first, with gold and silver.  Then they paid with their livestock.  Then they paid by selling themselves into life-long slavery. We can equate that last part (slavery) as getting the vax.

No. 5

Chess Board Strategy

It’s a bitter pill to realize we’re in the long game. ‘Normal’, is not coming back … ever.

That does not mean there’re no opportunities. There are.

Those opportunities (if we survive) are/will be potentially life changing for the good.

The Sunday futures market opened about two hours ago and we’re up around +0.40%, in the S&P.

Let’s see if that spills over to the Monday open; remembering that we’re short the real estate sector with the finger on the sell trigger (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Gold, In Mid-Air

We’ve Been Here Before


As we’ll see in the charts below, gold (GLD) has pushed above resistance three times in the past.

Each time, GLD reversed.

Two of those had GLD print new post, 8/6/20, lows.

The average decline was -11.3%.

During that time, miners GDX, GDXJ, took the brunt of the action.

The last GLD draw-down (6/1/21 – 8/10/21), was about -10.2%, while GDX got whacked top-to-bottom with -28.2%.

At this juncture, miner’s downside price action looks to be leveraged by about 3:1, when compared with gold.

Gold (GLD) Analysis:

The un-marked chart:

The marked chart has the past three up-thrusts above resistance (magenta arrows) and our current potential; the orange arrow.

Note the typical distance price action traveled above the blue line resistance levels.

If GLD does not move any higher from this point, its current distance above resistance is typical when using the past three moves for reference.

Danger Point:

In the markets, anything can happen.

Price action in GLD and miners, GDX, GDXJ are each at their own danger points.

Counter-intuitively, this is where the risk of being wrong is least (not advice, not a recommendation).

Senior Miners, GDX:

Taking the hourly chart of GDX and inverting it, gives us a chart similar to inverse fund DUST but without the tracking (bias) errors.

The inverted hourly chart:

Net downward price action is narrowing; less and less downward progress with each thrust.

This is an indicator we may be nearing the end of the move.

Helping that assessment along, is the next chart. The circled area shows Force Index is also dissipating.

Today’s session thus far, has essentially no more thrust energy when compared to the last two sessions.


Price action in DUST, has gone a little farther (lower) than desired.

However, the analysis above tells us there’s nothing, yet, that would indicate an exit of the short position (not advice, not a recommendation).

One has to remember who’s on the other side of this trade; that is, the bull side.

The general public has been led to believe inflation is rampant. The media and various YouTube personalities have whipped them into an inflation frenzy.

Its become some kind of psychosis

Costs are going higher. That part is true.

The reason they’re higher, or at least a different perspective, is available to everyone via Uneducated Economist and Steven Van Metre just to name two.

As Van Metre said about a year ago concerning the actions by the Fed (paraphrasing),

‘Do you think the Fed is going to educate the public and tell them Quantitative Easing is actually deflationary?

No, they will allow the public to have the false belief their (Fed) actions have the opposite effect.

Just a reminder of what the guys above are really all about; Some additional info is here.

Stay Tuned

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Gold … The Show Begins

Popcorn Ready … Asylum Freaks Out

You would think everybody’s escaped.

We have this link and this one and probably many more.

Those who’ve been monitoring this site already know, today has been in the planning stages for months.

This post was the first one to discuss the target area for a reversal in gold (GLD).

So, here we are.

So-called inflation is running rampant and it looks as if everybody’s in agreement.

Well, almost.

Turns out there’s a guy in the Pacific Northwest, a ‘boots on the ground’ type that sells lumber for a living.

Uneducated Economist never waivered on the fact, prices are rising as a result of supply constraints and not inflation.

There was one more as well.

Steven Van Metre has given his take on current monetary policies; they’re deflationary.

It’s a minority view.

Either way, we’re about to find out the truth.

Gold (GLD) Analysis

The fact GLD, has reached a target identified two months ago, gives credence to a potential reversal.

We’ll start first, with the un-marked weekly chart of GLD:

Now, the mark up:

It looks like we have a test of the original Up-Thrust (reversal).

In addition, today’s action (above black dashed- line) is another Up-Thrust.

Is this a reversal, within a reversal ?

The chart below zooms in on that area:

Everyone has their own investment/trading time-frame and method.

There’s no doubt, gold (GLD) is at the danger point. Price action can go either way.


The ‘inflation’ links above highlight current psychology and sentiment. The bull trap may be set.

As of this morning, we’re already positioned short this sector via DUST (not advice, not a recommendation).


A push below today’s DUST low of 17.27, does not necessarily negate the trade but it does (or will) bring it under scrutiny for potential exit (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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… “Like everybody else … “

Early Session

Or … ‘How To Lose Your Shirt’

If you’re reading this, consider yourself already separated or in the process of separating from the crowd.

At time stamp 5:15, in this from Uneducated Economist, there’s a mind-blowing statement from one of his followers.

UE is posting his thoughts on inflation. That is, there isn’t any … just like what this site proposes.

The commenter asked ‘Why don’t you see it just like everybody else does?’

It’s incredible but very telling on the collective mindset of those who are (or allow themselves to be) easily manipulated.

High School Correlation:

It’s not much different than High School (what a joke that was).

The popular kids seeming to have it all while the nerds, the geeks, and the weirdos were all left out … or bullied.

However, the raw edge of real life is not High School. That’s where the opportunity is for those in the very small minority.

Everybody has an equal chance to grow up.

After (years ago) going to my 10-year High School reunion, I realized the vast majority never grow or challenge themselves in any way.

I could see during the event, more than a few were already alcoholics. Deadening the pain of their cowardice.

As it turned out, I realized that ‘popularity’ is a prison. Locking up the individual in a life of fear (of becoming unpopular) and the associated mediocrity that results.

How does that anecdote relate to the problem at hand … the markets?

S&P Review:

It’s early in the session and the S&P (SPY), is trading lower.

The daily chart shows possible completion of the H&S pattern discussed previously.

The location of the report “The Plug Has Been Pulled” is also provided for reference.

At the time, it was uncertain and certainly unpopular to suggest the (potential) all time high was in.

So, we’ll see if the SPY, heads lower to start bouncing around the neckline … providing more confirmation of a significant reversal.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The Usual Suspects For The Week

No. 1

Starsky & Hutch

This is the link to the original pilot episode.

Check out what ‘Elijah’, the trash-diving bum, has to say about world events at time stamp: 26:58.

Instead of taking his ‘hand-out’ to go buy booze, he runs down the alley and offers to buy coffee for his friend.

No. 2

Bible Study

(skip if you think it’s a ‘myth’ … good luck to you)

Luke 22: 31 – 32

31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:

32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

I guess it’s quite a stomach punch to be told you’re about to be handed over and spiritually torn limb-from-limb.

But take heart … the master of the universe he has held up his own hand against Satan (for you, Peter) and has said No!

Anyone with half of a spiritual wing-nut can feel the battle between good and evil raging … even now.

No. 3

Panic Into Junk Bonds

You can’t make this stuff up.

Us old-timers, have been here at least several times before. This time around, we intuitively know, there is (will be) no bottom.

No. 4

Jerimiah Babe Is Out! … Of California

I guess it took the wake-up call of a rigged recall election to tip it over the edge.

Stay Tuned

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Now, It’s A Depression

3:43 p.m., EST

Recession’s over … Depression starts

Boots on the ground update from Dan at ‘I Allegedly’.

Drastically reduced economic activity at premium retail locations.

From Uneducated Economist: There’s news the lumber mills are going to curtail production … right in the middle of summer … the high season.

Couple that with the strange ‘going’s on’ reported at this link concerning the database that’s being monitored.

Then, we have another strange ‘coincidence‘ that takes place every hundred years like clockwork.

Which brings us to the sector at hand: Biotech

SPBIO Analysis:

We’ve taken the hourly chart of biotech SPBIO, and inverted it; shown below:

Price action pushed through the spring set up conditions noted in the last update.

SPBIO went on to retrace to the 38%, level … where it is now.

Looking at the price structure of inverse fund LABD (not shown), the downward thrust energy on a daily basis has declined significantly.

That analysis to be forthcoming.

Stay Tuned

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Deflation = Credit Destruction

Silver Collapse Ahead?

If and when food shipments halt nationwide and there’s nothing at the grocery store, is everyone going to run to gold and silver?

Will that be the savior?

It certainly wasn’t during the ‘Texas Freeze’. Not even on the list of must-haves.

The next planned event(s) are in plain sight for those who can see.

Mega drought in the corn belt (whether real or not), power substation blows up in Houston (that one was real) and planned destruction (or total control) of semi-trailer shipping (also real).

It’s the food supply and infrastructure first; then gold and silver (not advice, not a recommendation).

The Wells Fargo incident; inflation has likely run its course.

The dollar (and bonds) are in strong upside reversals; gold and sliver are (still) inversely correlated to those markets.

Inflation is credit expansion. Deflation is credit destruction. That’s where we are now.

Analysis: Silver

It’s the job of the mainstream financial media to make sure as many as possible are on the wrong side of the trade.

They have done well with the ‘inflation’ narrative.

Uneducated Economist puts it well; price increases are the result of supply constriction not inflation.

Which brings us to silver.

The weekly close of silver proxy SLV, has the ‘short squeeze’ already complete.

Shortages of product, continued inflation pummeling by the press, have not moved the metal higher; that’s the ‘tell’, something’s wrong.

Wells Fargo has kicked off the next round; deflation or deflation impulse.

One has to be prepared; silver may (even if only for a few days or weeks) head down to below where it started the squeeze.

Even to single digits … $9/oz., anyone?

If that happens, it means that gold and silver are being dumped onto the market while everyone’s scrambling for food, water and protection.

Stay Tuned

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Lumber Crash … Economy, Next?

Lumber futures’ follows familiar ‘crash’ pattern.

From a July futures contract high of $1,711/thousand board-feet, futures prices have crashed to $1,284/thousand board-feet, in less than a month.

As this ZeroHedge article states, the futures collapse was precipitated by delays in construction.

Those delays were because of … well, high prices.

Now, the cycle starts.

Delays precipitated the price collapse. That in turn, will cause more delays as construction entities wait for lower prices.

Those lower prices could materialize. Right along with project cancellations from contract loss, job loss, earnings downturns and on.

Personal anecdote below (skip to ‘Analysis’ if not interested):

Yesterday, a trip was made to the local home improvement store … the one with the orange logo.

During robust economic times, the loading area at the lumber ‘contractors’ end, is so busy that pickups, flatbeds and trailers, are lined up in double rows.

This time, walking into the contractors entrance, there were no customers in the loading area. Treated fence pickets were stacked two – three bundles high in rows. At the same time last year, there we none available.

Going inside and down the lumber isles, inventory was well stocked.

The treated 4X4s were available (although more expensive) and another re-stock bundle was available to be pulled from an upper rack.

Treated 4X4s, are high volume sellers at that location (Ft. Worth area). It’s a good gage of economic activity.

Last year at the same time, there were no 4X4s in that rack for several months in a row.

At the time, similar reports of such were being presented by Uneducated Economist. No treated 4X4s, anywhere.

In the lumber isles, there were just a handful of customers (mom and pop types) and absolutely no professionals or contractors.

The lumber carts, typically called ‘H-Carts’ because of their H shape, were plentiful and all lined up on the main isle. That’s also different from a year ago when it was so busy, customers had to go search for their own carts out in the parking lot.

There was one cashier and nobody in line.

This is all happening around 5:00 p.m., on a Friday.

One Friday does not a trend make … but it is a data point. The lumber area of this store on a Friday afternoon (when contractors typically get stock for the weekend) was dead.


We’ll look at one of the usual suspects in the lumber industry; Weyerhaeuser (WY).

On the daily chart below, it topped and reversed right along with the futures. Its had a decisive trend break as well.

If we’ve seen the top in the lumber futures and if we’ve just had a crash, the events that follow, play out like a script.

Prices stabilize at some point and begin a counter trend move.

Everyone (almost) is fooled into thinking it’s coming back … until another break lower. That’s when the real panic starts; in the market as well as the economy.

Biotech, SPBIO is in this position now

After the initial reversal, prices stabilized; then came back in a counter trend. Thus far, they have reversed at the 23.6%, level.


It’s probably an accurate statement, that nobody really knows what’s going to happen as a result of ‘speck’ injection. Seems like all information could be compromised (controlled opposition) in one way or another.

However, what tends to repeat with high levels of probability are specific set-ups in price action.

Price action is truth.

Above, we see WY either traded at a particular level, or it did not.

Once a crash scenario (if that’s what we have) like lumber futures gets set in motion, it will be years and potentially decades before prices return to or exceed the highs.

Stay Tuned

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Position Change

DRV pushed through our stop early in the session; position closed (not advice, not a recommendation).

1:50 p.m. EST:

Despite all the analysis, IYR is showing continued buoyancy.

Something else is going on; possibly related to Uneducated Economist’s link provided in the last update.

Taking his cue, a functioning mortgage market is all important to the financial narrative, it’s possible this market will be more heavily manipulated than others.

At this juncture it would make sense. All indications are for reversal … yet it’s not happening in any significant way.

Time for another trade.

We’re going back to a market that in retrospect, should’ve been the focus all along; Biotech.

This site’s coming from the perspective those reading, are well aware the ‘speck’ as we call it (to avoid censorship) was a fabricated event.

Just a reminder that we’re not some ‘Johnny come lately’, here’s the link from way back in May, last year.

That post proves the situation was figured out well before the May 17th publish date (interviews, observations conducted a month prior).

What’s not fabricated however, are the repercussions from the so-called cure for the speck.

Unfortunately, those are happening now and are quite real.

Moving on to the trade.

Despite the number of transactions shown in the Project Stimulus table (below), the objective is to minimize activity. We’re looking for a mid, to long term sustainable move; gain potential, 100% to 1,000%.

Updated previously, very long term (Quarterly) IBB has reversed.

Monthly and weekly have reversed as well; both the monthly and weekly MACD indicators point down. Daily is essentially flat.

The hourly chart of LABD (3X inverse IBB) shows the entry location and subsequent price action. Stop is the session low @ 22.23 (not advice, not a recommendation).

It’s worth repeating, the false narrative on the speck and consequences of speck protection may blow up in the media (and biotech) at any time.

As J.P. says, getting people to do something they know is bad for them (or lethal) is the ultimate ‘elite’ high.

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

Technical Discussion, Real Estate

“Depending on where that close is … “

That, from the last update on real estate, IYR

Price action is extracting every last bit of up-side. We’re down to the five-minute chart (above) to discuss yesterday’s move.

Any time price action penetrates a low or support level, it automatically puts that action in ‘spring’ position. Sometimes the selling is just too strong and the spring set-up fails immediately.

Other times (like yesterday), it holds.

Another way to look at it; for IYR to move higher, it had to go lower to get the needed fuel (penetrating support levels). Only this time, and depending on the data provider, IYR closed unchanged or up 0.02-pts.

So, the range in our recent technical discussion(s) has gone from 9.77%, to 1.83%, to 0.60%, 0.27%, and now, yesterday, 0.0%.

Before a market can go down, it has to stop going up … looks like we’re there or at least at the point where reversal is highly probable.

The hourly chart has the characteristic where volume spikes indicate trend change or potential change. The right side of the chart has the spikes but no direction change … yet.

Separate but related, Uneducated Economist gives his take on potential government ‘incentives’ for real estate.

Stay Tuned

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