Alcoa: Another ‘Chief Cook’

Yet, One More ‘ESG’ Opportunity

Like Carvana, Alcoa has no P/E

However, before we get started, this just out concerning Biotech:

From the German Health Minister, no less:

“Permanent Disabilities”

In a way, it does tie into the Alcoa analysis.

As a reminder, the economic (and population) collapse created by protection from ‘The Speck’, will last the lifetime of anyone reading this post (not advice, not a recommendation).

To support that statement and expand on the enormity of what’s happening, we have this link.

‘Over the next 10 years, ‘Speck’ lawsuits are projected to experience tremendous growth.’

With that, let’s move on.

Alcoa & ESG

Just looking at the website, it’s an ESG cornucopia.

When looking at the chart, it’s (almost) a no-brainer.

First, the very long-term view (Quarterly)

Alcoa AA, Quarterly

On the long-term, we have the repeating market characteristic; ‘Spring-to-Up-Thrust.

A ‘test’ of that up-thrust has been occurring over the most recent quarter.

On the weekly chart, we see price action penetrated support with volume increasing.

Alcoa AA, Weekly

Technically, it’s a Wyckoff ‘Spring’ set-up. Some form of upward action next week is to be expected.

However, with the increased volume to the downside, probabilities are low at this point we’ll see any significant upside (not advice, not a recommendation).

Long Way To The ‘Open’

As said in the prior update, events are accelerating. The latest from ZeroHedge proves that to be true.

UBS Seeks Government Backstop As It Rushes To Finalize Credit Suisse Takeover Deal As Soon As Tonight

Another Nail in the Coffin

Looks like the Swedes have put another nail in the coffin for ESG. How long is it going to take for their pension system to fully collapse and then result in social unrest a la Paris?

Stay Tuned

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