Dutch Masters

More Than A Cigar

Dutch government puts the death knell on their economy … others will likely follow.

While the i-phone crowd is so easily distracted with AI and NVDA being their savior, back at the ranch, economies are being systematically destroyed.

Besides copper, one of the best indicators of robust economic activity is silver (SLV).

Since January, this site has highlighted the potential for a significant, sustained reversal in the precious metals; specifically, gold and silver.

Now, both the charts of GLD, and SLV, have weekly bearish MACD divergences (not shown); having just crossed the zero line with one more trading day to go.

Using a recent weekly bearish divergence as an example, natural gas (UNG), shows us the possibility; UNG is now down – 82%, (at the lows) in just 37-weeks.

Junior Miners GDXJ, Weekly

If gold and silver decline relentlessly from here, the sector most likely to take the biggest hit, is/are the ‘Juniors’, GDXJ.

Once the public figures out en masse, they’ve been fooled into ‘stacking’ instead of securing their food supply, precious metals are likely to accelerate to the downside (not advice, not a recommendation).

Of course, that public has to ‘wake up’, first 🙂

Stay Tuned

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