The Silver Set-Up

Repeating: Spring-To-Up-Thrust

Which comes first: Freezing and starving to death, or currency collapse?

Is that a hyperbolic statement?

Short answer, is no.

Here are at least two boots-on-the-ground sources that paint an incredibly bleak picture of what is to come in just weeks for Europe.

Links are here and here.

As with the Texas Freeze, the last thing on anybody’s mind was their “stack” of silver.

The humanitarian crisis is happening now, if not soon. Currency collapse may be months if not years away.

Which brings us to the precious metals and specifically silver, SLV.

The past few trading sessions have formed a repeating set-up: Spring-To-Up-Thrust.

Silver SLV, Daily

Note, the Pre-Market activity is far below yesterday’s high; the bulls may be trapped.

Typically the first order of business is an attempt to close the gap. If that happens, price action is then narrowing the risk on a short entry (not advice, not a recommendation).

One typical trading vehicle for shorting silver (other than the futures market) is 2X Inverse Fund ZSL.


The bulls think it’s finally the launch they have been waiting for … all these years.

It could be … anything can happen.

However, that does not take away from the fact we’ve got a trade set-up that may offer a low-risk short entry (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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The China Set-Up … Short FXI

From One High Probability, To Another

The last update’s high probability set-up was negated at the next session … only to morph into another high probability.

We’ll go straight to the FXI, leveraged inverse fund YANG.

FXI, Leveraged Inverse YANG, Hourly

It’s about twenty minutes after the open and YANG is trading at around, 11.15 – 11.16.

The chart below shows a Wyckoff spring set-up in progress.

What’s missing at this point, what’s to be expected during this session or next, is the test.

That same hourly chart is marked up below to show how that test may look with a pass or fail.

Risk on a position short FXI via YANG (not advice, not a recommendation) can be reduced by allowing YANG price action to retrace as much of the opening gap as possible.

It’s Friday and we’re heading into the weekend.

Does anyone really want to be positioned long? 🙂

It’s not as if anything bad is happening.

Nothing like British Members of Parliament (and the Prime Minister) turning in their resignations … all staged but that’s a whole other story.

Stay Tuned

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Dumpster Fire … Real Estate

Price Reductions, Accelerating

From a technical perspective, it’s a disaster.

The last post showed price action had nowhere to go but down.

In that post, a trading channel was identified on the weekly chart.

Now, this week, with the action from the past three sessions and possibly a fourth (today), the channel is being confirmed.

Then, we have this:

Price Reductions Accelerating … At Record Pace

As if on cue, to support the assertion from Tuesday’s gold update; specifically:

“We should expect market events to reach never before seen extremes.”

We’re getting that same ‘never before extreme’, in real estate; presenting itself as accelerating price reductions.

At time stamp 5:20 at this link, we can see a graphical presentation of that collapse.

To borrow a quote from Dan at i-Allegedly: ‘Anyone who thinks price reductions are going to taper off, are kidding themselves’.

We’re just getting started.

Real Estate IYR, Daily Close

It’s about fifteen minutes before the open and IYR, is trading down nearly – 2%, in the pre-market.

That action confirms the declining channel shown.

As a result of this week’s apparent pivot (identified in the last post), a new channel appears to be emerging.

This one’s more aggressive.

If the new channel ‘sticks’, real estate trouble’s happening faster than most would expect.

Pulling out a little farther on the chart shows the downside potential.

Declining at nearly – 95%, annualized hardly seems possible.

Nearly everyone has been lulled to sleep with the orderly decline of the markets thus far.

In non-related but nevertheless connected event, the situation world-wide is moving faster, not slower.

It does not matter these events are completely fabricated (as was The Speck).

The effects of the fabrication are real.

Wyckoff Analysis Leads The Way

This week’s reversal off of last week’s trend lines confirms their existence.

Price action itself is leading the way; this is the crux of Wyckoff analysis.

The market itself defines what’s important.

Stay Tuned

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Seabridge Gold … Strategy Update

Lying In Wait … For Opportunity

As the ‘About‘ section says, this site provides one leader’s view on the market; what can best be termed as ‘Strategic Leadership’.

So, just what is that, exactly.

A good example is the current biotech analysis and action.

Biotech strategy, thus far.

No. 1:

Recognize biotech (SPBIO), as bear market leader.

No. 2:

Wait for opportunity to position short via LABD, on an upside reversal; A Wyckoff, up-thrust.

No. 3:

Monitor and increase the short position as the market allows. Continue until targets are met or stopped out (not advice, not a recommendation).

As can be seen, hereherehere, and here, the trade LABD-22-03, is progressing well.

It should be noted, this trade could be over in minutes, or go on for months. The price action itself, will decide when it’s complete (not advice, not a recommendation).

Now, on to gold in general and Seabridge, specifically.

The Gold Reversal

We’ve had several updates that show gold (GLD) has changed hands; from strong to weak.

Quite obviously, this assessment is completely opposite the narrative and the crowd consensus.

However, price action itself, has told us there’s been a reversal.

Recent posts here, here, here, here and here, successively build on themselves showing at this juncture, the gold direction, is down.

Leading Edge Chaos

Evidence continues to build, we’re just on the leading edge of chaos; likely to last for years, if not decades.

Go to time stamp 1:12 at this link and observe one of many efforts already in place to take down the current system.

Chaos, Opportunity, and Seabridge

All of the above brings us to Seabridge Gold (SA).

Going way back, 20-months, to the first post on SA, and taking the following from that report:

“If and when the markets (S&P, Dow, NASDAQ) reverse in earnest, there’s likely to be widespread panic. Just like last time [2007 – 2008] and probably worse.

As a side note: If and when we get there (panic selling), and if SA pushes below well-established support (6-area), the initial plan is to open a major long position … but with a significant caveat.

That caveat is:  We’ll take possession of the actual physical shares (not advice, not a recommendation).  The broker could put up a fuss and charge a fee.  So be it.”

Now, that’s a strategy.

Back then, nearly two years ago, it was not so obvious why having the physical shares was important. I think the reasons for doing so now, are clear.

Let’s move on to the actual chart of SA and look at probabilities.

Seabridge Gold (SA), Quarterly Chart

One thing is obvious just looking at the un-marked chart:

The bull market for SA, ended years ago; October of 2007, to be exact.

The actual price of gold (GLD) went on higher for over three-more years. Yet, SA languished.

Now, gold (GLD) has potentially reversed and there’s possibility for significant downside.

How significant? Well, somewhere in the range of $1,300/oz, or even lower.

Which brings us to the same chart of SA but adding Fibonacci projections.

SA, Quarterly Chart, Fibonacci Projection(s)

Getting closer-in with the zoom, we see the market itself has already validated those projections; especially the 38.2, level.

The 50% projection is near 5.00, and the 61.8%, is all the way down to 0.49 – 0.51.

Seabridge down to 50-cents, is that possible?

The Great Depression, 2.0

Those attempting to equate current events with the Great Depression, are at least doing the good work of recognizing the similarities and possibilities.

In the case of Neil McCoy-Ward, (linked above), he recognizes this time, is a whole other animal.

So, the answer is yes … SA could go to 50-cents. If and when it does, nobody will want to buy.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech … Grinds To A Halt

‘Two Weeks, To Flatten The Curve’

On a weekly closing basis (as we’ll see below), it’s obvious.

Upward (net) progress in biotech SPBIO, has come to a standstill.

While the media continues to foment the lie that somehow interest rates have reached their limit, or ‘Da Fed’, is going to do this or that, behind the scenes the plan … set out years ago, continues to unfold.

Before we get to the charts, let’s not forget what’s happening ‘out there‘. The number of idiots seems to be increasing without bound.

As Goethe said way back in 1826, ‘There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action’. He was being polite with the ‘ignorance’ part.

Now, on to the charts.

The un-marked, chart of biotech SPBIO, is below.

The second chart zooms-in, showing the percentage changes on a closing basis.

Biotech SPBIO, Weekly

Zoom in, showing net progress.

One would think, since biotech has dropped so significantly, there’s no more (downside) left.

Certainly, anything can happen.

However, the premise is, the overall collapse is still in the early stages.

We have not (yet) had a 50% – 90%, drop in the S&P.

In addition, pension funds are likely to go broke.

So all those $250,000/year ‘retired’ lifeguards that J.B. has spoken about? Well, how do you leverage that ‘skill’ to another industry?

SPBIO, Inverted

Next up, the inverted chart of SPBIO, to mimic the action seen in leveraged inverse, LABD.

Then after that, is the same chart marked with a potential forecast of where price action may be heading (not advice, not a recommendation).

Now, the markup showing potential action should biotech continue its decline.

Zooming in on the last few weeks of action.

The fact price action has bounced from this area of the chart, tells us the trading range is valid; the blue line is being recognized by the market.

Now as shown, we’ve come to a halt.

So, what happens next?


As SPBIO ground its way higher (LABD lower) over the past week, the short position, LABD-22-02, was reduced further but not eliminated (not advice, not a recommendation).

Since there’s no more net progress upward and we’re still in an overall downtrend, expectations are for biotech to either stall, or reverse, continuing its trend lower.

As stated previously in this post, the market’s prior congestion was ‘complex’.

So, we’re expecting ‘simple’ this time around; all of which lends support to more downside.

Stay Tuned

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Deep Dive: Biotech

Biotech Reversal

Downside Projections

Nuremberg 2.0

For what seems the longest time, a recurring focus of this site has been the biotech sector.

Specifically, the IBB (ETF) and SPBIO (Index).

There’s good reason for that. In this update, we’ll go deeper into the downside opportunity.

Biotech Reversal:

SPBIO, topped out on February 9th this year. The IBB (ETF) topped one day later.

Both went on to form a Quarterly reversal bar; indicating a long term change in character.

Of the two, SPBIO has showed more weakness having posted monthly lower lows for three successive months.

That relative weakness over the IBB index, has resulted in focusing on the inverse of SPBIO; specifically the 3X inverse, LABD.

Working with leveraged inverse funds is only profitable on a short-term basis or when the underlying index is in a persistent down-trend.

Otherwise, typical market chop results in value erosion of the inverse fund (not advice, not a recommendation).

For the reasons discussed in the last section below (Nuremburg 2.0), we’re anticipating the index to have a sustained and persistent drop to much lower levels.

Downside Projections:

Going way back to Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute training materials, both in their own way indicated a speculative position was only entered if there was sufficient potential.

Livermore’s 10-points or more and Wyckoff’s cause and effect

In Wyckoff’s case, the ’cause’ was price action congestion built up in the P&F chart.

The ‘effect’ was the resulting move.

Which brings us to now:

Many times on this site, we’ve said biotech has built up congestion in a way, when it reverses and begins its decline, price action itself will create lower targets.

We’ll present two charts showing how that’s happening.

The first P&F chart in this update and provided below, has a projected downside target for IBB around, 116 – 120 area:

Note, the downside is not to scale as the real location is far below the noted area.

Biotech IBB, then went on to post lower action. That in turn has resulted in an updated downside target:

Once again, the downside is not to scale.

It’s apparent, as IBB heads lower, it successively builds lower targets and it’s only (potentially) just getting started.

The weekly chart of IBB below, spells it out:

If and when IBB price action gets to the initial targets, it enters a congestion area that will (by that time) be over seven years wide.

If the trend is still down, that congestion in turn would target even lower levels.

The “-80%” interestingly enough, comes from a quote by Steven Van Metre at this link.

That 80% drop also corresponds to a downside Fibonacci (not shown) projection of 423.6%, on the above chart.

Nuremberg 2.0

This phrase has become so ubiquitous you can do a search for it.

So far, not a single mainstream financial site or YouTuber (still on that platform) has mentioned this fact in their analysis.

The speck injections are mass genocide and intended as such.

Two recent events resulting from injections are here and here.

If all of a sudden, injected pilots can’t fly (the first link), how are goods going to be transported?

Not generally known to the public, commercial air-transport is also used to haul freight (while carrying passengers).

Exactly how all of this (world crime) will break is unknown.

If and when it does, the result in the biotech sector as well as equities in general, could be successive air-pockets all the way down.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

There has been so much research over the past week; there’s no time to format it into a concise report.

Here are the links with a brief summary.

Number 1.

South Africa Cash In Transit (CIT) failed heist blows up internet.

Link to short video, Here.

Longer version, Here.

The oligarchs will use the bravery of the driver and shotgun rider as an excuse for ‘cashless society’. Just wait.

Number 2.

Biotech index SPBIO down for the week in five time-frames:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly price all posted new lows.

This index is heading down.

Number 3.

There’s no helicopter flying around on Mars.

With atmosphere just 1% of Earth …. give me a break.

From an engineer who worked 24-years in avionics and aircraft flight test and certification, anyone with two photons rubbing together could call out this farce.

Not sure the purpose for the lie … just that it’s a lie.

As a wild engineering guess:

To have such an ‘aircraft’ operate on Mars, the rotor blades would need to be a half-mile long, fifteen feet in width and be weightless themselves; spinning at 600 – 1000 PRM, to be able to lift a 4-lb payload.

Let’s see if anyone has the cajones to do the real math on this one.

Number 4.

Current parallels to The Great Depression can not be refuted.

Benign (25% unemployment) history book accounts are lies.

No surprise there.

One excellent source for what’s likely to happen next; Neil McCoy-Ward and his latest update.

Some comments from the linked livestream posted below:

This is a typical excuse (it’s not 1931) or complaint from those who do not have the neural plasticity to take yesterday’s data and adapt it to the current scenario.

These types of people are not likely to survive

Yes, the medical community (with few exceptions) has been bought.

Good luck facing the judgement. Here’s a link that might get the point home.

Yes indeed, time’s up.

If you’re not awake by now, you’ve had plenty of time … maybe even going back to 1963 or farther still; all wars are bankers wars.

Indeed, gold and silver won’t matter in what’s to come next.


There is no guarantee that I and my firm are playing this chess game of collapse correctly.

However, being focused on Bitcoin or Dogecoin as Jerimiah Babe puts it, is buying into the (beast) system. It’s conditioning those involved to accept a digital currency.

At this point, we’re focused on shorting biotech until price action dictates otherwise. Not advice, not a recommendation.

Stay Tuned

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

Depression Diaries

12:26 p.m., EST

The Great Depression is about to be eclipsed by ‘The Greater Depression’.

The Great Depression Diaries, is an excellent glimpse into the realities and timeline of a financial collapse.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

After watching and listening to all segments, if you changed the dates, you’d think it’s talking about the here and now.

Three key takeaways are:

  1. Intentional destruction of the food supply
  2. Real unemployment numbers falsified
  3. People starved to death

We can look at today’s payroll data as a pivot point. For whatever reason (out of work, being paid not to work), the economy’s not coming back.

The belief the economy’s going to be stronger once the benefits run out (as stated in the linked article) is false.

The current economy is being intentionally destroyed.

That’s not too hard to determine.

Here’s just one more bit of data (unverified, but still of note) to support that assessment.

If you’re unemployed, starving to death, you’ll be a ready face-diaper wearing compliant subject; easily coerced into being injected (executed).

Obviously, the goal is to be as independent, self-employed as possible so we’re not that person.

Which brings us to the culprit du jour: Biotech.

Yesterday, the expectation was for a reversal and test (that day) before SPBIO continued its downward trajectory (LABD higher).

It looks like the test is lasting two days (maybe more) instead of one.

Inverse fund, LABD is currently trading near 24.15. That’s right in the vicinity of the expected range between 23.90 – 24.30, stated yesterday.

LABD did push a little bit lower in the early session to 23.68, but still within expected range.

LABD is testing the right side channel line and trying its best to break through. Thus far, the low for the day remains at 23.68.

If there’s an upward (LABD) reversal from here, a Fibonacci Day 8, from the original Day 55 low, it would give more confirmation we’re at least following the trendline; potentially at the very right side of a huge trading range.

Stay Tuned

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.