Failed Rally Attempt: Real Estate

Nothing gets sharks in the water faster, than a failed move.

Last Friday, real estate IYR closed below support (black line). Doing so, put itself in Wyckoff spring position.

‘Spring position’ is a technical condition of instability where price can reverse dramatically.

At the open yesterday, that’s exactly what happened. IYR launched nearly instantly to a 50% retrace.

From there it was a long day of moderate price erosion all the way to the last hour; then it all went south.

IYR closed just 0.22 points higher or +0.25%, after being as high as +1.73 points (+1.98%), early in the session. In addition, that close was back below support on the heaviest volume since February 2nd. … another bearish sign.

We can see momentum, MACD has exhausted itself and posted numerous bearish divergences.

On the fundamental side, just in the past 24-hours, there’s been a raft of news articles posted showing commercial real estate’s in serious trouble.

A short list of what has been found is below:

Mortgage market.

Mall values crash.

Bond tipping point.

Bond market calls Fed’s bluff.

U.S. Spending plummets.

Rising yields are now good for the markets?

IYR could still rally from here. However, with the conditions described in this post, it’s not likely.


We’ve been short this market in a big way (not advice, not a recommendation) via DRV. The plan is to increase position size as long as price action allows low risk entries.

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