Dominoes … Begin To Fall

Juggernaut Set In Motion

This just out from Activist Post, shows we’re in yet another ‘never before seen’ event.

One of the references in the article can be found at this link.

Many times on this site, the ‘reduction in size’ has been discussed.

Now, the official numbers are starting to show-up. The bottom line? Retail demand is going to evaporate.

As a side note, it’s interesting that YouTube now has videos on how to spot Myocarditis …. something we’ve (in the serfdom) have never heard of … until now.

While everyone seems to be focused on the overall markets, S&P, Dow, and QQQ, underneath the radar, gold and the miners continue to rachet themselves lower.

Senior Miners, GDX & Inverse DUST

The 2-Hour chart of inverse fund DUST shows we’re still at the danger point discussed yesterday.

The zoom chart (below) has an interesting distinction.

The distance between the blue-line trading range and the magenta-line trading range, is the same. The black-dashed arrow is equal length.

This implies that yesterday’s move, along with today’s may be an ‘a-b-c’ correction. A counter-trend move.

If so, the main direction has changed from down to up (for DUST).


Still at the danger point, we remain short this sector (not advice, not a recommendation).

The good part, if price action reverses in DUST and begins to pressure the most recent lows, it’s an indication something else is afoot and the trade is failing.

Stay Tuned

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