Gold … $1,300/oz, Or Lower ?

From Stacking, To Panicking

It may go down as the biggest strategic ‘stacking’ blunder ever:

The consumer’s maxed-out, food supply chain’s being systematically destroyed and now, gold’s set to down-draft nearly 20% … just for starters.

For those still thinking it’s all about inflation, how about this personal anecdote (skip to Analysis, Gold (GLD), if not interested).


A recent trip to the local Ford dealer to obtain an engine part, specifically, a “Camshaft Synchronizer”, i.e., what used to be called a ‘distributor’, a very common part, resulted in this conversation.

Ford: ‘Ok, part number F8DZ-12A362-AA.

Don’t have it. It’s on back-order. We’ve got an order for 347 units, with no ETA‘.

This part’s used on V-6 production engines going back decades. It happens to be a weak point in the design. When it goes out, the engine quits.

With literally millions of these engines on the road, how can there be no repair parts available?

None of the retail dealers in town had one either; not AutoZone, not O’Reilly’s, nobody.

Another Ford dealer located 50-miles away, had one unit and so the order was able to be filled.

If your car/truck is dead-in-the-water, how much would you be willing to pay to get it back on the road?

Imagine if there’s some gearhead Bubba out there who’s stockpiled a thousand of these things … how much could he charge for them?

Now, that’s what I call ‘Stacking’. 🙂

Controlled demolition of the supply chain: Not inflation.

Which brings us back to gold (GLD).

Analysis, Gold (GLD)

Weekly chart of GLD below and then inverted.

Inverted with projection.

Old Time Projection Method: The P&F Chart

Since it was Wyckoff analysis that helped us plan and spot the gold reversal, we’ll use a method equally as old to project where GLD could go (not advice, not a recommendation).

The P&F Chart.

Using the two methods above, we’ve got a combined projection in the range from GLD: 119 – 140; a decline in the vicinity of: -16.50%, to -28.96%

Is anyone even remotely prepared for this?

Important Caveat

There’s been no wedge breakout … yet. So, the projection’s a little ahead of itself.

What we do have, is a miner’s market that doesn’t look like it’s waiting around for gold.

For the miners, other factors could be coming into play; not the least of which is massive corporate stupidity.

Remember this post?

If your management’s focused on solving problems that aren’t even real … how can they ever hope to run a complicated and dangerous mining business?

Gold Steady, Miners Down

Yet another scenario, is that gold could remain steady or even rise and yet the miner’s collapse.

How can that be?

Let’s remember where a good chunk of gold is being produced: Australia and Canada.

We’re not going to get into what’s going on in these two countries except to say, they’re not exactly outfitting themselves for continued sucess: quite the opposite.

How long will it be before we hear about mines being shut down as a result of staffing shortages.

Stay Tuned

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