Time Tunnel … GDX

Rendezvous With The Future?

Are gold and the miners destined to collapse?

Are the miners on some choreographed mission to take out themselves, the gold bulls, and ‘stackers’ in one fell swoop?

At the bottom (if there is a bottom) will Newmont, be the sole-survivor or will some other mining entity emerge as the next leader?

Year 2022: When It All Hits

As Bjorn Bull-Hansen has suggested in this post, we’re potentially just months (maybe weeks) away from a mass-awakening.

That is, there’s no, or very little food.

What food there is, seems to get mysteriously wiped-out by some never-before-seen weather event.

It turns out that precious metals and the grains, i.e., wheat, soybean, and corn are at this juncture, inversely correlated.

Gold & Grains: Inverse Correlation

What kind of nonsense is this?

I thought we were supposed to be in a hyper-inflation event. I mean, the financial press is aghast about it. The YouTuber’s have jumped on and provided their own non-thinking “me too” assessment.

How can it possibly be any different?

The official narrative has been sanctioned by the press and YouTuber’s alike. It’s a consensus!!!

Let’s put it this way, if your (or my) favorite YouTuber is not being harassed, shut down or otherwise ‘cancelled’, are they really offering any useful information?

So, what gives?

How can gold, precious metals and the miners be inversely correlated with grains and/or corn?

Well, ok. Let’s take a look.

Below is an un-marked daily chart of gold proxy, GLD.

Can you pick out the ‘Derecho of 2020?

Let’s put in a big arrow showing when that crop-destroying inland hurricane (just before harvest … how convenient) showed up:

Below is a daily chart of tracking fund CORN; showing the correlation.

The markets in corn and gold never looked back.

Now we have this report from ice age farmer, just out. Trucking shipments between U.S. and Canada could be reduced by 15% or more.

As a result, food shipments are likely to be impacted starting this month.

Sustainable, Self-Implosion

If the negative correlation between gold and the grains wasn’t enough, we also have the controlled demolition of ‘sustainability‘ being put in place as well.

Tony Heller was part of the YouTube purge a few years back. He wound up being one of the first major hitters moving to NewTube.

Sporting no fewer than five science degrees … one of them being Master of Electrical Engineering from Rice University, he has systematically dismantled the propaganda and cult of climate change.

As with our second link above (repeated here) the only climate change of note, is the one being sprayed in. 🙂

So, most if not all major corporations are implementing plans, that by definition (unless reversed) will ultimately result in their own collapse.

After all, if you’re implementing plans and actions to address something that’s not there, what are you doing about any real tangible problems in the company?

Back to the topic at hand.

Senior Miners, GDX.

As stated in the first paragraphs above, GDX seems to be on some kind of time-tunnel mission.

Yesterday, it was shown how GDX is in a huge trading channel … with Friday’s price action potentially confirming the right side.

Next up, scheduled for tomorrow are specific and repeating Fibonacci time correlations between GDX inflection points and channel widths.

Stay Tuned

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