Bonds Down … Real Estate, Next ?

Visions of 2008 ?

The Head & Shoulders pattern on the weekly chart of IYR, could mean reversal ahead.

Price action’s been attempting to move higher over the past twelve trading days.

‘Attempting’, because it’s not making any significant net progress.

Essentially, we’ve got what’s called ‘evidence of a struggle’ where the bulls may be exhausting themselves.

The last update on bonds (TLT), said they’re at the danger point where an upside reversal was possible.

That update also said:

“At this juncture, there’s either a reversal and much higher levels or down, with rates higher; in turn, leading to the subsequent collapse of real-estate, a-la 2007 – 2008.

Since then, bonds are lower, rates higher. Housing affordability has collapsed.

Real Estate, IYR, Weekly

At this point it’s a clear H&S, pattern.

The daily chart shows IYR, oscillating around an axis, support/resistance line; struggling to move higher (in up-thrust condition) with no real progress.

As with bonds in the April 3rd, update, we’re at the danger point with IYR.

A decisive move below the axis (blue) line would indicate the bulls may be exhausted.

Because price action’s been in this range for over two weeks, lends support to the possibility any breakdown (or breakout higher), may be a sustained, directional move.

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