Biotech … Trend-line’s End

The Next Leg

Down markets have a nasty habit of revealing the bad news of truth.

Robert Prechter Jr., said it years ago (Wave Principle), the public needs to be conditioned to receive (and even demand) bad news.

Bear markets condition the public’s consciousness to fervently seek that which they previously ignored.

This reversal could be trend-line’s end for biotech.

If so, during the next leg down, we may be about to get the revelation.

The previous post was valid but a little early … by one day.

As we’ll see below, If the current action holds, it’s a potential major pivot to the downside.

Biotech SPBIO, Daily Chart

The un-marked chart does not look like much at this point. However, the mark-ups below reveal the potential.

We’ll start first with an obvious trend-line.

Next, is a similar trend to the left of the original and then, a potential trend at the right edge.

Where it gets interesting, is when the chart is compressed to show the symmetry of the trading channel.

It’s hard to dispute that it does not exist … there it is.


Currently short this sector via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation), with LABD entries at 27.58, and 29.29 for a combined entry of 28.11.

Trade identified as LABD-22-05, with current stop at the session low LABD 26.57.


SPBIO, is edging lower with near term support areas on the hourly chart (not shown).

We’re still at the danger point; price action can reverse its nascent down move.

However, this time the fundamentals could provide the backdrop; a potential black swan (of ‘side effects’) and especially if the overall markets (S&P, Dow, NASDAQ) have also reversed.

Stay Tuned

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