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Expectations, For The Week Ahead

Summarizing trading actions for the week and the action plan, going forward.

Open Positions:

Currently there are two open positions: details below.


Short the Chinese FXI via YANG (not advice, not a recommendation)

Enter YANG @ 10.95, with current stop @ 10.89

Friday’s close @ 14.05, Open profit = 28.3%

FXI, 3X Leveraged Inverse, YANG, Daily

Shown above, YANG appears to be in a trading channel (grey lines).

As a result of moving decisively higher (FXI, lower), the stop on the position is to be moved to YANG 12.79 (not advice, not a recommendation) at the next trading session.


Short the biotech SPBIO via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation)

Multi-entry LABD @ 28.11 (combined), with current stop @ 26.57

Friday’s close @ 26.98, Open loss = – 4.02%

SPBIO, 3X Leveraged Inverse, LABD, Daily

Last week contained both record daily volume (since inception) for LABD, as well as record weekly volume.

Downward thrust energy has dissipated. The down-move appears to be exhausted.

Supporting the assessment LABD is at or near a pivot point (reverse higher), we’re going to review the 3-Day chart.

SPBIO, 3X Leveraged Inverse LABD, 3-Day

Note, there is one more trading session (this Monday) needed to complete the current ‘3-Day’ bar.

First, we can see downward thrust dissipating as on the daily chart.

The prior three-day bar is identified as ‘Ease of Movement’.

It’s the first bar in the entire down-sequence starting on 6/14, where upside action was able to penetrate the prior (3-Day) bar’s high.

That’s an indication of demand.

After upside penetration, price continued lower.

However, here’s the important part, LABD, closed higher and posted a higher low when compared to the prior 3-Day bar; subtle clues a reversal may be in the works.

There’s one more trading session needed to complete the current 3-Day bar and anything can happen.

However, based on the analysis thus far, it’s reasonable to expect LABD, to continue to post higher; that we’ve reached the extreme of downside action.

The 3-Day below shows the higher lows and includes a zoom of the area.

Adding to the reversal case, on a weekly close basis, SPBIO reached underside resistance during the week of 7/8. This week just past, it closed slightly lower (chart not shown).


It’s the weekend and so we have the usual suspects of bad news … any of which could be the butterfly in the amazon, the final upset for the markets.

Just a brief list of current events, below:

Texas cattle being dumped on the market

Locomotive workers may go on strike

Child size coffins ordered in bulk.

Stay Tuned

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