After The Close …

Bonds, Gold, Biotech


Instead of upside follow-through, we had downside test and reversal.


GLD, closes lower and is now down seven consecutive months … a record for the tracking ETF.


Index SPBIO, has been attempting to move higher, with it posting into an up-thrust last week.

Today it couldn’t hold the upside; now looking like a nascent reversal.

Note: Position changes at the bottom of this update.

The test and reversal in bonds (TLT) is obvious and there’s no open position in GLD.

So, we’ll focus on biotech.

Biotech ($SPSIBI, SPBIO) Daily

The zoom area of the chart shows price action just can’t seem to get above resistance (blue line).

Successive attempts were made throughout today’s session to go higher, but it didn’t happen.

Getting in closer on the hourly chart, we see the apparent upside failure during the last hour of trading.

Biotech SPBIO, Hourly

There is no doubt where at The Danger Point®

Right about mid-session, a short position was opened via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation) as LABD-22-09.


Today’s expectation for bonds was a follow-through to the upside … it didn’t happen.

In response, the initial TMF-22-01, position was closed with the secondary remaining open (not advice, not a recommendation).

Meanwhile, biotech SPBIO, was having its own problems; that is, being in up-thrust condition and not being able to make a new daily high. i.e., The Danger Point®

Positions, Market Stance (courtesy only, not advice).


Entry @ 6.705, 7.166, Stop @ 6.68

Partial Exit @ 7.053***

***, Indicates change


Entry @ 19.88***, Stop @ 18.94***

Note: Positions may be increased, decreased, entered, or exited at any time.

Stay Tuned

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