Real Estate’s Potemkin Village

The ‘Pain Trade’ = Opportunity

‘Some of the best market traders are former Marines.’, Prechter

That’s a paraphrased quote from Robert Prechter Jr., given during an interview in the early 1990s.

The inference: Marines succeed at trading because they have been conditioned to endure and perform while being in pain … physical and mental.

On the other hand, the financial press, being ever so helpful during this unprecedented collapse, is all too happy to help analyze the situation by catastrophizing on how ‘painful’ the market feels.

We’re going to be ‘bathing in lava‘, according to them.

If we go to Jerimiah Babe at time stamp 1:36, the mainstream press is still touting ‘The consumer is strong’.

In other videos, Babe, has shown how devastated the real estate market really is … ‘boots on the ground’ reports at vacant malls, empty parking lots and new (unoccupied) housing developments that stretch for miles.

With that backdrop, let’s look at what the price action of real estate is telling us … is the consumer strong?

Real Estate IYR, Weekly

There are so many things happening in IYR, it will probably take several updates.

At this point, price action exhibits the following:

Currently in Wyckoff ‘Up-Thrust’ condition, potential reversal

On a close basis, IYR has retraced 38.2% of its entire move.

Repeating trend line(s) underside test.

Trading channel that’s a Fibonacci 34 (-1) weeks wide.

For the week just ended, Force Index is divergent (54.7%, weaker) than the last push higher.

We’ll look at the first three of those, below.

As the market came to a close on Friday, price action pushed through established resistance (and axis line) to end the week higher.

Price action’s in Up-Thrust condition, The Danger Point®

Next, we have on a close basis, a Fibonacci 38.2% retrace as well as testing the underside of a resistance/trend-line.

In the next update, we’ll discuss the possible trading channel and the pressures (Force Index) behind the last move higher.

There Will Be Great ‘Wringing Of Hands’

As always, anything can happen in the markets. The above is not advice or a recommendation.

Next week, we can expect the Usual Suspects to come out and provide their ‘expert analysis’ on what the Fed is likely to do or not.

The Fed on the other hand, has repeatedly said what’s it’s going to do; that is, raise rates.

Interest rate sensitive real estate already appears ready for reversal.

Let’s see what happens. next.

Stay Tuned

Charts by StockCharts

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