Et Tu, Biotech ?

Biotech SPBIO Joins The Ranks In ‘Danger’

The clock is ticking for biotech in so many ways. Now, one more event.

Shown below is an inverted chart of biotech sector SPBIO.

While all the major indices have posted a bear market rally above their 200-Week moving average (except the miners), the SPBIO, has remained firmly below those levels.

Now, today, we have a decisive penetration of resistance as shown on the daily below.

The chart has been inverted to mimic the 3X Leveraged Inverse Fund LABD.

So, ‘resistance’ now becomes ‘support’ on the inverted chart.

Biotech SPBIO, Daily (Inverted)

We’ve penetrated ‘support’. Therefore, we’re in Wyckoff ‘Spring Position’, ready for reversal.

Even as this post is being created (2:25 p.m., EST), LABD is coming off its lows; currently trading at LABD: 12.61

A push back above support (approx. LABD 14.00 area), would indicate the spring reversal, is underway (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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