Biotech … Train Keeps Rollin’

Correction & Reversal, Gaining Steam

The biotech sector’s (upside) correction is complete.

If that’s correct, it’s likely to get very serious to the downside (not advice, not a recommendation).

A massive list of fundamentals, i.e., ‘side effects’, have been documented on this sector’s reprehensible behavior (saying it politely) over the past three years.

‘The List’

From here on out, we’ll call the linked information that follows, ‘The List’. So, we have The Biotech List, linked here, here, and here.

In the past few days we can add more items to the list, here, here and here.

When The Money Runs Out …

Now, it looks like the money (and ‘patient’) spigot is running dry as reported here.

So, let’s see how that’s working itself out for chief cook and bottle washer; biotech, SPBIO.

As usual, we’re looking at 3X, leveraged inverse fund LABD.

SPBIO, Leveraged Inverse LABD, Daily

Sharp reversal to the upside.

We’re nearing the end of today’s session (2:55 p.m., EST) and price action has been relentless.

Looking at the weekly chart of LABD, we see the trendline being confirmed.

Biotech Leveraged Inverse LABD, Weekly

A reasonable expectation for the next session(s) is some type of back testing of today’s action … although it’s not required.


Yesterday’s downside LABD, action forced the complete exit of the main position that was (in-part) established during the downside thrust on February 2nd.

Overall profit gain on the series, was just over + 44%.

So, we had partial exit with +37%, main exit with +44%.

Later in the session yesterday, it became obvious the downside correction (from March 24th) may be nearing completion; the main position was re-established @ LABD 20.27 (not advice, not a recommendation).

Today’s action puts that entry well in the green.

If this really is the next leg lower (higher for LABD), the expectation is for significantly increased volatility.

Stay Tuned

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