‘Greed is Good’

11:53 a.m., EST

Old Fashioned Greed Saves The Day?

After BA pilot fatalities were confirmed, at least one airline is backing off from insisting their pilots are injected.

Some adverse reactions linked above, occurred in-flight; the pilot was incapacitated.

“Is there a pilot on-board?”

That could become a frequent call through the cabin intercom in the months … even years to come.

The bottom line implications are obvious.

The response to ‘back-off’ probably has nothing to do with safety and more to do with protecting those executive stock options.

Which brings us to the markets.

Analysis: SPBIO (LABD)

The last update for biotech said it was ‘about to get real’. So, it has.

Looking at SPBIO inverse fund LABD, we have the familiar trend lines:

The market itself says it wants to follow this trend.

Pulling out to the weekly, we get what seems to be an incredible picture.

At the beginning of the trade, the short position in SPBIO, via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation), had an exit time-frame during the second, or third week of October.

From an empirical and seasonal standpoint, that’s when on-going downtrends tend to reach their lows.

Already Baked In:

Various numbers are bandied about as to how many have been injected.

One estimate is 2-Billion, world-wide (Dr. Coleman if memory serves).

Total population at 7.9-Billion; 2-Billion, equates roughly to 25%

No matter what happens, de-population is already baked-in.

Stay Tuned

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