Silver, Going To Single Digits ?

It’s A Depression


It’s An Industrial Metal

They don’t call it ‘silver solder’ for nothing.

As the link above says, it’s almost ‘impossible’ to substitute.

Silver goes into nearly everything electronic.

Depending on whom you believe, the mainstream says the Future’s So Bright … right?

However, the charts say we may be headed much lower.

Remember the silver ‘short-squeeze’ and the little guy putting-it to ‘The Man’?

At this point, the only silver put around is on the little guy.

The Man’s going merrily along; short the sector that was so recently hyped with gold to “$3000 In Months, Not Years”

In Steven Van Metre’s latest update, he said no fewer than three times, the Fed ‘does not print money’.

It’s a false belief (by the public) they’re not about to change.

At the end if his video, he promised a report … or to make accessible his research on how that (not printing) is so.

Bringing us to the market at hand.

Silver (SLV)

Monthly un-marked chart.

The main thing to note above, SLV, is not at new highs.

In fact, at today’s price, SLV is down over 57%, from its all-time high set in April of 2011.

That in itself, should say there’s something wrong with the inflation, hyper-inflation, narrative.

Using a standard Fibonacci projection tool and tagging the 2011 high, the 2020 low, and the 2021, retrace high, we get the following:

It’s a little hard to see … so we’ll zoom in on the right side.

The 50%, Fibonacci projection, is somewhere between SLV: 9.00, and 9.50.

The premise for declining past 38% (around 13.70) and getting at least to 50%, is predicated on the collapse of the economy and subsequent evaporation of silver demand … at least from an industrial standpoint.

The precious metals ‘stacker’, discussed below, might become more interested in obtaining food than continuing to stockpile something that in times of famine, has very little use.

With the SLV chart above, is that even possible?

SLV, to single digits?

Well, can oil futures go negative?

Enough said.

Food As The Weapon

This site’s been steadfast in thinking, it’s the food first, then silver and gold.

Here are two more links to add to our ‘stack’ supporting that assessment.

The Stage Is Set

Famine Comes Next

As Bjorn says in ‘famine’, come this spring, when the masses realize there will be no (or very little) food and/or you need ‘papers’ to buy food, market pandemonium (if not already) is the likely result; precious metals included.

When To ‘Stack’

So, when will be the time to acquire precious metals (not advice not a recommendation).

It’s deceptively simple; ‘When you don’t want to’.

The time to acquire an asset, is when nobody else wants it … including you.

Positioning short the gold miners GDX, was done when everybody and their dog was a manic bull; screaming an upside breakout was “imminent”.

As Prechter said, positioning opposite the herd involves overriding the limbic system of the brain.

It’s an intellectual (logic-only, thinking) process.

However, overriding the lower brain, i.e., going against the herd, is physically painful.

Excruciating, is a better description.

He went on to say, some of the best traders/speculators he ever knew, were former Marines.


Coming up (most likely tomorrow) will be a chart showing positions opened in GDX inverse fund DUST (not advice not a recommendation).

There’s no obligation on this site’s part to reveal that information.

However, it will help explain how the market itself directed trading actions.

It will also show how the on-going reversal corrected several entry errors on my part.

Stay Tuned

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