” Pull It ! “

Check Mate, for The Middle Class

From a strategy standpoint, we’re now ready for the next round of financial destruction.

If we use this article from ZeroHedge, as the pivot point, consumer credit has maxed out.

The consumer (i.e., middle class) is now on the downward slope, just as the layoffs are about to begin in earnest.

Following the typical corporate model, expect job losses (time stamp 15:18) to start slow, then accelerate into December of this year.

The latest employment numbers provide the perfect backdrop to raise interest rates into a declining economy; all going as planned.

Market Response

As is typical, everyone’s focused on the major indices; The S&P 500, Dow, NASDAQ, SOXX, and on.

However, there’s one sector covered in the past, that’s mostly ignored: Basic Materials, with ticker DJUSBM.

That sector has held up until recently; probably because the thinking was, we’re going to have infrastructure projects to keep the economy going.

Looks like someone got the memo; Basic Materials has broken down.

As of this past Friday, it’s at a critical point.

The prior post from last November, does an excellent job of highlighting the divergences (which have only become worse) as well as downside potential.

Basic Materials DJUSBM, Weekly

On the chart, we’ve got a breakaway gap that looks like it won’t be filled.

After that break, price action has formed a congestion area over the past three weeks.

However, it’s the congestion area giving us clues; the sector’s set up for an imminent break to the downside.

If that congestion holds true, it’s a stunning revelation of what may be about to happen.

We’ll go to the daily chart and start with a Fibonacci time correlation between pivot points.

Basic Materials DJUSBM, Daily

Well, it might not look like much.

However, let’s go one step further with another time correlation, shown below.

If you’re reading ahead, then you already know a trading channel has been defined.

The next chart shows the result.

For this channel to confirm Fibonacci ‘Day 21’, Friday’s action had to post lower … and it did.

That lower action also confirms, the channel’s a Fibonacci 13-Days wide.

Even more disconcerting (depending on one’s viewpoint), the channel lines are declining at approximately – 96.5%, on an annualized basis.

It’s not straight down but it’s close.

The next chart has a zoom of the congestion area.

Note how the grey dashed ‘center line’ is perfect in its contact points … further confirmation of the channel.

Leveraged 2X Inverse SMN, Daily

Although volume is still light, it has improved dramatically.

On a weekly basis, last week was the second largest trading volume at least going back to the ’07 – ’08, meltdown.

The inverse fund is shown below with the trading channel.

Liquidity is still marginal but has picked up over the last three weeks.

The Week Ahead

Obviously, the expectation for the next open is to post lower for basic materials.

Even with all the analysis, it’s the market itself that’s the final arbiter.


As the hyperlink tabs in this post (top-left) show, I’ve positioned one account short the sector via SMN (SMN-22-01), with a stop just below Friday’s SMN, low at around SMN 14.05 (not advice, not a recommendation).

It’s a very tight stop.

The analysis is either in-effect, or it’s not. By this Monday, we’ll find out.

A Decline of Biblical Proportion.

On a strategic basis, we can see how expertly the middle class has been maneuvered into a corner.

For the past two years and probably much longer, that sector has been positioned to not have any recourse when the real decline hits.

We may be there now.

At the same time, if you’re up on Biblical references, you already know that when destruction came, there was always a ‘remnant‘.

The remnant was left to either escape or re-build and was typically 10% of the population.

If you’re reading this, you have already decided at some level, to be part of that remnant.

Stay Tuned

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Active: Short DJUSBM via SMN, as SMN-22-01, stop @ SMN 14.05

Recession First … Depression Next

The Last Place To Be … Real Estate

The most illiquid of all ‘assets’: Real Estate

Two quarters of negative GDP (even with cooked books) equals recession.

Next up, full-blown depression.

Some would argue (like J.B. and Dan) that we’re already in a depression … we skipped the recession part altogether.

Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Anyone who thinks the Fed’s going to ‘pivot’ because the numbers are weak, does not understand (or won’t admit to) the real purpose of the entity; but I digress.

The Strategy

Way back in December of 2020, this post was released which discussed ‘Genesis 41’, specifically.

It was an intuitive assessment; we’re in a phase where corn and grain (i.e., the food supply) are potentially more important than ‘stacking‘ silver or gold.

Over the ensuing year and a half, how correct, that has proven to be.

Then, nine-months ago, was this post, presenting the ‘elephant’; a massive population decline whose repercussions would last the lifetimes of anyone reading.

Now, we have this. A report that confirms the elephant.

It’s all starting to hit the mainstream, although the language is still being couched to not cause undue panic. Good luck with that.

So, what’s next?

The Danger Point: Real Estate

While mainstream press and money managers alike struggle to figure out the obvious, we have price action itself telling us the next likely direction of the market.

During an economic downturn there are many places not to be such as semiconductors, airlines and other low margin businesses, restaurants and so on.

However, the most illiquid of all, is real estate. It does not matter how bad one wants to sell, if there is no buyer, there is no sale.

Real Estate IYR, Weekly Chart

Last week, real estate IYR, closed right at the Fibonacci 23.6% retrace as shown.

Getting closer in on the daily, it’s marked up to show the risk from a shorting perspective (not advice, not a recommendation).

Real Estate IYR, Daily Chart

In this case, the risk on a short position is defined as the distance from last Friday’s high (IYR: 93.96) to that same week’s high of IYR: 95.0

Let’s add, Friday’s action saw IYR, retrace a Fibonacci 76.4% (the most available) of the entire move for the week.

The Summary

Amazon (AMZN), ProLogis (PLD), and Real Estate IYR, are joined at the hip.

Now the economy’s imploding, massive warehouse space is not needed.

Ditto that for employees as well.

ProLogis is already down – 31.2%, from its all-time highs set just this past April.

We’ve already shown PLD, has a nasty habit of going straight down during a market route.

Last time, PLD, crashed over – 84%, in just two months.

It’s likely to be worse, this time around.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech … The Case For Collapse

Down 90%, Before October ?

If all the “Ifs”, come true.

First off, biotech (SPBIO), may already be in a collapse.

Of all the major sectors, it’s leading the way lower; down -61%, from all-time highs, set in February of 2021.

With SPBIO, lower by that much, are there still downside opportunities?

Only you can be the final judge of that.

However, for my firm, I’m not waiting around to see what happens next; we’re already short (not advice, not a recommendation)

SPBIO, Summary

As we’ll show below, SPBIO’s maintaining price action in a downside channel, declining at approximately -97.8%, on an annualized basis.

If that channel is held for the next three months (a big if) and if there’s no ban on short sales (as happened last time in 2008), and if the vehicle itself (LABD) remains viable, we can look for a -90%, decline from all-time highs, by October at the latest.

Why -90% ?

We’re using our chief, cook, and oh so, ‘disruptive’ bottle-washer, Carvana (CVNA) as the example.

The last report on Carvana, highlighted the possibility that it’s ripe for implosion.

The very next session, that implosion started in earnest.

Currently trading at 26.53, CVNA is down -92.96%, from all-time highs.

So, -90% (or more), for biotech seems reasonable 🙂

Throwing in a couple of anecdotal comments from J.B., Dan, and Patera, and voila! ‘This sucker could go down.’

Moving on to the main topic.

Biotech SPBIO, Weekly

Here’s where we are with the un-marked chart.

We’re going to compress the chart and put in the channel lines. The lower horizontal line marks a decline of -90%, from all-time highs.

If price action maintains the right-side trend line, a 90% decline, targets right around October this year.


This analysis could be blown away, rendered invalid, at the very next session.

That’s the way of the markets.

As sated, current positioning is to be short the sector via LABD, with trade LABD-22-02 (not advice, not a recommendation).

As a result of today’s action thus far, we’ve got a hard stop for LABD, currently @ 55.73.

Even as this post is being created, SPBIO action continues to grind down; threatening to post a new weekly low.

Stay Tuned

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S&P Rally to Continue ?

Dan … We’ve Bottomed Out !!!

‘Hey Dan, the worst is behind us.’

That’s going to age just as well as our picture at left.

Toilet paper across my face, makes me feel so much more safe.

Within the first ten seconds in the link above, Dan from i-Allegedly gets into it.

He still, at this late stage, has people contacting him to say we’re past the bottom.

He summarizes those comments by saying, ‘We’re far from the bottom of anything.’

Then, as if on cue, ‘Economic Ninja‘ comes online to let us know, another 200,000 egg-laying chickens have just been destroyed in a ‘mysterious fire’ … imagine that.

Almost becoming background noise to all this, the S&P 500, in a sharp rally on Friday that looks like it won’t stop.

S&P 500, Summary

Friday’s action took the S&P back to test resistance on waning volume while at the same time, posting a Wyckoff spring to up-thrust.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Daily SPY, Close

With markup notes

Getting closer-in on the candle chart.

Futures Market

As of this post (3:31 p.m., EST) the futures are higher by a tad at +0.52%. The question is, will that carry-through into the Tuesday open?

Of course, that’s not known. What we do know however, is that price is at established resistance and in up-thrust (potential reversal) condition.

Even if the ultimate direction for the market is higher, normal behavior would suggest a pull-back to gather more fuel for such an attempt.

Otherwise, we’re at the danger point; conditions have been set for downside reversal.

Stay Tuned

Update 6:47 p.m. EST:

S&P futures dropping … now up only +0.17%

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Economic Free-Fall

Anecdotal Data, Says Implosion

As we speak, economic activity is shutting down … fast.

Amazon shipments cancelled, gas stations going dry, banks halt lending, real estate sales collapse.

Meanwhile, the market’s in a short-squeeze.

What happens next?

We’ll discuss real estate and biotech farther down but first the data sources.

Dan from i-Allegedly reports here, he still has a couple of rubes (my word) that think the market just bottomed out.

Good luck with that.

As we’ll show below, the real estate bear market (IYR) rebound, was identified ahead of time.

Next, we have Red Hurricane describing one semi-trailer load after another being cancelled. He hauls for Amazon.

Shipping activity’s contracting, seemingly, by the minute.

Lastly, this link where the D-word, ‘Depression’ is used within the first one-minute, twenty seconds.

Bottom-out in the stock market? Probably not.

So, let’s take a look at real estate IYR, and see where it might go next.

Real Estate IYR, Weekly Chart

The last update (link, here) showed potential to rise into a test of resistance. That’s exactly what happened.

Back then:

And now:

With zoom

Obviously, the upward test happened much quicker than anticipated … but it was anticipated … no surprise.

Real estate got itself into Wyckoff spring position; so, a rebound (test) is normal market behavior … short-squeeze or not.

If it was a squeeze and if it’s over, we can expect an immediate drop in price action. We’ll analyze that as it plays-out in the coming week.

Now, on to biotech, SPBIO

Biotech SPBIO ($SPSIBI), Weekly

Some housekeeping first.

Obviously last week, with being short, more downside action was anticipated resulting in upside for LABD.

On Friday, that did not happen. Biotech was part of the squeeze as well.

The short position via LABD, identified as LABD-22-02, was reduced but not exited completely (not advice, not a recommendation).

At present this is where we are.

First, we’ll start by inverting the chart to mimic the action of 3X inverse, LABD.

Next, we’ll zoom-in and highlight the ‘squeeze’.

Doesn’t look like much when viewed that way does, it?

Next, we’re going to zoom-in, on the zoom

In spite of all the squeeze chaos on Friday, price action could not post a new weekly low (high on the non-inverted).

We’ll see this Tuesday, if that’s important or not.

This post is getting long but let’s end with the rule of alternation. The same chart is marked up below.

If this rule is still in-effect, we’re at a juncture where one can expect a ‘simple’ alternation.

We’ve already had complex action on the prior congestion; so, we can expect current action to be simple in character.

That means, price action’s not likely to stick around at these levels whether it’s going up or down.

Based on the above analysis, the expectation for Tuesday’s open is a gap lower for SPBIO and higher for LABD.

If that does not happen, something else is at work … we’ll report on that as necessary.


Has the market bottomed out? Not likely.

Those who are at this late stage, still arguing with Jerimiah Babe and Dan (and Patera), that the market’s rebounding, everything’s fine, are in a state of delusion.

The mindless herd following spending with ever newer cars, moving up to the McMansion, opulent vacations, posting it all on Facebook is most decidedly, gone.

It’s finished. It’s Done.

The problem is, as J.B. notes above (time stamp 7:15 and 8:30), those still living that life don’t seem to know it’s over.

For the leaders, the tiny minority and those reading this post, who are, or who have been preparing for years, it means potential huge (life changing) opportunities.

That is, as long as the markets, the banks and other infrastructure stay open; not guaranteed in any way.

Stay Tuned

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‘Investors’ Buy Dip Over & Over

“Fuel” For The Downside

Once this next level gives way, carnage will (likely) reach all-time records.

Over a centry ago, Wyckoff said in his writings, it’s those on the wrong side of the bull trade, who provide the fuel on the way down.

As reported by Reuters, that downside fuel appears to be building on a massive scale.

The Fed This … The Fed That

What a colossal waste of time … that is, trying to figure out what The Fed is, or is not, going to do.

As The Maverick reports in this update, The Fed has a higher authority. It should be no surprise to any of us at this point … they’re ‘just following orders’.

Mirroring that sentiment is Dan from i-Allegedly, saying ‘This is not the bottom‘.

Part of the reason there’s so much focus on earnings, financials and The Fed, is that it’s a whole lot easier to do that, than actually getting down to work and learning price action.

That my friends, as Wyckoff said in his text Studies In Tape Reading, ‘takes many years and many losses’.

So, let’s take a look at what that ‘tape’ is telling us concerning the biotech market.

Biotech Inverse BIS and LABD

The prior analysis on IBB, is still valid.

However as was done with real estate, changing from 2X inverse to 3X inverse, the same has happened with biotech; from BIS, to LABD.

Since the overall bearish assessment has not changed, this morning’s upward move in the markets was used to re-position to a higher (inverse) leverage vehicle … LABD (not advice, not a recommendation).

The hourly charts below show the exit of BIS and the entry of LABD.

Biotech 2X Inverse, BIS

Biotech 3X Inverse, LABD

As this post is being written 12:55 p.m., EST, price action’s at the danger point.

We’re at the extreme; the risk is least but price can go either way.


Watching that action in real time, it looks like LABD wants to go higher; currently trading at 57.20-ish.

If LABD is higher, that means SPBIO, is moving lower.

Unless price action of biotech (IBB, SPBIO) and the overall markets signal a change of behavior … the bear move is still in play.

If we get a significant break lower, ‘retail’ that’s not positioned properly, will provide the majority of downward thrust energy.

It’s no different than it was in Wyckoff’s time, over a century ago.

Stay Tuned

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It’s a Minefield !

Intentional Distraction ?

Is the objective to create as many news stories (fake or not), along with incessant and contradicting market analysis with the objective: Shut down and distract even the most disciplined trading professional?

The market’s going up, it’s going to crash, it’s in a short squeeze, Goldman ‘says’, then ‘says not’ and on it goes.

If memory serves, the propaganda during the 2007 – 2008 meltdown, wasn’t nearly this bad. Of course, that was before the Smith-Mundt act was repealed … but I, digress.

There are even a few unfortunate dolts that don’t’ even know anything’s happening at all.

Take a look at Dan’s (i-Allegedly) latest video here.

He talks about the number of people contacting him to say ‘it’s not that bad’, or ‘real estate’s going much higher’, or ‘whatever’ as Dan likes to say.

He does present from the (ethical) sales professionals a recognition, real estate’s ‘finished’ for this go-round.

Even while we get reports like this one, where sentiment is so bad, a rally is imminent, the trading objective must be to remain focused on the data … price bars and volume.

That’s what we’re going to do as outlined below.

Real Estate IYR, Daily Chart

The un-marked chart.

Now, let’s get to the ‘force’ behind the rebound of the past four trading days.

The tiny blip circled, was all there was for upward energy from yesterday’s move.

Price action inched up just over 1%.

Looking at the situation from a trading channel standpoint, we see yesterday’s action got just outside the well-established trend lines.

So, we have a little ‘blip’ outside the trendline on minimal volume and force.

The news story linked above (repeated here) says a ‘short squeeze’ is imminent … at least for the tech stocks.

What about the rest of the market? Is real estate going to breakout as well?

That actual (IYR) data says, anything can happen; however, with such anemic upside performance, the expectation is for IYR, to resume its downward trend.


It’s about forty-minutes before the open and we already have DRV, pre-market activity.

Because the (bid/ask) spreads are so wide in both IYR inverse funds SRS, and DRV, pre-market activity is rare.

Nonetheless, 3X inverse DRV, is trading higher at +0.79 points or +1.71%, indicating that IYR will have a lower open.

That means, the DRV low of yesterday (DRV 45.64) would make a good stop location for any positioning (not advice, not a recommendation).


Wyckoff analysis is independent of the news or the financials. He discovered as early as 1902, that prices are moving from a ‘force of their own’ having nothing to do with fundamentals.

The action itself will point to the next likely outcome.

Stay Tuned

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Weekly, Wrap-Up

The Usual Suspects


No. 1

Airplanes Dropping Like Flies.

A very brief search of the most recent crashes or incidents are here, here, here, here, here, and here.

It’s all just a coincidence or maybe it’s because of this.

The repercussions of on-going events are just getting started.

This is a long-haul chess game.

No. 2

Americans Take Up The Gauntlet … Go To Vegas

What a pathetic bunch of cowards.

If you’re blowing whatever’s left of your money (or credit), it’s likely you have no real marketable (high pay) skills, no talent, lazy, obese; so, we’re off to Vegas.

Add to that, we’re just at the start of the depression.

Patera, from Appalachia’s Homestead (time stamp 4:24) addresses the problem a little differently but her final assessment is the same.

It’s true, there are some barriers to learning a new skill.

Dan from i-Allegedly points out the high cost to get a CDL, to be a trucker.

However, those who are awake, those with their nose in the KJV Bible, those leaving the corrupt church (in droves), knew that current events were coming; they took action way before it became obvious.

Remember this post?

It’s been nearly two years, to the day.

No. 3

Deflation Indicators

Not all prices are rising.

As the real estate sector gets vaporized, we have the natural fall-out, building materials dropping in price.

Uneducated Economist reports here, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Price reductions as we’re going into the summer building season, is a massive indicator of evaporating demand.

No. 4

Food First … Then Gold & Silver

Everything is going according to (their) plan.

Yet another indicator of the current strange weather (warfare) that’s going to strain the system.

Here’s the link to the very first post that specifically referenced Genesis 41; posted on December 31, 2020.

As with the ‘Mask on, Mask off (linked above), how has the post aged?

Is it still relevant?

What about this quote … seemed extreme at the time.

They paid for the corn first, with gold and silver.  Then they paid with their livestock.  Then they paid by selling themselves into life-long slavery. We can equate that last part (slavery) as getting the vax.

No. 5

Chess Board Strategy

It’s a bitter pill to realize we’re in the long game. ‘Normal’, is not coming back … ever.

That does not mean there’re no opportunities. There are.

Those opportunities (if we survive) are/will be potentially life changing for the good.

The Sunday futures market opened about two hours ago and we’re up around +0.40%, in the S&P.

Let’s see if that spills over to the Monday open; remembering that we’re short the real estate sector with the finger on the sell trigger (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Last Time … is not … This Time

The Rule of Alternation

That’s it in a nutshell. What happened last time, won’t happen this time.

The market reveals its own secrets; you just have to know where to look.

An entire industry has been (purposely) built to make sure the ‘average investor’ never finds the truth of the markets.

That industry is the financial analysis industry; the one with the P/E ratios, Debt-to-Equity, and so on.

Sure, it was a tongue-in-cheek post to use the fact that Carvana had no P/E (linked here).

I’m not certain if they ever had a P/E; probably not.

However, that financial, i.e., fundamental(s) fact, did not keep the stock from going up over 4,529%, in four years.

It should be noted, the Carvana analysis was done on a Saturday (as has this one). At the very next trading session, CVNA posted lower, started its decline in earnest and never looked back.

Not saying that exact thing (timing it to the day) will happen with our next candidate real estate; as said before, part of Wyckoff analysis (a lot of it, actually) is straight-up intuition.

The good part from a computer manipulated and controlled market perspective, intuition can’t be quantified.

So, that’s your edge.

Let’s move on to ‘last time is not this time’ and see what the real estate market IYR, is telling us.

Weekly Chart, IYR

We’ve got the weekly un-marked chart of IYR, below.

The ‘alternation’ is there.

Here it is, close-up.

The first leg lower had some initial smoothness but quickly became choppy and overlapping.

Not so, now.

We’re essentially heading straight down.


From a fundamental standpoint, real estate is finished. However, it’s been finished for a long time.

The fundamentals won’t and can’t tell anyone what’s likely to happen at the next trading session … or any other session.

The market itself (shown above) is saying the probabilities are for a continued decline; posting smooth long bars until some meaningful demand is encountered.

As shown on the last post, if the trading channel is in-effect, that (chart) demand is a long way down.


Shorting IYR via DRV, has been covered in previous posts (search for DRV-22-02).

The following weekly chart, is marked up with two arrows.

Arrow No. 1

Initial short position via DRV was opened late in the day on April 28th; the day before the market broke significantly lower (not advice, not a recommendation).

Arrow No. 2

As the market headed lower during the week just ended, the size of the DRV position was increased by 36%.

Currently, the gain on the total position is about +22%.

At this juncture, the DRV stop is located well in the green in the unlikely event we get a sharp IYR, upward move in the coming week.


Under ‘normal’ conditions one could expect some kind of upward bounce in the days ahead.

However, as shown already with big cap leader PLD, the situation’s anything but normal.

Highlighted in earlier posts, biotech is leading the way with SPBIO, currently down – 59.8%, from its highs.

Biotech IBB, with chief cook and (globalist) bottle washer Moderna (MRNA), is down – 36.2%.

As Dan from i-Allegedly has stated time and again, we’re already in a depression.

So, buckle your seatbelt Dorothy …

Stay Tuned

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Real Estate & The Wrecking Ball

When The Short Squeeze Is Over …


How do you know it’s a short-squeeze?


When it’s over, prices collapse.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday and today.

Yesterday was the squeeze; today, prices collapsed.

We’re about mid-way through today’s session and there could be a late-day test of the down draft. Even so, the action tells us, up moves at this time, can’t be sustained.

For the first hour of today’s session, price action went straight down. Not even a hint of an upward test.

Real Estate IYR, Weekly Chart

This is how the weekly looks currently.

The 105.50 – 106.00, is an area of support.

Price action may hesitate and use that support for an attempt to move higher.

However, there may be something else at work that’s not obvious without a mark-up.

That is, IYR could be in a downward trading channel; having confirmed the right-side yesterday and today.

As Dan from i-Allegedly, has repeated time and again:

‘We’ve had warning after warning … after warning’.

He even uses that phrase in his recent video, linked here.

In his view, along with access to other real estate professionals, the set-up is worse than 2007 – 2009.

The trading channel area is zoomed-in below.

Four channel hits on the left side and two on the right.

The lowest contact spike on the left channel line to the highest spike contact on the right, is a Fibonacci 13-Weeks.


For the most part during yesterday’s session, the short position in SRS was maintained (SRS-22-01).

However, late in the session as price action spiked higher, that position was closed and a new one opened with the 3X-Inverse fund DRV; identified as DRV-22-02 (not advice, not a recommendation).

The downward bias on a triple leveraged fund(s) is significantly higher than a two-times fund (even counting for the additional leverage).

Now that significant countertrend moves may be complete for a while, I’m taking advantage of the additional 3X leverage (not advice, not a recommendation).

There was a slight loss on the SRS-22-01, position; somewhere around -0.21 %, … not significant.


Both Dan (i-Allegedly) and Jerimiah Babe keep getting asked “When’s the collapse?”

Their responses are near identical; “You’re in it, now”.

What do they (asking the question) expect?

Do they want to have the societal, financial and we now know for sure, genocidal collapse, live streamed through their Netflix?

Stay Tuned

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