Pivot – Point: ‘Inflation’

Major Direction Change Ahead ?

Was the inflation report ‘brutal’ or not?

The gold market, the supposed ‘inflation’ safe haven, has already decided for itself.

That is, GLD ‘blips’ higher just 0.26%. Hardly a screaming bull market.

If the worst inflation in 39-years can’t drive the gold market higher, then we’re taking the contrary view.

We may have just seen the peak of whatever’s being termed inflation.

Demand on many if not all fronts (except, maybe food) looks ready to collapse. The consumer’s tapped out; about to be taxed out as well.

Taxed out of whatever is left of their property … even if it’s stolen property.

Buried in this mainstream article may actually be some truth. ‘Supply chain pressures are easing … shipping rates coming down’.

Of course, they won’t tell why it’s happening.

It’s a double whammy of the consumer being maxed-out and literally dropping out as well.

We’re calling the video in the link, The ‘Speck-Effect’.

Let’s move on and take a look at what the gold market has to say about inflation.

Gold (GLD) Daily Chart

Price action is nowhere near a bull move and remains below significant resistance.

In the expanded chart below, we can see GLD literally banging about below the resistance level.

First, a test. Then a secondary test and now, what looks like a third attempt.

Note, that each subsequent test is at a lower high (thus far).

Senior Miners (GDX)

Price action in the miners, GDX is similar to GLD.

GDX remains below significant resistance.

Each upward attempt appears to be terminating at lower and lower levels.

Newmont (NEM) and DUST-21-01

Price action in Newmont (NEM) continues to look as if the entire market is thinning-out.

If there are this many price-action attempts to throw off market participants whether bulls or bears, one gets the sense the ensuing move (if/when it comes), may be literally off the charts.

Maintaining short via DUST-21-01 (not advice, not a recommendation).


We’ve just had the worse ‘inflation’ news in 39 – 40 years, depending on the source. Yet, the precious metals markets go nowhere. Therefore:

The ‘inflation narrative’ is false.

Just another lie. Probably no surprise there.

If it was true, then all commodities, gold, silver, corn, grains, oil, coffee, every last one of them, would be in a screaming bull market.

Instead, we’ve got the grains moving higher while precious metals move lower.

It can be shown that gold is now inversely correlated to corn as seen, in this post (in case you missed it).

Stay Tuned

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