Gold, Plays Its Hand

What’s Left To Drive It Higher ?

It all lined up for gold in the form of international tensions, military on the move, then outright invasion.

The ‘safe haven’ metal of course, launched higher.

It’s what happened next that’s the important part.

Steadfast on this site, is the premise, It’s not inflation … at least not the kind in the form of credit creation with persistent rising wages and prices.

The charts themselves show the retrace from the lows of March 8th, 2021, to now (today), is a counter trend move.

Unless today’s reversal bar is penetrated to the up-side, the main trend is either sideways or down.

Gold (GLD) Weekly:

Re-stating again, Elliott Wave is not used as the main analysis tool.

However, it can’t be denied that GLD, looks as if it just completed an ‘a-b-c’ correction with both ‘a’ and ‘c’ waves of equal length (vertical blue lines are equal).

It’s a near textbook example.

Adding to the potential reversal case is the up-thrust position as shown.

For the bearish assessment to change to bullish … this resistance area will need to be penetrated and successfully tested.

Anything can happen … so we’ll see what happens next.

Enter, The Famine

Here is a link that only requires the first 50-seconds of one’s time. The presenter is an offensive character to say the least.

However, this site searches out as many sources as possible; sifting through the trash to find kernels of truth is a necessary requirement.

With that said, restricting the food supply results in a compliant population.

That’s most likely the next area(s) of focus for our benevolent controlling oligarchs.


This is gold’s chance for a continued breakout to the upside if it’s really a bull market.

If it fails and reverses, we know the main trend is down and potentially leading to some kind of deflationary impulse.

Stay Tuned

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Front Running The News

‘Out In Front, By A Year’

A pattern begins to emerge.

That is, the strategies and research presented on this site are leading actual news events by about twelve months.

Example No. 1: The Dollar Rally

The dollar rally potential (when first recognized) was presented in this post over a year ago.

Since then, about 10 – 11 months later, ZeroHedge picked it up only after it had become a full-blown reversal.

The dollar has continued to rally and is currently (after breaking support), in Wyckoff ‘spring position’.

Example No. 2: The Food Supply & ‘Inflation’

One of the earliest posts discussing the intentional destruction of the food supply, is linked here.

From that update, we had:

“The entire U.S. agricultural food supply infrastructure is being systematically dismantled.”

Those statements looked hyperbolic at the time.

Obviously, at this point, it’s becoming common knowledge; at least for anyone that’s listening.

Example No. 3: The ‘Speck Effect’

In what may have seemed like a brutal rant, has now become fact.

This rendition of ‘The Night Before Christmas’, posted over a year ago, had no links to support the intuitive assessment of what was to come.

That post has now been updated with the facts.

Warning Note:

Obviously, not everyone injected, is a coward.

Children are rightly terrified. Let’s be realistic.

However, the idiot parents and enabling Doctors and Pharmacists are (eventually) likely, as Dr. Vernon Coleman puts it, to be arrested and tried/convicted for either murder or attempted murder.


There are other research examples like gold and the gold miners but the three above, cover the picture fairly well.

From the data presented, it’s apparent at least two things are happening simultaneously.

No. 1: Strategic Analysis

World, market, and local (within the U.S.) events are researched and analyzed for potential impact.

No. 2: Market (Wyckoff) Analysis

Those events from No.1, are then linked to market action if any. Potential opportunities are identified.

The Path Forward:

This update is a very brief description of the site’s go-forward objectives.

What’s here, is a long-term (documented) track record of situational awareness; coupled with reading price action which in turn, is used as a case for market positioning.

Stay Tuned

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

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Pivot – Point: ‘Inflation’

Major Direction Change Ahead ?

Was the inflation report ‘brutal’ or not?

The gold market, the supposed ‘inflation’ safe haven, has already decided for itself.

That is, GLD ‘blips’ higher just 0.26%. Hardly a screaming bull market.

If the worst inflation in 39-years can’t drive the gold market higher, then we’re taking the contrary view.

We may have just seen the peak of whatever’s being termed inflation.

Demand on many if not all fronts (except, maybe food) looks ready to collapse. The consumer’s tapped out; about to be taxed out as well.

Taxed out of whatever is left of their property … even if it’s stolen property.

Buried in this mainstream article may actually be some truth. ‘Supply chain pressures are easing … shipping rates coming down’.

Of course, they won’t tell why it’s happening.

It’s a double whammy of the consumer being maxed-out and literally dropping out as well.

We’re calling the video in the link, The ‘Speck-Effect’.

Let’s move on and take a look at what the gold market has to say about inflation.

Gold (GLD) Daily Chart

Price action is nowhere near a bull move and remains below significant resistance.

In the expanded chart below, we can see GLD literally banging about below the resistance level.

First, a test. Then a secondary test and now, what looks like a third attempt.

Note, that each subsequent test is at a lower high (thus far).

Senior Miners (GDX)

Price action in the miners, GDX is similar to GLD.

GDX remains below significant resistance.

Each upward attempt appears to be terminating at lower and lower levels.

Newmont (NEM) and DUST-21-01

Price action in Newmont (NEM) continues to look as if the entire market is thinning-out.

If there are this many price-action attempts to throw off market participants whether bulls or bears, one gets the sense the ensuing move (if/when it comes), may be literally off the charts.

Maintaining short via DUST-21-01 (not advice, not a recommendation).


We’ve just had the worse ‘inflation’ news in 39 – 40 years, depending on the source. Yet, the precious metals markets go nowhere. Therefore:

The ‘inflation narrative’ is false.

Just another lie. Probably no surprise there.

If it was true, then all commodities, gold, silver, corn, grains, oil, coffee, every last one of them, would be in a screaming bull market.

Instead, we’ve got the grains moving higher while precious metals move lower.

It can be shown that gold is now inversely correlated to corn as seen, in this post (in case you missed it).

Stay Tuned

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Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

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Inflation … Hot or Not ?

Monetary Does Not Equal Asset

If there ever was a CPI report to completely break the ‘inflation’ narrative, this was it.

Several articles, here, here, and here, all saying essentially the same thing … skyrocketing ‘inflation’.

If that really was true, why is the 5,000-year-old hedge against inflation (gold) not responding … and even worse, heading lower?

That’s because, it’s all rigged, man !! (cue, Tommy Chong).

Well, it has always been rigged.

Both Wyckoff and Livermore talked about that ‘rigging’ way back in 1921, when Wyckoff interviewed Livermore about his trading methods. Later, in 1922, a series of articles on Livermore was published in Wyckoff’s ‘Magazine of Wall Street’ (a forerunner to Barron’s).

The point is, we’re not interested in who is doing the rigging. That’s what the press tries to find out (a waste of time). The real question is, what are those ‘rigging’ trying to accomplish?

Answer that, and you may have a potential trade set-up.

We’ve got supply chain, controlled-demolition with corresponding asset price inflation; the kicker is, gold and the dollar, say we’re in some kind of monetary deflation.

Senior Miners, GDX Confirming Trend

Price action in the gold market and the miners confirm that (deflation) assessment … for now.

Zoom-in on trend line contacts.


Based on the articles linked above, if there ever was a data-set release that would launch gold (and the miners) higher, today would be the day … right?

Both Wyckoff and Livermore did not concern themselves with what ‘should’ be happening. They were focused on what ‘is’ happening.

Gold and the miners are (and have been) moving lower.

As yesterday’s post said, we’ll remain short (not advice, not a recommendation) until the market itself says to exit.

Stay Tuned

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Inflation, Off The Chart ?

Or … Massive Supply Restriction

Use the miss-information and propaganda to your advantage.

The following items are just a partial list of recent inflation, so-called ‘news’.

$3,000 Gold Imminent

Gold & Dollar Soar, CPI Surge

Consumer Prices Soaring …

Gold & Crypto Surge

Transitory” Debate Is Over

That last one … is that like “The science is settled”?

To be fair, there is some truth in the articles. Prices are indeed rising. All types of costs are going up like food, gasoline and on.

Supply Restriction:

Here’s a strange bit of information from an unlikely source.

It turns out that copper (mining) supplies are being restricted in Minnesota. Go to time stamp 2:52, at this link and listen to the next 30-seconds.

Sure, it’s a data point of one but then again, what about all the talk of shutting down sources of oil production?

On it goes. This is supply restriction, not inflation.

It depends on what the definition of ‘inflation’ is.

Here we have one of the usual suspects parroting the now-accepted (but likely incorrect) definition of inflation. Go to time stamp 1:23.

I’m sticking with Robert Prechter Jr.’s definition of inflation and that is: Expansion of credit that causes increased spending that in turn causes demand to rise and then prices rise in turn.

Do we have expansion of credit now … or the destruction (or, soon to be) of credit? That’s called deflation.

Dollar … Still Not Dead

The dollar of course, is the wild-card.

Everybody’s expecting a collapse but darned if that’s just not happening. Actually, the opposite is taking place.

Now, all of a sudden it’s a “Contrarian Trade”. You can’t make this stuff up.

We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of this post.

It postulated there was potential for a significant, medium-to-long term reversal in the dollar.

Getting The Picture

In a way, the dollar post and subsequent ZeroHedge one-year-later recognition of the obvious, define what this site’s all about.

As stated in the ‘About’ section, not every analysis works out. To borrow a quote from David Weis, ‘Sometimes I’m 100% wrong’.

Presented here are analysis, actions, course changes, attempting to maneuver through the largest economic and population collapse in world history.

The main focus is not to increase followership … although that is happening.

As the follower numbers increase, it’s a good sign that more are becoming aware of how manipulated and controlled is the entire narrative.

One way to separate from the effect of the falsehoods, is to become proficient at reading price action. As David Weis used to say, ‘What’s the market saying about itself?’

Which brings us to the current juncture. Gold

Gold, At A Crossroads ?

The current assessment of gold (i.e. bearish or reversal potential) is similar to the dollar from a year ago.

Different from the dollar, are the momentum (MACD, etc.) indicators … which are currently pointing higher.

In the dollar, there was a bullish weekly MACD divergence helping us along.

Not so with gold (GLD).

What we do have, and what the linked list above provides, is a look into a type of mass hysteria.

The ‘pegging the meter‘ article that came out late Friday caused only a blip higher in GLD and GDX.

If we’re at max persistent inflation already, is there any more upside left?

Stay Tuned

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

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