Real Estate (IYR) To New Highs ?

If The Bond Market Reverses

The previous bearish analysis was overwhelmed by the larger, upward trend.

Instead of continuing lower, real estate IYR, moved higher. It’s now at another inflection point.

The position in DRV (DRV-22-01) was exited at 32.66, when it was obvious the trade was going to fail.

Taking a hit like that gets one’s attention; there must be something else going on … something on a larger timeframe.

There’s nothing wrong, with being wrong.

However, there is something wrong with being wrong and staying wrong.

If we pull farther out to the longer, weekly timeframe, it looks like there’s danger ahead; possible new all-time highs and Wyckoff upthrust (potential reversal).

Real Estate IYR, Weekly

As with the Junior Miners, GDXJ, it looks like we have yet another Fibonacci time correlation.

During the financial crisis, IYR, posted its low the week of March 6th, 2009.

Thirteen years later, another major inflection point?

Shown below, is a terminating wedge that may have already completed a throw-over.

One probability suggesting new highs instead of a reversal at this point (which seems like even odds) is the repeating tendency of markets to go from ‘spring to upthrust‘.

This site has presented over and again, it’s a common market behavior.

Getting closer-in on the weekly, the spring set-up is identified.

Now, comes the Fibonacci time correlation.

From the all-time highs, the market closed at the lows on Week 8. The print low came one week later.

Using that information and projecting forward, if this correlation is in effect, if it’s valid, we can expect an up-thrust high somewhere during the week of May 20th, to May 27th.

The Bond Connection

The economy is collapsing. The food supply is being destroyed. The consumer is tapped out and using credit to survive.

What on earth could be a catalyst to move real estate, the most illiquid market of all, to new highs?

Bring in the clowns … sorry, the financial press.

Word on the street is the bond market, may be in position to reverse higher.

No doubt, there’s a good technical reason for reversal, linked here.

It’s the financial press and their real estate narrative that will (may) be preposterous.

That is: If bonds (TLT) move higher, mortgage rates will come down, consumers will jump on the opportunity and therefore, she’s a witch !!!


We’ll see if IYR meets the price and Fibonacci time correlations for potential reversal.

Once there’s a reversal in this market, it tends to do so with a vengeance.

Rising rates have already cut off deals in the works. Prices are coming down and houses are on the market longer. The consumer is priced out.

The pig is already in the python … once that happens, this market sets up a dynamic of its own, a succession of lower prices and sales collapsing.

Stay Tuned

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