Fibonacci Fingerprint

Senior Miners GDX

With mixed signals, confusion in the economy and markets, one has to wonder if anybody’s noticed the Fibonacci sequence in Senior Miners, GDX?

As soon as such things get ‘figured out’, time correlations diffuse and evaporate; just long enough to throw off attention and re-emerge at some distant date.

However, as yesterday’s update inferred, along with a compelling trading channel, it begs the question; is this juggernaut so big that even if it’s ‘discovered’, it won’t make a difference?

Of course, the market itself is the final arbiter.

However, the coming week may prove to be interesting. If the time correlation remains intact, expectations (shown below) are for GDX to pivot lower early in the week.

Senior Miners: GDX

We’ll start with the un-market daily chart of GDX and then invert (to approximate DUST) for the subsequent analysis.

Now, inverted

The first Fibonacci sequence, ‘Day 1 – Day 34’, defines the channel width (shown in this update) and the subsequent retrace to the December 15th, apex/reversal; Day 55.

The next chart shows that embedded within the sequence above, is another sequence; from the November 16th low, (inverted chart) to the same December 15th, top.

Putting both together, we have the following.

However, that’s not all.

The time to retrace from December 15th to Friday’s close is/was 12-days … just one day short of a Fibonacci 13.

Is the market going to ‘blip’ this Monday, print a new low (on the inverted) just to make it absolutely perfect or is the whole set-up going to fall apart?

Either one can happen.

However, the most likely outcome at this point, is the market pivots straightaway or hesitates for several days; just long enough for both sides (bulls/bears) to start scratching their heads.


We’re still short this sector, identified as trade number DUST-21-01, (not advice not a recommendation) but the actual position size has been reduced.

‘Reduced’ is not the same as ‘closed’.

The reduction in size, which was about 8.8%, of the total position, was entirely the result of maintaining margin requirements.

If the trade falls apart, obviously the correct action would be to close.

However, if GDX pivots to the downside (as expected), there may be a window of time allowing position size to be increased back to the original or more if the market allows (not advice, not a recommendation).

Gold (GLD): Testing The Up-Thrust

Next up, scheduled for tomorrow and depending on price action, we’ll discuss how the upward retrace in GLD, may actually be a test of the mid-November up-thrust.

Stay Tuned

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