Biotech … Bear Flag, Break ?

The Character Has Changed

It’s been more than frustrating attempting to short biotech.

So far this year there’ve been thirteen attempts; some successful, but most were not.

None of the attempts have captured the ‘big move’ that’s overdue for this market.

The last post essentially gave up on biotech, but it seems like the potential just won’t go away.

This time, over the past two days, the character of price action has changed.

Re-capping briefly, biotech SPBIO, has been in a bear flag for over two months.

During that time, it’s been oscillating and coiling; looking for a breakout to the downside.

As of this post, there’s no breakout yet but we’re heading to the bottom of the flag, with a change of character.

SPBIO, Weekly

It’s important to note, the pattern below, is unique.

The sector data goes way back to April of 2009. During its trading history SPBIO, has never posted a bear flag with a two-plus month duration.

An expanded version of the chart is below:

Now, comes the interesting part.

Going to the hourly, we have a trend line and a breakdown of intermediate support in the SPBIO 6,390-area.

This is the change of character.

SPBIO, Hourly

Note that we’re deep within the bear flag and at the right edge of price action.

We’ve got the trendline as shown.

Price action during yesterday’s session, contacted that line six consecutive times.

As of this post (12:50 p.m., EST), price continues lower.


So, is this ‘the big one’?

The correct answer is that it’s unknown.

What we do know however, just by looking at what the market is saying about itself; there’s been a change, at least in the past two days.

Price action’s breaking through support levels and heading for the bear flag lows in the vicinity of SPBIO 6,125.

A reasonable expectation is for some kind of a bounce if or when it hits this area.


Not advice, not a recommendation.

DRV-22-06: Closed***

Gain + 5.61%

Re-opened biotech SPBIO Short (not advice, not a recommendation)


Entry@ 18.905*** Stop @ 18.39***

Note: Positions may be increased, decreased, entered, or exited at any time.

***, Indicates change

Stay Tuned

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