The Panic of 2023

Parallels To, The Panic of 1907

Pick up almost any trading book like Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, and you’ll find, the big money was made on the downside.

In Livermore’s case from ‘Reminiscences’, he saw a big crash coming, went short in a big way, and was then squeezed out of his positions during market rallies in 1906.

The short trades were too early; he blew up his account.

Undaunted, he took drastic measures to raise capital (hawked his car), got back in, shorted, and cleared over $1-milllion in profits near the bottom on October 24th, 1907.

The Ukraine War & The Boer War

As spectacular as his profits were, for us that might not be the most important part.

Take a look at the list below, paraphrased from Livermore’s account of The Boer War and overall economic conditions; see if it doesn’t match up to today.

The British were just coming off the Boer war, having spent hundreds of billions (in today’s Pound-Sterling), and money was tight.

There was significant wealth destruction world-wide.

The San Fransico earthquake of 1906, was causing economic disruption and the need for even more cash.

Note: As reported here, seismic activity is picking up. We’ve just had a major quake (again) in California.

There were plenty of warnings of an impending collapse but as Livermore puts it, the masses paid no heed as they were more concerned with baseball.

Fabrication & Fact

There’s some scuttlebutt, The Panic of 1907, was a fabricated event, used to usher in fractional reserve banking.

Is this all starting to sound familiar?

Now, we have the potential of Neo Feudalism, going right along with Universal Basic Income and Digital Currency.

That should be enough intro to get us to the chart at hand, Real Estate IYR, but first, this just out, on MarketWatch:

Worst Year, Since 2008.

It’s already the worst since 2008, and as Jerimiah Babe puts it, ‘we haven’t even got started’.

Reference time stamp 12:07, in the link and see if it does not match exactly with Livermore’s observations.

All of which brings us to real estate.

Real Estate IYR Weekly, Close

The chart shows the most conservative (modestly declining) trading channel

The next chart, is where it gets scary.

The second (potential) channel is declining at approximately -62%, on an annualized basis.

Weekly timeframes are presented here on purpose.

Doing so, gets us away from the everyday, every blip, analysis and looks at things strategically. It’s obvious, barring some kind of intervention, real estate’s in trouble.

The January of No Effect

It’s well known, stocks tend to rise in the first weeks of January. Tax loss selling is over and there’s typically some type of ‘relief’.

Don’t count on it this time (not advice, not a recommendation).

Even as this post is being created, IYR, is pivoting lower and possibly confirming the more aggressive right-side trendline (second chart, above).


We’ll end with more paraphrase from Livermore’s account of the panic.

He describes being in Ed Harding’s office (his broker), telling him that ‘now is the time’, ‘today is the day’. All the while, stocks were drifting, everything was quiet.

Livermore said to Harding:

‘The longer that stocks delayed, the bigger the break will be when it comes.’

Let’s see if that applies to us, exactly 100-years later (Reminiscences, published in 1923).

Stay Tuned

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