Corn … The Famine Set-Up

Waiting For Mr. Potato

It’s hitting the mainstream.

Famine ahead; more specifically, a crisis in corn.

This article just out from ZeroHedge, has the upcoming crop in an almost guaranteed rout before it even gets planted.

Ever since the ‘Derecho‘, corn has been thought (on this site) to be the potential catalyst for market and economic collapse.

The first time that idea was presented was on August 20th, 2020, in this post.

It’s important to note that way back, 17-months ago, it was already understood to be a ‘controlled demolition’.

Crazy conspiracy back then. Looks like a fact, now.

Which brings us to the charts.

CORN: Weekly Chart

As usual, we’ll start with the unmarked chart: Teucrium tracking fund CORN:

It looks like price action is about to break to the upside.

The chart below is marked with some key levels: Support and 38%, and 50% retrace:

For long-time visitors to this site, you can almost write the script for what comes next.

What can make corn drop far enough to get itself below established support and into the ‘spring set-up’ area?

Doing so, may present a medium, to long-term, trade opportunity.

Enter, The Potato

It’s probably not “if”, but “when”.

What we’re looking for here, is some kind of Jimmy Carter type stunt where corn exports are halted in the name of ‘national security’ or some such thing.

More detail on the Carter grain embargo at this link … scroll down to No. 12

Of course, if that happens, corn is likely to crash (like it did last time) if only temporarily.

More Is Less

A corn embargo means more corn for us, right?

Probably, wrong.

Remember, fertilizer prices are sky-high.

Elevated corn prices (like now) might just cover the cost for the farmers … maybe.

A corn crash in the commodities would likely mean even less corn gets planted … maybe none at all.

Enter, The ‘Bought And Paid For’

It may be that easy (as above), or get complicated because a major consumer of U.S. exported corn, is China.

Exports to China over the last year have literally gone off the scale. Add to that, China is the number two holder of U.S. Debt.

So, one can already see where this may be going.

After the initial fake panic where the politicians realize there’s a crisis (that part being real), which they themselves created, they’ll likely pontificate about halting exports for just long enough, to have farmers throw in the towel with no spring planting.

After all of that, and let’s not forget special investigative news coverage about ‘how all this happened’; blame it on climate change and then keep everything the same.

Exports continue (to China) as much as possible and the U.S. citizens starve … literally.

By the way, go to time stamp 24:04, at this link and look at the clouds in the upper right. For those awake, it’s clear; right angle, cross-hatch pattern.

Right angles are not a natural phenomenon. Whatever climate change there is, is the one being created.

When Corn Takes The Dive

If or when corn takes a hit, price action itself will define the correct trade action.

So, let’s be ready and not surprised, if we see corn in chaos.

Stay Tuned

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Straight Talk On Gold

The Air’s Going Out

It’s time for the truth on gold and the miners.

Before we get to the charts, we’re going to start with an unlikely source:

Dr. Vernon Coleman

His latest video post is here; it’s important to watch in its entirety.

At time stamp 13:30, in the link, he says that restrictions are backing off, not because of any real change of conditions; no, they’re backing off to clear room for the next scam.

Useful Idiots

For obvious lies to have any effect, one has to have a whole pack of idiots to believe them.

The last post showed with the anecdotal ‘Target’ update, of that, there is no shortage.

So how does one think a dirty, dangerous mining operation is going to be functional with an ever declining or impaired workforce coupled with a potential ‘climate lockdown’?

Let’s not forget, these operations are also working to solve problems that don’t exist (i.e. ‘sustainability’ and ‘net zero’).

Was it like this in 1929 ?

The latest post from Economic Ninja, talks about the market becoming more “narrow” … which is just an alternate term for “thinning-out”.

All of this brings us to the market at hand: Gold and the miners.

Newmont Mining (NEM):

We’ll go straight to the inverted daily chart of NEM:

This prior post did an excellent job showing the potential bearish reversal conditions for NEM.

However, there’s at least one more bearish condition and that is, ‘up-thrust’.

Remember, that if it’s ‘up-thrust’ on the regular chart, it becomes ‘spring’ on the inverted.

The zoom chart below shows price action has come back to test support quickly; an indication the downside thrust cleared out the weak hands and allowed strong hands to take positions.

We’re talking ‘inverted’ here.

So, what’s likely happened in the real (non-inverted) world:

The herd has bought into the inflation narrative.

They think Newmont, the miners and the gold market, are breaking out to the upside. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the professionals have likely used the opportunity to sell or sell-short.

Back In The Day

Way back in the day, when Steven Van Metre, still had his 1970s wood-paneled office, he used to talk about how the Fed knows its actions are deflationary.

Also, how the Fed was in no way going to educate the public; so, they let that public believe that it’s all about inflation and dollar destruction.

The herd is nearly always on the wrong side of the trade. Here’s a blast from the past to help make that case.

Data Dump & Asset Transfer

With so many bits of data swirling around like Cryptos, Digital Dollar, UBI, Supply Chain Destruction, Depopulation, Neo Feudalism, and on, who of us in the proletariat, really know how it’s all going to play out?

However, there’s one thing of which, we can be sure:

It’s an asset transfer of Biblical proportion.

Next On The Schedule

This post is already long and we’ve not discussed the mining indices and downside projections.

Depending on price action or news, we’ll cover that in tomorrow’s update.

Stay Tuned

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Bond, Bear Trap … When ?

Let’s Pick A Date

Hovering right at support, the long bond (TLT) is threatening to break through to the downside.

The usual suspects are out (here and here) pontificating about how many rate hikes there’ll be this year or how the Fed’s ‘not doing enough’ to combat inflation.

By now, anybody with two basis-points rubbing together should know, the Fed’s not going to do anything for anyone except itself.

If you’re reading this and have not separated from the nonsense, predictive programming, and mass-psychosis that is the financial press, feel free to do so now.

Not that one has to ignore them altogether.

It’s ok to monitor what they’re doing but ‘ol Zig Ziglar probably stated it best when he said (paraphrasing):

‘I read the Bible and the newspaper every day. That way I know what both sides are up to’. 🙂

Incorporating that worldview into one’s analysis is a healthier, more sane approach than trusting government statistics or mainstream propaganda.

Of course, one also has to be able to strategize and read price action. That’s the hard part.

So, let’s take a look at what bonds (TLT) are doing; then come up with a potential reversal (to the upside) scenario.

Asset Confiscation

Wait !!!

Bonds up and rates down? How is that possible. Aren’t interest rates going up in 2022?

Well, it could happen.

However, there’re several behind the scenes agendas at work; not the least of which is asset confiscation of the middle-class: “You will own nothing”, right?

This confiscation scheme has been planned for so long, it’s even got a name: Neo Feudalism.

If market participants and ‘investors’ find themselves in yet another wipe-out, they’re going to flock to the supposed ‘safety’ of U.S. bonds (just like they did last time).

Couple that with a few potato-head executive orders saying the market’s too dangerous for the proletariat; only bonds can be purchased and voila!!!

Long Bonds, TLT

Will that scenario above, play out in 2022?

Of course, that’s unknown until it actually happens.

However, what we do have as shown in the weekly chart of TLT, is a potential bear trap setting up.

Price action finished this past week hovering just at support. The range narrowed and the volume declined slightly … in effect, validating that support.

We’ve got an FOMC meeting coming up with the usual suspects issuing a propaganda statement at 2:00 p.m., EST on the 26th.

What To Watch:

Between now and then, bond price action could re-write the entire script just as it did with the gold market set-up.

Back then, the original gold (GLD) breakout idea was tabled only to have it show up again a few weeks later.

Note: Gold (GLD) broke to the upside exactly at the (purple) circled area shown:

Time and location, identified in advance.

Of course, the markets are a fluid and fractal mechanism. We’re dealing with probabilities and strategy, not pure (one answer only) mathematics.

Anything can happen.

However, given all the above discussion, the chart of TLT shown, has a reasonable potential to trap the bears in a bullish reversal if it penetrates support.

What’s the most likely time for this to happen?

Well, that would be on or about 2:00 p.m., EST, January 26th (absolutely not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Peak Oil ?

Will Demand Collapse Faster Than Supply Contracts ?

Is There A Biotech Connection ?

The Next Chess Move

Everyone’s good at telling you what the problem is; it’s a financial collapse !!!

No, Duh!

The hard part is, how to position for the unknown at least for those of us in the serfdom.

The so-called elites, the oligarchs know (or think they know) exactly what’s happening.

They move their chess players and we move ours. The goal is to position for (potential) profit with the caveat we all make it out on the other side.

Personal Anecdote (skip to XOP Analysis if not interested):

I have a close family member that’s been a school teacher for about twenty years. He/She is well known in the local town and has a significant number of connections.

Because the children being taught are typically small, ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade, those kids tend to reveal all that’s happening at home.

Their revelations include financial status (or lack of), political leanings as well as abuse that’s happening physically and sexually. It’s the real deal.

As an aside, any potential crimes are fully documented and reported.

The point here is, this contact has revealed that children, family members and extended family members are severely ill or dropping dead after receiving an ‘injection’.

However, the surviving family members are just too stupid (or afraid) to put it together; the injections are causing the deaths.

It’s some kind of mental block and/or mass hypnosis.

It’s wrenching and heartbreaking.

However, at the same time and this is where it gets harsh, for those of us in the faith, we know Biblical scripture tells us the Lord delights in hiding the truth.

One has to diligently seek out truth. It takes work and a prayerful form of neural plasticity; the ability to be mentally flexible.

Truth is not for the lazy, the incompetent, the coward.

Why should immutable truth come to a coward or idiot that does not diligently seek it?

New ‘Variant’:

The rapidly increasing deaths may be passed off by the mainstream media as some kind of new ‘variant’.

That ‘variant’ brings us to the market at hand; oil and oil exploration XOP and possible biotech connection.

XOP Analysis:

As with biotech SPBIO, and its leveraged inverse fund LABD, so too we have Oil & Gas Exploration XOP, and leveraged inverse fund DUG.

The long term un-marked, weekly chart of XOP:

Next, we have price action contacting a multi-year trendline:

Moving closer on the weekly, we have a terminating wedge:

Terminating wedge(s) typically result in price action moving opposite of wedge formation.

In the case above, that would be a reversal to the downside.

This past week’s bar was a reversal. It’s a potential signal the formation is complete and XOP is ready for the downside.

Of course, if XOP is about to head lower, inverse DUG is about to head higher (not advice, not a recommendation).

Daily chart of DUG.

The Biotech (SPBIO) Connection:

The weekly chart of SPBIO, shows momentum on downward thrusts has slowed. The black dashed arrow’s trajectory is becoming more shallow:

If biotech is going to retrace, the solid blue line is a Fibonacci 38%, as well as potential location for an up-thrust (downside reversal).

A new variant (which is likely injection injury) may be used by the media to drive biotech higher to the retrace level.

We’ll have to wait and see if there’s a reduction of the population as we head into the end of the year. It’s a known fact, the injection destroys the immune system … so far, permanently.

That would be a factor in the up-coming flu season.

Remember that?

We used to have a regular flu season … but that all disappeared (re-branded, actually) with our current situation.


Nearly all recessions have started with rising oil prices.

However, we’re not in a recession but an all out collapse. The economy is contracting at the fastest rate in U.S. history.

Our current position is demand will collapse faster than supply restriction (not advice, not a recommendation).

Or, we could still have rising oil prices but it won’t be enough to offset the cost of drilling and production; lack of demand may be overwhelming.

Stay Tuned

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Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week

No. 1

Next Up: Power Outage

National Guard’s in training for nationwide power outages.

The June 26th post, finished with this quote:

‘Most people think the worst is over when it’s not even started.’

That exemplifies the mindset required. This economic and societal decline is going to be a very long ordeal.

Surviving it, is like the two guys spooking a bear in the woods.

“We’re not going to out-run him” one says. The other guys says, “I don’t need to run faster than him … just faster than you”.

You don’t need to have 5-years of food stored. You only need as much to outlast the majority who are not prepared.

No. 2

Neo Feudalism

It’s been a while since this concept has been discussed. Our last post on the subject is here.

Now, we have this site giving us another view of the plan as it moves forward.

Self-employment is one answer to avoid being sucked into serfdom.

No. 3

Grease Plant Destroyed

Largest grease plant in the U.S. destroyed by fire.

So far we have:

Ship blocks Suez Canal for six (that’s right, 6) days.

Then, a 557 ft. ship carrying auto parts, sinks off coast of Japan.

Now, we have a grease plant fire.

Want grease, auto parts or food?

Get injected and we’ll put it all back to ‘normal’.

No. 4

Idiots Suffer More

There’s no joy watching others suffer.

Those of us who just want to ‘wake up others’, want only that; meaning, somehow, you’re able to pull back the veil. They now have eyes to see and ears to hear.

However, some seem to be under a spell.

Even after being diagnosed with a known side effect from injection, the truth is still mocked (time stamp 0:53 in the text).

No. 5

“Churches … have basically, checked-out”

Jerimiah Babe calls it straight at time stamp: 16:24

‘The Church’ had its opportunity way back in March of 2020.

That was the time to call on supernatural protection to ward off (what this site calls ‘the speck’ to avoid censorship) any negative effects of what we now know, was a fake enemy.

What we have instead, is this.

Let’s review for just a second:

“But the men marvelled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!”

Does the master of the universe, the maker and sustainer of all things, really need a ‘man-made’ injection?

No. 6

Expired Lethality

It’s bad enough to line up and voluntarily get injected with a lethal compound.

Now, I’ve got to worry if that lethality has “expired”.

If it’s expired, is it more lethal, or less?

I want my money’s worth!

No. 7

Texas Heatwave … just another lie

The article at this link would have you believe it’s sweltering in Texas.

The short answer is no.

Not only no, but summer in Texas, had a late start.

The morning of Labor Day weekend, scheduled opening for the pool at city park, was 68-degrees.

The high for Labor Day Sunday, in Ft. Worth Texas, was 14-degrees colder, than last year.

No. 8

Pharmacist tells it like it is

Refuses to be part of the execution squad.

No. 9

Lions and tigers and Delta … Oh my!

Catherine Austin Fitts provides insight. Delta ‘variant’, is really ‘injury’ from the injection.

Stay Tuned

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Gold, The Big Picture

The bottom line for gold is: Retrace, lower

No-one in the inflation camp wants to hear that … it’s uncomfortable to face the potential of being so wrong.

Albeit wrong in the short term but probably right later … after it’s too late. More on that farther down.

Just like the lazy (and complicit, we might add) financial journalist publishing the standard (speck blaming) propaganda for the day, so too are the hyper-inflationists, jumping on the most popular bandwagon in town.

Not even considering the potential for a retrace; admittedly, which could be short and sharp but significant nonetheless.

This site has presented several times, we’re in a situation similar to that of Genesis 41. It’s the corn and grain first … then gold and silver.

Just to back that up a bit before getting to the charts, we have the following:

Crop failures world-wide

Systematic destruction of the food supply chain

Systematic elimination of farms and viable (for millennia) ranching practices.

Solar minima activity (decreased sun-spots) causing erratic weather patterns, shifting growing zones; even as far as sub Sahara, Sudan.

Those so focused on stacking metals will likely be using that stack to pry much needed food, food staples, seeds and fertilizer out of the hands of those not willing to sell … at any price.

Why are the oligarchs not worried about the ‘little guy’ stacking metals?

Because there’re going to make it irrelevant … at least for just long enough to completely bankrupt, starve or ‘inject’ the middle class.

Moving on to the charts:

The title header said ‘big picture’. Here we are with monthly gold charts going back to the 1950s, time-frame.

It’s been a long … long bull market. It appears to have made a top at ~1,972 and is retracing … if only just a bit.

The second chart is the one that gives us pause. Consider the potential for a more substantial pull-back.

Markets like to retrace and test. It’s what they do.

That second chart is scary. It’s plain, the 760 – 780 area is a long time (monthly) support level that goes all the way back to 1980.

Absolutely no-one expects, or is planning for gold to get back to $800/oz, or lower.

Think of the irony. The ‘stackers’ (and maybe the rest of us), having to exchange actual money, gold and silver, for worthless fiat just so they/we can buy food to stay alive.

After the middle class stackers have exhausted their metals hoard, that’s when gold and silver will launch into the next bull phase.

It has been done this way (keeping the peasants under control), literally for millennia. The method works … why change?


The intent here, is to at least recognize the possibility for the above scenario. It’s clear and becoming more clear every day, food is the weapon of choice.

The objective is to have enough food ahead of time; be in position to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime metals prices should that opportunity be presented.

Stay Tuned

Charts by Macrotrends

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

Dow Forecast: 31,300

The Dow can either reverse right here or breakout higher from its wedge.

Since the trend is already up, a breakout to the upside is more likely.  Such a move brings in a forecast to around 31,300.

The daily chart below has the last part of the wedge expanded and posted at the bottom of the chart.

Important to note is the location of the Gold (GLD) bull trap. 

Recall, the firm went heavily short (via JDST) on that Friday and had to wait over the weekend to find out if the analysis was correct.

This excerpt (emphasis added) is from the November 7th, update.  It was a Saturday; we’re already short and waiting.

“No doubt, there are a lot of well respected traders, analysts, YouTuber’s that are on the bullish side of the market.  Here are just some examples, herehere, and here.

So, at this juncture, this firm is taking the opposite side of the trade with its re-established position in JDST.”

The following Monday in the early morning hours, gold prices collapsed.  The bulls were trapped.

As the market opened with gold down hard, the Dow and S&P both spiked up in what’s now a terminal wedge.

‘Terminal’, because this type of price action typically comes at the end of a sustained move … up or down.

At this juncture, the firm is positioned short gold (via DUST) with a tight stop (not advice, not a recommendation).

The stops (two trading accounts short) are not mental, out of the market but are actual open GTC stop orders. 

That way if there’s an internet upset or power grid problem, the in-the-market stops will provide some amount of protection.

All of the above may be an excellent analysis of current conditions. 

However, behind the scenes, the macro or the real agenda, is deadly serious.

The ‘plan’ all along is to destroy (and subjugate) the middle class.  That’s been in the works for decades. Neo Feudalism.

ShadowStats reports here, real unemployment spiked to 35% early in the year and has come down to just over 25% now.

That level is still above 1930s, depression-era numbers and we’re just at the first wave of middle class destruction.

Throw in more economic turmoil and a stock market crash.  Then we have ‘fait accompli’.  Only a tiny remnant could be left unscathed.  

Note the picture at the top:  The haves and have-nots.

From The Money GPS: ‘The chasm in-between the haves and the have-nots, grows every single day’

Self employment is the key.  It’s not a guarantee but it does offer flexibility and most importantly it may offer some extra time.

The above statements may seem harsh (possibly outlandish) to those not yet awake.

To help in that area, two links are provided here and here.  See for yourself whether or not we’re at a critical juncture.

Based on yesterday’s analysis, the expectation is for gold and the miners (GDX) to continue lower.

If they do and the markets (Dow, S&P) continue higher, it’s just one more indication the time for reversal is near.

Stay Tuned

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Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.