Dollar Divergence: Update

2:37 p.m., EST

Dollar penetrated support and is reversing

Potential for sustained, persistent rally

Wide trading range

Looking at the weekly close chart, we can see the wide range.

In addition, there’s a significant bullish divergence that (technically) gives the dollar, UUP, enough energy to test the top of that range; a potential that’s completely opposite the current narrative.

A this juncture, silver, gold and the miners are still correlated.

Yesterday, a potential top and reversal in miners GDX, was identified. Today, it appears to be hovering and looking unsure of its direction.

GDX has not posted a new daily high or low as of this update.

A sustained dollar rally (along with the bond market?) would be unexpected given what seems to be apoplectic hyperinflation ranting.

Separately, in biotech, the market (IBB) has stalled to the upside in a higher than expected test. Inverse fund LABD, made a new daily low and it too, has stalled.

Downward thrust energy on LABD is dissipating.

Technical update for biotech, planned for tomorrow … market permitting.

Stay Tuned

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