Random Notes

The usual suspects for the week.

No. 1

You can’t make this stuff up.

CDC declares PCR test unsuitable for identifying ‘The Speck’.

For those new to this site, it’s called ‘The Speck’ (to avoid censorship, and) as a spoof from Horton Hears a Who … the speck on the clover

The speck on the clover represents how big the supposed ailment really is … virtually non-existent.

Back to the CDC.

Screen-shot of website, below:

Actual link to the website, is here.

Turns out Dr. Coleman was right (never doubted him). It’s just the re-branded, seasonal flu.

One more brick in the wall for biotech.

No. 2

You’re going to need a root cellar.

The No. 1, item shows the wheels already set in motion.

If the available data is even half-correct (pathogenic priming), it will be years, if not decades before the oscillations from this event dampen out.

So, it’s prepare for the long game.

Here are two links (here and here) describing effective, low cost root cellar designs.

No. 3

Here we go again.

It’s back to Mask on, Mask off and what the ‘experts‘ say.

What variant are we on now … Epsilon?

No. 4

Quote of the week:

You have to go where the food is as it wont be picked packaged or transported. Without food everything else is irrelevant.

The big “joke” is that people actually believe the plandemic is over when is is only just getting going, they have seen to that.

Normal is never coming back so the sooner people REFUSE to participate in what is being forced on us the faster we may have our lives back.

Unfortunately an overwhelming majority are not able to think for themselves and eventually lapse into insanity due to the psychological warfare they voluntarily watch every day.

Link to the above quote (posted in the comments) is here.

Yes, ‘Without food … ‘ How’s that stack of silver coming?

No. 5

Think like a Texan

J.P. Sears, shows us how it’s done.

No. 6


If it gets to bartering, Glenfiddich is the most recognizable and available 12-yr old Scotch.

No. 7

Administering The Mark

If it really is the mark, it’s nice to see ‘the church’ has become so deceived (and vile), they are helping lead the effort.

The video above, shows someone that’s collapsed just after injection; right on the steps of ‘the church’.

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Time stamp 0:02 at this link confirms the location.

No. 8

Let them eat trash

Incompetence runs the city.

Brokerage firm Schwab’s headquarters has officially pulled out of San Fran for Dallas … anyone else left?

If we’re really in the first stages of ‘balkanization’, it’s clear that Texas will be a major player.

No. 9

The one difference between ‘Conspiracy’ and fact, is ‘Time’.

No. 10

Food prices surge … supply chain about to break (if not already).

At time stamp 8:49, J.B. reports that food prices in Lebanon have increased 670%, in about two years.

Coffee futures moving up as a result of crop failures in Brazil.

If you already have precious metals … great.

If not, they may be about to come on sale in exchange for food.

Stay Tuned

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Breaking Down Biotech

Was last week the correction?

Is it over?

To provide perspective on that question, we need to go back in time.

First, to Dr. Elder’s “Entries & Exits“, published in 2006.

Then, way back to “Reminiscences“, published in 1923.

As a reminder, we’re looking at biotech (SPBIO) from the perspective of being short the market.

The primary vehicle for that short, is highly leveraged inverse fund, LABD.

The last update gave a hint at the desired timeframe.

If the markets are in the process of reversing, ultimately going to the long awaited (since 2009), final draw-down (i.e. crash), then a likely bottom would occur where they (almost) always occur; during the third week of October.

In a nutshell, that’s the time frame.

Conversely, price action is the final arbiter. If biotech winds up effectively saying ‘not now’, well then, it has the final say.

Back to ‘Entries & Exits’.

One of the traders highlighted in the book (in addition to Weis), was William Doane; former Head Technician for Fidelity.

His timeframe is much longer than the typical market participant. He, like Weis are looking at monthly, quarterly and yearly charts.

That fact in and of itself, provides an edge.

One of the main take-aways from his section was (paraphrasing):

‘The first correction is the hardest. If you can get through that, it’s typically smooth sailing from then on’.

The biotech short via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation) may be at that point now. Painful to watch but necessary.

Next, we go to ‘Reminiscences’.

Those who have read the book, know all about ‘Turkey’; Mr. Partridge.

As the book states, he was much older than the rest who frequented the brokerage. Also, he did not appear to be that active in the markets (thus minimizing his transactions). He was interested in the big move.

The admonition from Partridge, was: ‘Don’t lose your position’. Don’t exit out, expecting a pull-back … that ultimately never comes.

So, we have two examples; three if you include Weis that begin from the very long time-frames and work inward.

Now, on to the market:

The long term, Quarterly analysis has already been done; linked here.

The chart in the link, is from last quarter and since then, (during this quarter), we’ve made new lows.

On the fundamental side, evidence is building by the day on what the ‘speck’ protection is all about.

If you’re really interested in the big picture, here’s a link to a five-plus hour presentation that spells it all out.

Here’s J. P. Sears’ take on the same thing.

SPBIO, the daily chart:

The SPBIO, has been inverted and annotated

We’re currently between support and resistance.

Momentum indicators MACD, on the Monthly and Weekly remain in a downtrend.

Using IBB, as the proxy for Quarterly momentum (not enough data for SPBIO), the indicator is flat.

Momentum’s in favor of (maintaining) a short position; not advice, not a recommendation.

The monthly chart of SPBIO (inverted), has price action coming back to former resistance (now support). This is normal market behavior.

Recall, that on the downside, if there is some kind of ‘event’, markets can slice through apparent support levels with ease.

With that in mind, on the inverted chart above, the next major ‘resistance’ level may or may not be of consequence.


Each trading week is important.

However, next week will likely a pivotal one; providing more information on whether to maintain short or exit and stand aside; not advice, not a recommendation.

Stay Tuned

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.

Position Change

DRV pushed through our stop early in the session; position closed (not advice, not a recommendation).

1:50 p.m. EST:

Despite all the analysis, IYR is showing continued buoyancy.

Something else is going on; possibly related to Uneducated Economist’s link provided in the last update.

Taking his cue, a functioning mortgage market is all important to the financial narrative, it’s possible this market will be more heavily manipulated than others.

At this juncture it would make sense. All indications are for reversal … yet it’s not happening in any significant way.

Time for another trade.

We’re going back to a market that in retrospect, should’ve been the focus all along; Biotech.

This site’s coming from the perspective those reading, are well aware the ‘speck’ as we call it (to avoid censorship) was a fabricated event.

Just a reminder that we’re not some ‘Johnny come lately’, here’s the link from way back in May, last year.

That post proves the situation was figured out well before the May 17th publish date (interviews, observations conducted a month prior).

What’s not fabricated however, are the repercussions from the so-called cure for the speck.

Unfortunately, those are happening now and are quite real.

Moving on to the trade.

Despite the number of transactions shown in the Project Stimulus table (below), the objective is to minimize activity. We’re looking for a mid, to long term sustainable move; gain potential, 100% to 1,000%.

Updated previously, very long term (Quarterly) IBB has reversed.

Monthly and weekly have reversed as well; both the monthly and weekly MACD indicators point down. Daily is essentially flat.

The hourly chart of LABD (3X inverse IBB) shows the entry location and subsequent price action. Stop is the session low @ 22.23 (not advice, not a recommendation).

It’s worth repeating, the false narrative on the speck and consequences of speck protection may blow up in the media (and biotech) at any time.

As J.P. says, getting people to do something they know is bad for them (or lethal) is the ultimate ‘elite’ high.

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.