Biotech … Grinds To A Halt

‘Two Weeks, To Flatten The Curve’

On a weekly closing basis (as we’ll see below), it’s obvious.

Upward (net) progress in biotech SPBIO, has come to a standstill.

While the media continues to foment the lie that somehow interest rates have reached their limit, or ‘Da Fed’, is going to do this or that, behind the scenes the plan … set out years ago, continues to unfold.

Before we get to the charts, let’s not forget what’s happening ‘out there‘. The number of idiots seems to be increasing without bound.

As Goethe said way back in 1826, ‘There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action’. He was being polite with the ‘ignorance’ part.

Now, on to the charts.

The un-marked, chart of biotech SPBIO, is below.

The second chart zooms-in, showing the percentage changes on a closing basis.

Biotech SPBIO, Weekly

Zoom in, showing net progress.

One would think, since biotech has dropped so significantly, there’s no more (downside) left.

Certainly, anything can happen.

However, the premise is, the overall collapse is still in the early stages.

We have not (yet) had a 50% – 90%, drop in the S&P.

In addition, pension funds are likely to go broke.

So all those $250,000/year ‘retired’ lifeguards that J.B. has spoken about? Well, how do you leverage that ‘skill’ to another industry?

SPBIO, Inverted

Next up, the inverted chart of SPBIO, to mimic the action seen in leveraged inverse, LABD.

Then after that, is the same chart marked with a potential forecast of where price action may be heading (not advice, not a recommendation).

Now, the markup showing potential action should biotech continue its decline.

Zooming in on the last few weeks of action.

The fact price action has bounced from this area of the chart, tells us the trading range is valid; the blue line is being recognized by the market.

Now as shown, we’ve come to a halt.

So, what happens next?


As SPBIO ground its way higher (LABD lower) over the past week, the short position, LABD-22-02, was reduced further but not eliminated (not advice, not a recommendation).

Since there’s no more net progress upward and we’re still in an overall downtrend, expectations are for biotech to either stall, or reverse, continuing its trend lower.

As stated previously in this post, the market’s prior congestion was ‘complex’.

So, we’re expecting ‘simple’ this time around; all of which lends support to more downside.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech … The Case For Collapse

Down 90%, Before October ?

If all the “Ifs”, come true.

First off, biotech (SPBIO), may already be in a collapse.

Of all the major sectors, it’s leading the way lower; down -61%, from all-time highs, set in February of 2021.

With SPBIO, lower by that much, are there still downside opportunities?

Only you can be the final judge of that.

However, for my firm, I’m not waiting around to see what happens next; we’re already short (not advice, not a recommendation)

SPBIO, Summary

As we’ll show below, SPBIO’s maintaining price action in a downside channel, declining at approximately -97.8%, on an annualized basis.

If that channel is held for the next three months (a big if) and if there’s no ban on short sales (as happened last time in 2008), and if the vehicle itself (LABD) remains viable, we can look for a -90%, decline from all-time highs, by October at the latest.

Why -90% ?

We’re using our chief, cook, and oh so, ‘disruptive’ bottle-washer, Carvana (CVNA) as the example.

The last report on Carvana, highlighted the possibility that it’s ripe for implosion.

The very next session, that implosion started in earnest.

Currently trading at 26.53, CVNA is down -92.96%, from all-time highs.

So, -90% (or more), for biotech seems reasonable 🙂

Throwing in a couple of anecdotal comments from J.B., Dan, and Patera, and voila! ‘This sucker could go down.’

Moving on to the main topic.

Biotech SPBIO, Weekly

Here’s where we are with the un-marked chart.

We’re going to compress the chart and put in the channel lines. The lower horizontal line marks a decline of -90%, from all-time highs.

If price action maintains the right-side trend line, a 90% decline, targets right around October this year.


This analysis could be blown away, rendered invalid, at the very next session.

That’s the way of the markets.

As sated, current positioning is to be short the sector via LABD, with trade LABD-22-02 (not advice, not a recommendation).

As a result of today’s action thus far, we’ve got a hard stop for LABD, currently @ 55.73.

Even as this post is being created, SPBIO action continues to grind down; threatening to post a new weekly low.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech … Stall & Reverse

Heading Off The Cliff ?

We’re about to find out.

The last update presented that whatever happens with biotech (SPBIO), it’s likely to be decided quickly.

That conclusion was based on the ‘rule of alternation’ and the fact, the whole short squeeze event from last week, did not result in a new weekly high.

That, Was Then

What we have now so far in today’s session, is an attempt to move higher by SPBIO, which appears to have stalled and now, looking to reverse.

The reversal part won’t be confirmed unless, and until a new daily low is posted.

For today, posting a new low is somewhat of a tall order because of Friday’s wide trading range … but we’ll see.

Instead of going to the actual index, SPBIO, we’ll look at the 3X leveraged inverse fund LABD

SPBIO, 3X, Leveraged Inverse, LABD


The chart below, is a 3-Day chart with Friday, completing the last ‘third’ day.

As price action has moved lower, energy behind that move is weakening; seen in the thrust divergence

Why a 3-Day Chart?

When’s the last time you saw a 3-Day, 2-Day, or 6-Day, or any other non-conventional chart in anyone’s analysis?

Anybody? … Bueller? Bueller?

It’s not different, just to be different.

Shown below, we have the same 3-Day LABD, compressed and marked up with a trading channel.

At this juncture, the 3-Day shows the nuances more clearly.

If this trading channel is in-effect, that is, if it’s active, potential exit points for an LABD position at this point in time, would be 105, or 240 (not advice, not a recommendation).

For LABD, to get anywhere close to those points, especially the second (240-level), biotech would need to collapse.


There’s plenty of chaos to go around. We have those who are still arguing whether or not ‘it’s the bottom’.

Such arguments are potentially (and likely) from those completely unprepared.

As Jerimiah Babe said in one of his latest videos, ‘something’s going to break’.

When or if that break happens, it won’t be to the upside.

Stay Tuned

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Economic Free-Fall

Anecdotal Data, Says Implosion

As we speak, economic activity is shutting down … fast.

Amazon shipments cancelled, gas stations going dry, banks halt lending, real estate sales collapse.

Meanwhile, the market’s in a short-squeeze.

What happens next?

We’ll discuss real estate and biotech farther down but first the data sources.

Dan from i-Allegedly reports here, he still has a couple of rubes (my word) that think the market just bottomed out.

Good luck with that.

As we’ll show below, the real estate bear market (IYR) rebound, was identified ahead of time.

Next, we have Red Hurricane describing one semi-trailer load after another being cancelled. He hauls for Amazon.

Shipping activity’s contracting, seemingly, by the minute.

Lastly, this link where the D-word, ‘Depression’ is used within the first one-minute, twenty seconds.

Bottom-out in the stock market? Probably not.

So, let’s take a look at real estate IYR, and see where it might go next.

Real Estate IYR, Weekly Chart

The last update (link, here) showed potential to rise into a test of resistance. That’s exactly what happened.

Back then:

And now:

With zoom

Obviously, the upward test happened much quicker than anticipated … but it was anticipated … no surprise.

Real estate got itself into Wyckoff spring position; so, a rebound (test) is normal market behavior … short-squeeze or not.

If it was a squeeze and if it’s over, we can expect an immediate drop in price action. We’ll analyze that as it plays-out in the coming week.

Now, on to biotech, SPBIO

Biotech SPBIO ($SPSIBI), Weekly

Some housekeeping first.

Obviously last week, with being short, more downside action was anticipated resulting in upside for LABD.

On Friday, that did not happen. Biotech was part of the squeeze as well.

The short position via LABD, identified as LABD-22-02, was reduced but not exited completely (not advice, not a recommendation).

At present this is where we are.

First, we’ll start by inverting the chart to mimic the action of 3X inverse, LABD.

Next, we’ll zoom-in and highlight the ‘squeeze’.

Doesn’t look like much when viewed that way does, it?

Next, we’re going to zoom-in, on the zoom

In spite of all the squeeze chaos on Friday, price action could not post a new weekly low (high on the non-inverted).

We’ll see this Tuesday, if that’s important or not.

This post is getting long but let’s end with the rule of alternation. The same chart is marked up below.

If this rule is still in-effect, we’re at a juncture where one can expect a ‘simple’ alternation.

We’ve already had complex action on the prior congestion; so, we can expect current action to be simple in character.

That means, price action’s not likely to stick around at these levels whether it’s going up or down.

Based on the above analysis, the expectation for Tuesday’s open is a gap lower for SPBIO and higher for LABD.

If that does not happen, something else is at work … we’ll report on that as necessary.


Has the market bottomed out? Not likely.

Those who are at this late stage, still arguing with Jerimiah Babe and Dan (and Patera), that the market’s rebounding, everything’s fine, are in a state of delusion.

The mindless herd following spending with ever newer cars, moving up to the McMansion, opulent vacations, posting it all on Facebook is most decidedly, gone.

It’s finished. It’s Done.

The problem is, as J.B. notes above (time stamp 7:15 and 8:30), those still living that life don’t seem to know it’s over.

For the leaders, the tiny minority and those reading this post, who are, or who have been preparing for years, it means potential huge (life changing) opportunities.

That is, as long as the markets, the banks and other infrastructure stay open; not guaranteed in any way.

Stay Tuned

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‘Investors’ Buy Dip Over & Over

“Fuel” For The Downside

Once this next level gives way, carnage will (likely) reach all-time records.

Over a centry ago, Wyckoff said in his writings, it’s those on the wrong side of the bull trade, who provide the fuel on the way down.

As reported by Reuters, that downside fuel appears to be building on a massive scale.

The Fed This … The Fed That

What a colossal waste of time … that is, trying to figure out what The Fed is, or is not, going to do.

As The Maverick reports in this update, The Fed has a higher authority. It should be no surprise to any of us at this point … they’re ‘just following orders’.

Mirroring that sentiment is Dan from i-Allegedly, saying ‘This is not the bottom‘.

Part of the reason there’s so much focus on earnings, financials and The Fed, is that it’s a whole lot easier to do that, than actually getting down to work and learning price action.

That my friends, as Wyckoff said in his text Studies In Tape Reading, ‘takes many years and many losses’.

So, let’s take a look at what that ‘tape’ is telling us concerning the biotech market.

Biotech Inverse BIS and LABD

The prior analysis on IBB, is still valid.

However as was done with real estate, changing from 2X inverse to 3X inverse, the same has happened with biotech; from BIS, to LABD.

Since the overall bearish assessment has not changed, this morning’s upward move in the markets was used to re-position to a higher (inverse) leverage vehicle … LABD (not advice, not a recommendation).

The hourly charts below show the exit of BIS and the entry of LABD.

Biotech 2X Inverse, BIS

Biotech 3X Inverse, LABD

As this post is being written 12:55 p.m., EST, price action’s at the danger point.

We’re at the extreme; the risk is least but price can go either way.


Watching that action in real time, it looks like LABD wants to go higher; currently trading at 57.20-ish.

If LABD is higher, that means SPBIO, is moving lower.

Unless price action of biotech (IBB, SPBIO) and the overall markets signal a change of behavior … the bear move is still in play.

If we get a significant break lower, ‘retail’ that’s not positioned properly, will provide the majority of downward thrust energy.

It’s no different than it was in Wyckoff’s time, over a century ago.

Stay Tuned

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