Amgen, Hit Hard

11:57 a.m. EST:

It’s mid-session; Amgen (AMGN) is down 7.6%, after a poor earnings report.

The last update on AMGN, linked here, had this to say:

AMGN peaked three days later.

The chart below shows it was a Fibonacci 34-days from the 3/4/21 low, to the 4/21/21, high.

On the fundamental side, we have this explanation for the breakdown.

Missing from the earnings report, not only is customer traffic less this past quarter, it’s going to get (if our research is accurate) a whole lot less as customers literally die-off en masse.

Moving on to biotech SPBIO and 3X inverse, LABD:

As shown in a prior update, LABD has repeating trendline characteristics.

Hourly chart of LABD, below:

We’re still very early at the right side of price action to identify a trend.

However, it’s good to know what LABD ‘likes’ and expect that behavior again.

The daily chart is updated with the Fibonacci 34-day time-frame discussed previously. We’re still within acceptable time error for a potential channel.

If LABD does not reverse significantly higher from here, that potential channel will likely be negated.


Linked here, is an article just out on ZeroHedge. It discusses the ‘complacency’ of the market and how it’s ready for a long lasting reversal.

Buried within the report (and claiming ‘fair use’ to quote) we have this nugget:

Some feature of COVID-19 will likely be the stock market’s undoing”

Ya think?

If there’re any in the mainstream press awake, you’ll have to read between the lines to get their message.

‘Some feature’ may just be a euphemism for mass genocide.

We’ll see.

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Mark of The Beast .. in Reverse?

If you’ve received the mark, you may not buy or sell.

That’s a twist.

In what may become a common theme, at least one business owner’s refusing to serve (as is his right) those who have received ‘speck’ protection.

The interview, linked here, shows he’s wide awake and has done his own research.

Those injected are a threat to the rest of us.

Whether or not we’re in the times of the mark (and whether the speck protection is the mark) is of course, debatable.

However, with even a cursory look around, we can see the great deception and the great falling away.

Personally, I presented years ago to family members, that ‘the church’ has become so corrupt, when the time comes, they’ll be the ones distributing the mark.

Does this link prove the point?

Or, how about this link … or, this one … or, this one.

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

Revelation 3:16

There’s literally going to be hell to pay for those complicit in this evil.

In a very small way, this site’s doing its part to separate from the complicit; find and walk the narrow path; get the word out.

Back to biotech: Technical and fundamental:


Obviously, the case against biotech continues to build.

There’s now a site that’s been created to track and document speck related information.

Some of the doctors referenced yesterday (time stamp: 13:32), have started a database cataloguing adverse reactions. Nobody else is doing it. Certainly not big pharma.


As presented yesterday, this may be it for the upside in biotech.

LABD (3X inverse SPBIO) downside thrust energy has eroded significantly.

That’s in addition to the largest hourly upward thrust energy spike for LABD since before June 17th, of last year.

Project Stimulus:

Mentioned yesterday, the format of the updates are being changed.

In a cue taken from Dr. Elder about discussing open trades (i.e. not to), at this point, only closed trades will be discussed in the project.

By presenting specific (time, entry, stop, etc.) details on a market action and/or position, that in itself will affect the outcome.

Any engineers reading this will need no further explanation. For more info reference this link.

We’ll leave it with … there’s an open position in LABD. Detail of that position will be discussed when it’s closed.

Thank you,

Stay Tuned

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Last Gasp … Biotech?

3:42 p.m. EST:

Inverse fund LABD breaks out from a wedge pattern (to the downside) on reduced thrust energy.

Has this downside (upside for biotech SPBIO) reached exhaustion?

The 2-Hour chart above shows drastically reduced thrust (volume-price) energy to the downside. In addition, a wedge is typically the last formation at the end of a move.

Price action is the final arbiter. We won’t know if SPBIO will resume its downtrend (LABD higher) until there’s a definitive reversal.

Early action stopped out the ‘project’ position with a small profit as shown in the table:

We’re going to make changes on how the trades in the project are shown; more on that later.


The speck injection horror show continues with this 1-hour, 20-minute meeting of internationally acclaimed medical physicians.

You’ll never seem them on the mainstream.

The bottom line is those who have received the speck protection are a threat to the well-being of everyone else.

Some of the physicals have discussed potential action such as quarantine (or visual identification) of those who have received this so-called protection.

That’s right, it’s the people who have subjected themselves to the gene altering therapy that are now the potential threat.

Possible remedial actions are discussed. The video is a must see.

Stay Tuned

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The Set-Up


Technical conditions have come together in biotech (SPBIO), indicating we’re at the danger point.

At this juncture, risk is least for short positioning.

Price action can go either way. However, the cost of being wrong (stop being hit) has been minimized.

Supporting Data:

This past week saw the biotech index retrace to a Fibonacci 23.6%, level and stall. Yesterday’s action was in a narrow range; potentially testing for more upside.

That (upside) didn’t happen.

Such a shallow retrace is rare. More typical is at least a 38.2%, level being tested before price reverses and heads lower.

If the index heads lower from here, that shallow retrace points to significant (major) weakness.

The daily of SPBIO is below with the 23.6% shown:

We’re going the compress the time-scale and invert the chart. Note the Fibonacci time correlation between price spikes:

Taking those 34-days and having the market itself define what’s important, it’s possible we have a trading channel as shown:

Prior updates have also shown SPBIO got into up-thrust (reversal) condition as it tested the retrace level.

Yesterday’s action (narrow range, no new daily high) was consistent with that assessment.

Additional Fundamentals:

A significant, immense, fundamental bearish case has already been built for biotech.

As Reiner Fuellmich put it, he’s working to bring ‘crimes against humanity’ lawsuits to those who are complicit in the largest scam and potential genocide in world history.

If the numbers can be believed (even if they’re wrong, they’re huge) nearly 1-Billion people have been injected.

Of course, not everyone in the sector is complicit.

Even so, years ago (July 2015) when biotech reached a major high, David Stockman analyzed the sector.

He concluded the fundamentals were so bad, the entire sector could be summed up as ‘two trillion dollars of bottled air’.

We’ll have to figure not much has changed and/or, it’s probably worse.

Meanwhile, the insanity keeps piling up.

This just out a couple of days ago; a story about mixing the speck injections together. Just like you would do with a cake recipe. What could go wrong … unless it’s planned that way.


We’ll know pretty quickly next week if we’re at the inflection point. The expectation is for lower action in SPBIO.

The LABD (3X inverse SPBIO) stop is tight and in the market. There have been no position changes since the last ‘project update‘ (not advice, not a recommendation).

Stay Tuned

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Biotech Shell Game

12:32 p.m. EST:

If we pretend like we’re doing something, maybe no one will notice the real plan.

That plan is and always has been, to cull the herd.

For the sake of distraction, the EU is suing a major biotech manufacturer for a botched rollout.

Going to the ZeroHedge site and looking at the comments, we have a segment of the population that’s fully awake. A typical comment below:

After listening to the Amandha Vollmer interview, it appears ‘the great awakening’ as she calls it, is gaining steam.

As a side note: The Canadian government has been unsuccessful in shutting her business down and/or imposing fines for violating ‘speck’ mandates.

Her business is open. Masks are forbidden at her office.

Therefore, it’s possible and it is being done.

When or if Reiner Fuellmich is able to bring actual (Nuremberg style) suits to blow the whole narrative wide open is unknown … but we do have this:

Human rights attorney, Leigh Dundas calls for censure, resignation, termination and jail time for members of California’s Orange County Board of Supervisors.

We can see it all gaining ground.

When or if this market finally breaks loose to the downside, one has to be mentally prepared for an implosion like no other.

Remember oil futures going negative? Enough said.

Market Analysis:

All of the above provides the backdrop for biotech.

It’s interesting (then again, not really) how this sector’s nascent bear market’s being ignored by the financial press.

Instead of a breakout to the downside (as expected), yesterday the sector SPBIO, decided to test the 23.6%, retrace area.

Today’s early session was spent testing (to the upside) the resistance area.

Price action is now tentatively reversing; about to head lower again.

The hourly chart of LABD (3X inverse SPBIO) shows yesterday’s exit (well past the stop) and re-entry of the short position; not advice, not a recommendation.

For reasons that may be covered later, the stop was not in the market at the time.

In addition, there was a trading platform lock-up (on the broker’s side) at exit and re-entry. A series of amateur-like errors all around.

It’s just a reminder to all; when the market turns lower in earnest, brokers and their trade platforms may (probably will) become inoperative.

The whole event resulted in a significant ding to our ‘project account’

How quickly can this recover … we’ll see.

Below, we have the hourly chart again … but noted with what looks like a nascent trend.

That trend line was copied and re-positioned over prior LABD moves.

Note how this market repeats its characteristics. This angle of trend line has happened three times in the past month.

We have all been here before …


We’re back in position. The chart has been updated and the stop (now in the market, GTC) listed at 20.96 (above break-even):

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Fact Check … This!

2:13 p.m. EST:

Dr. Vernon Coleman uses the U.K.’s own government data to irrefutably prove ‘the speck’ was a hoax.

Linked here, is his brief presentation.

The government’s own data is used to show last year’s ‘speck’ deaths were no more than seen with the regular flu.

It’s an excellent report. The data can’t be argued any other way.

There’s been no discernable change from one year to the next.

Case closed.

However, for those of us that are awake, it might not matter anymore. The damage has already been done.

Note: The following is based on current research thus far and is not medical advice.

On top of what’s already known for sure (i.e. Cytokine storm), we now have initial reports or rumors of upset menstrual cycles in females that have not received speck protection.

That’s right, the fact they’re in proximity to the so called protected is reportedly changing their own cycles. More as it becomes known.

Before we get to the markets … the article in the link above for ‘cytokine’, is beyond absurd.

As reported here, speck injection debilitates (forever, via modified DNA) your own immune system.

That sets the body up for self-attack when a new pathogen is encountered but here’s the kicker:

In the article, it effectively says, we have a drug for that!!!

One can only hope we’re in the beginning stages of exposure, implosion and controlled demolition of an industry that’s so deserving.

Just in case, let’s not hold our breath.

Market Analysis:

Inverse biotech fund LABD (3X inverse SPBIO) looks like it may be pivoting and/or forming a new trend line.

Reported in this post, LABD has been trending higher at about 820%, annualized.

That chart is below:

Today’s action could be downward testing before rotating higher.

Notice the oscillations getting shorter with downside progress on each, shorter as well.

From a thrust energy standpoint, the latest move (lower) is showing weakness.

Stay Tuned

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Another Brick … in Biotech

4:36 p.m. EST: Updated with additional data below in red

10:26 a.m. EST:

If the adverse event database can be trusted (a question in itself), the number of people recently injected with ‘speck’ protection, has fallen off a cliff.

The April 16th update linked here, had this to say:

“You would think it’s just a matter of time before this reaches some kind of tipping point; where enough of the herd realizes all at once, the lie.”

The abrupt halt in reaction uploads would indicate a jump in collective awareness the ‘speck’ is a lie … just in time for the next ‘event’ (likely to be food supply or cyber disruption).

Before we get to any market analysis, there’s one more thing concerning biotech … the masks.

Since investigative reporting has been usurped by controlling entities pushing false narratives, information now has to come from the individual(s).

That data is typically in raw form; unlike the slick presentations (i.e. lies) we’ve grown used to on the mainstream.

It’s now up to the researcher to do the leg-work on what’s real or not.

However, this link, appears to be above-board. Download the file if your viewer will not work.

A medical professional has investigated (internet rumored) mask contamination and has found disturbing results.

She is visibly shaken by her findings … probably realizing for the first time, the level of evil that’s directing controlling interests, world events.

She can’t fathom that someone would intentionally put parasites in a product that’s being pushed by the mainstream for us (and children) to wear ‘two … or three’.

Unfortunately, that’s where we are.

This author knows for a fact, a certain big-box home improvement store, handed out boxes of these same (type of) masks ‘for free’ to its employees.

When those employees for the most part, refused to wear them …. it then became a corporate directive, subject to termination.

Most of those employees eventually replaced the paper with a nylon-based covering. However, looking at the video, it seems like just one exposure to the paper masks is enough to inflict unknown levels of harm.

Intentional parasitic contamination … one more brick, in biotech.

Update: A contrary opinion is here:

Harmless textile fibers.’

You’ll have to make your own call. Both sides (parasites non parasite) are presented in this update.

Since the author of these posts has never worn a toilet-paper mask (or any mask), what’s on them does not apply from a personal standpoint.

Nonetheless, many in the public can be seen using this type of so-called protection.

Either way, the technical condition of biotech remains …

Moving on to the markets:

The chart of LABD (3X Inverse SPBIO), continues to move higher.

Our project position is being maintained (see table) and the stop has been moved up as shown:

Obviously, there’s a lot going on in the markets and elsewhere. There’s no telling when or if it will all break loose.

No matter; If that happens, we’re positioned (not advice, not a recommendation) in a market that’s already moving lower … pushing LABD higher.

Stay Tuned

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Biotech Demolition

You have to wonder; once the ruling oligarchs are finished with the first (‘speck’) round, moving on to the next fabricated crisis, if biotech’s not going to be thrown under the bus.

After all, its served its purpose.

According to comments posted beneath this article, about 33%, of the U.S. population have (apparently, voluntarily) injected themselves.

According to this link, it’s about 24%, of the population.

Either way, it’s a lot … in the tens of millions.

It’s a crazy business model; systematically destroy your customer base.

Said many times in these updates, attempting to match fundamentals to technicals is usually not successful.

Sector Analysis:

Referring back to Ed Seykota, in his ‘Market Wizards‘ interview, he said using fundamentals as a basis for positioning, rarely if ever, worked.

Still, it’s undeniable something very wrong is going on in the sector.

Our market table has been updated and we’ve included the S&P Biotech Sector, SPBIO:

All markets are within fractions of a percent of all time highs except for semis, mid-caps and biotech.

The S&P biotech is down a whopping, 25%.

It’s already well in bear market territory.


Since we’re working the short side (not advice, not a recommendation), the focus is on biotech and specifically LABD.

The fund attempts to track the 3X inverse of SPBIO.

With that kind of leverage, LABD has significant downside bias. Positioning (from experience) is best suited when the move is sustainable and persistent.

Looking at the chart of LABD, we could be there. At this time, the fund is trending higher at a stiff +820%, on an annualized basis.

Project Stimulus:

Our Project account is positioned as shown. Since the account’s not large enough to enable leverage as determined by the broker, we just have to wait it out till it gets there (currently set at $2,000).


Stated in The Rich And The Super Rich (if memory serves), not since Marie Antionette have the ruling oligarchs allowed themselves to be out in the open.

Seems like her demise cured them of having to get (direct) attention.

That would mean, people in the public eye at this point, are just useful idiots. And when their usefulness has run its course … ???

From watching them, it’s obvious they’re delusional … thinking they can tame evil (even harming children) and escape wrath.

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

The entire ‘transhumanism’ agenda is an attempt to cheat death … to avoid judgement … to outsmart the almighty.

Good luck with that.

Stay Tuned

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Amgen: Fakeout-Breakout?

11:56 a.m. EST:

Amgen’s sotorasib news could be its all time high.

Immediately following that announcement, AMGN went into a 20% decline (‘sign of supply’).

In Wyckoff terms, we can look at the action from late January to now as a massive ‘up-thrust’ (false breakout).

That up-thrust is now being tested … with another breakout attempt.

If that’s the case and the test fails with price action retreating from here, then AMGN’s set-up for a significant downward reversal.

Significant in that we’re not (ever) coming back to these levels.

That statement might seem hyperbolic and it very well could be.

However, when one looks at reports like this, insiders are bailing out; leaving “retail” holding the bag as usual.


Although not directly related to AMGN, we have yet another horror show in the biotech arena.

The wheels are falling off the ‘speck’ false narrative; tragically so.

The following is taken from the comment section of the video post:

From the guy who filmed :

“Less than 5 minutes from getting God knows what injected inside them the two people to my left starting having seizures. First the gentlemen in the red car was watching in shock as the driver next to him was having a seizure. Little did he know he would have one right after him. I called the medics to help him. They have a procedure where after you get the shot you have to wait in the car for 15 min and if something goes wrong to honk your horn and someone will show up. Well these folks to my left just passed out into seizures with no warning.

You would think it’s just a matter of time before this reaches some kind of tipping point; where enough of the herd realizes all at once, the lie.


The last post has us breaking the rules. Was that the right thing to do?

This morning’s price action has the answer: Yes.

The Project Stimulus table has been updated to include the new (hard) stop level. With LABD currently up a good 5.50%, and looking to move higher, it’s not likely the stop will be hit.

There is one caveat: As of this post, IBB has not printed a new daily low. That leaves the (slight) possibility open for a move higher.

Several attempts have been made to short biotech via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation). It looks like the current attempt is underway.

Charts by StockCharts

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Breakin’ the Law

12:09 p.m. EST:

‘Know when to break the rules’

‘Always follow the rules’ was the admonition of Ed Seykota.

Almost in the very next sentence of his interview he said, ‘know when to break the rules’.

Could this be it?

At trader’s discretion, we’re maintaining short biotech via LABD (not advice, not a recommendation).

More analysis to follow.

Note:  Posts on this site are for education purposes only.  They provide one firm’s insight on the markets.  Not investment advice.  See additional disclaimer here.